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So we are just back yesterday and I was determined to write a dining report since I love reading other peoples reports. let me say that there are no pictures because it was raining the first 2 days and I didnt even have my camera and from then on it I figured I blew the picture deal.
This trip was just me and my daughter Chloe who is 8 and a diabetic. We were on the dining plan and stayed at AKL. You will notice that I stray some from the actual report because I have the attention span of well.. my daughter.
Ok.. hang on.. here it goes.
DAY 1 Garden View Lounge Tea and Kona
We arrived in Orlando at about ten am and by the time we got to AKL it was just after 11. We checked in but our room was not ready so we took off to MK until our 2:10 ADR at the Garden View Lounge for tea. We arrived about fifteen minutes early for our tea and let me tell you.. the GVL looks just like a raised up section in the hotel with a bunch of tables. We walked right by it the first time and then we noticed the podium. GVL does not open until 2 and no one is at this podium until 2 so dont rush to check in before this. We got in line at 2 and were seated as soon as we checked in. Our server was great ( I didnt get her name.. I am bad at that) and explained the whole deal to us including how to pick out a tea we would like. They bring you this box full ofdry tea samples to sniff and decide. DD decides she needs chocolate milk but I go for Nobo Wholefruit. Dont ask me anything else about this because I picked it just because it smelled good. It did have hunks of fruit in it and had to be served in a press pot because of this. I got the Buckingham Palace adn DD got the Mrs. Potts tea. For starters we each got some little sandwiches. Chloe's were ham, PB and J and I think tuna. Hers were on regular white bread and she deemed them tasty except for the tuna. She normally eats tuna so this surprised my. I got 5 different sandwiches which were less than tasty to me. My biggest thing is that the bread was so dry. First I had a watercress which was good then I had a chicken salad which had good flavor but I did not like the bread. Next was a shrimp salad which I did not even try. I am picky about shrimp so I let it be. I also had an egg salad which would have been ok but the bread killed it. Finally there was a gorgonzola and pear sandwich. Ok.. I am trying to figure out why anyone would do this to perfectly good gorgonzola. I love gorgonzola but ths was not good. I tried to pick the filling out and it was still bad. There was also an onion tartlet which was pretty good. More of those please.... Next I got scones and a jam tart. Let me tell you.. HEAVEN. Those scones were so good and the jam and cream with them was soooo good. I shared them with DD since she had nothing for this part of her tea. I could have eaten ten of them.. seriously. The tart was good also and I enjoyed it very very much. Next I had the trifle and DD got strawberries and cream. The trifle was very good and I ate all of it with help from Chloe. Her berries were now very naturally sweet and she deemed them " rotten" but they just weren't sweet. the cream did not even help this. Overall I would say the tea was good. I would do it again but without the sandwiches. I would just get those scones. Yummy. It is not on the DDP and my total with tip was about $35.
For dinner that night we went to Kona. I had not eaten here in a while so I was not sure what to expect. One word.. CHAOS. It was soooo busy. The lobby was packed and someone even elbowed Chloe in her head. We got seated about ten minutes after our ADR so it wasnt too bad. Our waiter was just ok. He was kind of annoyed by the DDP and was very strict about the rules and what we could get. DD was not allowed to get a smoothie which I understand BUT the table next to us who had a waitress and were on the DDP was allowed to get smoothies. I ended up getting one and giving it to DD. Next Chloe goes to order and we find out that if she wants fries with her burger it counts as her appetizer:confused3 . I am guessing that she would have gotten a burger on a plate with nothing else if she did not get fries. ANyway she went along with this and got the fries.. all ten of them. I kid you not. Ten mcdonalds sized fries in a bowl. I wish I had a camera for the look on her face. She was not happy. I got the sticky wings for my appetizer which were good. I shared them with Chloe and she liked them also. I then got the char crusted filet which was pretty good. Not the best steak I ever ate but good. It came with asparagus which I love so that was a plus. For dessert we shared the Kilauea Torte. We asked for ice cream with it since I had read that it was rich and our waiter acted like I asked for a blood sample from him.Oh.. which reminds me. DD is diabetic and had to test her blood sugar. We are talking a drop of blood on her finger. Our waiter walks over and sees it and I thought we were going to lose him.. should have let us have the darn smoothie... All in all it was a good meal but I was kind of put off by the differences in what was allowed and not allowed in the DDP. The kids at the next table also got fries and the appetizer and were even allowed ot have the Kona cone for dessert while my DD was told only a sundae. She wanted the torte so thats why we split it. I am not sure I would come back here soon. Like I said it was good but not great.
Day 2 Boma, Rainforest Cafe, and Akershus
It was raining today so we decided to head to DTD for the day and do DisneyQuest. We had ADRs at Boma and it was great. Our server was great. His name was Albert. I remember this because we had him again later in the week. We had the jungle juice which if you have not had it.. get it. Its yummy. I drank 4 glasses of it. Its a buffet here so there is alot to pick from. Chloe had the potatoes ( which became her new favorite food I think), bacon, cereal and a bagel. She also had a big bowl of fruit. Chloe loves fruit.. loves it. She could live off of it if I let her. She ate it all up and was thrilled with our choice to eat there. I also had the potatoes, sausage, a choc. chip muffin, pap and fruit. I ate so much. I love pap but never make it at home. i wait to eat it there. I think its cream of wheat but Im not sure. I just know that with brown sugar and raisins its good. We paid OOP for this meal since I made an extra ADR and this was the cheapest. It was about $34 with tip.
For lunch I let Chloe tak me into RFC:sad2: . I hate RFC. Its expensive and not very good. This time I found myself over run wit screaming kids and a rude tour group. We waited 30 minutes which was about 29 minutes too long since both me and Chloe had been run over several times by children from this tour group. One of them was kind enough to whack Chloe with a HUGE stuffed snake and we were lucky enough that it hit her on her insulin pump infusion site. The tour group nearly had one less kid with them. So thankfully we get to our seat. Did I mention it was Gay Days? No problem.. I didnt mind.. does not bother me.. but .. I would have preferred not to have to watch the 3 women at the table next to us go at it.. yes.. 3 of them.. touching each other.. playing footsie.. one smacked another one on the rump. They sucked food off of their fingers.. I know its not RFC fault.. and i would have been just as unhappy if it was 3 ( its actually the 3 thing that bothers me here) heterosexual people . I complained to a waiter when I went to the potty but he didnt really care. thankfully they finished before us and we got to eat some of our food without a stage show. I honestly dont remember what I got here.. a salad I think. Dd had nuggets and they were good. This was OOP also and it was $30 with tax and small tip. Our server was not that great aside from her allowing the side show. I would not go back... animatronic monkeys or not.
For dinner we had Akershus. Now.. we love this place. We have always had great service and loved the whole experience. We get let in right at our 7:50 ADR and are taken to see Belle in her gold dress. Chloe was in heaven since she had on Belle's Chirstmas dress. They take a picture which you have to buy and which I did buy because it was wonderful. Next we are seated and our waitress was great. She was very nice and attentive. She brought our drinks and took our orders and we went up to the cold buffet where Chloe made herself a sandwich adn ate more fruit. tried some cheeses and meats from here. Chloe had the grilled chicken breast which came with potatoes and corn. She ate it all up and declared it great. I had the braised short ribs. These were great. I loved the lingonberry BBQ sauce on these. It was yummy. Finally for dessert we had the plate of assorted desserts. Niether of us likes the rice cream so we skipped that but the cheescake and the mousse that they give you is great. We got more of each and ate it all. We were complately done with dinner before the princesses came around. We have done tis meal 3 other times and this was by far the quickest visits we ever had. Ariel walks up .. takes the book and makes chatter while signing her name.. twirls Chloe around stops smiles and lets me take ONE picture and then is off. I sat there for a sec wondering if she was really there or if I hallucinated. I have a pic so I guess she was there. The rest were all just as fast and Cinderalla even gave a lady at the next table grief because she was taking so long. Chloe did not notice really and did not mind the rush but I was bummed. Before they made chit chat and joked with Chloe and I missed that level of interaction. The princesses we saw were Ariel, Cinderella, Jasmine, Mulan and Belle. Chloe was sad that there was no Aurora but thrilled with Mulan ( not really a princess but who am I to judge). We would go back to this just because DD loves it so much. Thankfully the food is good so that I get soemthing for my money other than character interaction. This was one credit on the DDP.
Next installment will be Boma ( again) and 1900 Park fare.

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Thanks for sharing. I'm really enjoying reading your trip report. Can't wait to hear more. :thumbsup2

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Thanks for the great reviews! Can't wait for more!:)

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Great start! I can't wait to read more!

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Great reviews!

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Day 3 Boma ( again) and 1900 Park Fare oh.. and Tusker House
Ok .. so today we wake up and all Chloe can talk about it Boma dn potatoes and jungle juice. I give in and we decide to go back . There was only a 5 minute wait at 9:30 since we did not have an ADR today. Nothing else was different today.. pretty much same food. It was good as usual and I ate way too much and vowed to not eat so much if we returned. Our server brought us a pitcher of jungle juice and we loved her for it. I love that stuff!
Today for lunch we were at AK so we ate at Tusker House. I have always liked TH but was not very hungry since I ate such a huge breakfast. Chloe was starving and she got mac and cheese, grapes, and applesauce along with the cutest little chocolate milk. I got the turkey wrap with the corn chowder. I love this meal here since I am a fool for corn chowder. My turkey wrap was bad. It tasted like it had rotten greens on it and one bite totally made me lose interest. My chowder was good as usual and actually just enough since I was not starving. I also had cheesecake for dessert and I shared it with Chloe since her applesauce was warm and she did not want it ( we took it back to our room for later). The cheesecake was actually pretty good. I am pretty picky abotu cheesecake so it surprised me that it was creamy and had good flavor. I also had a water that I jazzed up with one of those handy kool aid packets. This was on the DDP .
For dinner we had ADRs at Park Fare. We arrived early and had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated. It was really uncomfortable too since the Fairy God Mother was in the lobby and we felt like she was giving us the stink eye. Turns out she was staring at Chloe's pump trying to figure out what it was. She came up to us after dinner and asked. I wish she had just asked to begin with because she was totally staring at us the whole time we waited. Our waitress had all of the charisma of a tea towel and only returned once to refill our drinks. The buffet was ok.. not as good as I recall. there were several fish dishes on it and only one chicken dish. This confused me and didnt make me too happy. I ate the chicken marsala and it was good. I also had the mashed potatoes which are always good. They have parmesan in them and they are a favorite of mine.Chloe had a lot of these also. I also had pb and j sandwiches from the kids buffet. I love those uncrustables for some reason. Note to self.. go to store and get some. Chloe had ice cream for dessert and i attacked the dessert bar. I had this great lemon meringue tart and some of the jam tarts that I had at tea. Those alone mad ethe meal great.. now if they only had those scones. Cinderella was there and she was ok. She talked for about a minute to Chloe and we were ok with that. Prince Charming was a flirt and truly charmed all of the young girls. Chloe loved him . We even saw him imteract with Cinderella at one point and it was very cute. He kissed her hand and hugged her and totally played the part. Perla and Suzy were there also and came by several times. All in all we enjoyed this meal and would go back mainly because of Prince Charming. CHloe has talked about it all week. We used a TS credit from the DDP here.
Day 4 Toy Story Pizza Planet amd Wolfgang Puck Express
Today was a sleep in day so we got a late start. We ate breakfast at mara today and paid OOP for it since I thought it would be a waste of a CS credit. Chloe just got a bagel and a side of potatoes and I got fruit and a drink. I think it was only about $10. We like mara ok but wish it has the choices of bigger places like POP. Seems like the breakfast choices were limited here .
Today for lunch we ate at Pizza Planet. We like eating here and think its a decent CS meal. We each got a salad, a pizza , a cookie and a large drink. We had planned on sharing hare but I was hungry so we each got our own. there is no kids meal option here so kids get the adult portions. The pizzas here are like 8 inches across so they could easily be split between 2 or even 3 kids. Chloe got the plain cheese pizza and I got the veggie pizza. It was good and hot and we love the cookies here. The drinks were HUGE so that was nice on such a hot day. We sat upstairs and it was not so loud up there. It was a pretty nice relaxed lunch and we would come back here again in an instant.
For dinner we were at DTD and we decided to eat at WP Express. We ate here last year and loved it. It was a nice change from the normal CS food. THis year the cashier was very nice and let us get whatever we wanted from the menu for Chloe without us even asking. She still got chicken fingers but got more of them I guess. i tried to talk her into the mac and cheese but she was determined to get chicken. She ate all of the chicken but could only eat about half of the fries since it was a huge order. We could have split this easily. I got this fork and knife salad that has thinly sliced beef and gorgonzola on it. Oh my goodness. Wolfgang Puck is a food god. This was so good. It had a round pita type deal on the bottom topped with the greens and then mounded witht his tender yummy beef and crumbled gorgonzola. It had some sort of specialty dressing on it that was perfect with the meat. I ate about half of this and then I was stuffed. Chloe got a brownie which was very good and I got the creme brulee which he brought out after I ate and it was very good. WPE became our favorite CS place at WDW. we loved the server and the cashier and the food was so good. I wanted to go back another night but it did not work out. We will go back on our next trip.
Next installment.. Day 5.. LeCellier, the Cantina and the bakery in Norway.

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Thanks for the great reviews!

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Day 5 Sunshine Seasons, LeCellier, Cantina and Kringla Bakeri og Cafe
So today we got kind fo a late start and decided to eat breakfast at the park. We went in to get a FP for soarin first thing and decided to eat at Sunshine Seasons. They have this amazing bakery there adn you can get pretty much anything there as a snack credit. Chloe got this huge piece of cake ( I know but its vacation) that had choc mousse in it and it was beyond yummy. I got a key lime pie. It was huge.. it was about 4 inches across and has plenty of merigue on the top. It was perfect. I dont generally like key lime but it looked so good I got it and I was not sorry . It would be more than big enough for 2 people to share. I ate a little over half of it and was stuffed. The bakery also had lots fo other treats to choose from including more traditional breakfast items like danish and muffins.
We had a 1 pm ADR at leCellier and we arrived at about 12:50 and we had to wait about twenty minutes to be seated. We were seated in the laps of tables right next to us. The tables really are super close here. They were so close that the lady at the next table made several comments about Chloe testing her blood sugar and how SHE should not have to watch that. Apparently she did not think we could hear it and of course it upset Chloe so that was not a great start to our meal. Thankfully they were pretty much done and left and a much nicer family came in. Chloe got the pirates punch here even though it was extra. You get a cool cup and a light up pirate or tinkerbelle. It was pretty cool. Chloe adn I both got the cheddar soup and it was good but I kind of wich I had gotten the barley soup. I love barley soup and I was torn between the 2. Chloe did not like her soup and only tried a few bites. Chloe got a kids steak that was pretty good size and came with fries. She was thrilled since it was different than the normal kids meals. Her steak looked dry to me but she loved it so I guess it was all good. I had the 5 oz filet with the cream cheese mashed potatoes. It was very tender and good. The demi glace was yummy and I could have eaten a big pile of the potatotes with that on it . I would not say this was the best steak I had but it was probably one of the best meals on the trip. For dessert Chloe had the sundea which you could make yourself. Kids love that. I had the chocolate whicky cake and it was pretty strong with whicky but it ame with terragon anglaise that went great with it. It took away alot of the alcohol flavor and was a perfect companion. Our server was great here and we just loved her. She was great with Chloe and saw that she was diabetic and talked to her some about it which Chloe loved. We tipped her $10 beyond the included tip because we liked her so much. We used the DDP here.
For dinner we decided to split meals at the cantina and the Norway bakery. The cantina was crazy. It was so busy and I could not believe how slow service was. We got the combination plate and it had this littelf ried cheese quesadilla, a beef burrito and a chicken taco. There was a bog glob of beans and salsa in teh container also but we did not eat this. Chloe loved the quesadilla dn ate it all herself along with half of the burrito. It was decent but not fabulous. I could have doen without the salsa since it made everything soggy. We also got a churro which was big and pretty good. Honestly we could have just eaten this for our entire dinner and maybe had a snack later but I wanted to try Norway so we went down there next. We got an open faced hame and cheese sandwich which Chloe loved. We split this because it was big. We also got a cup of thier jarlsburg cheese soup which was ok. not great. Chloe did not like it so I had all of that and somehow I got talked into letting Chloe get worms and drt for dessert. Not sure how I got screwed out of my school bread that I wanted but I did and I never got to try it. After both of these emals we were stuffed. Either one of them was big enough to share. We used a CS credit at the Cantina and Norway. Let me add that Norway is a pretty good deal for a CS credit. I think it was about $15 for just the one meal so if you are after " bang for your buck" this is a good place.
Next installmeant Day 6..Lilo and Stitch Breakfast at Ohana, Village Haus and 50's PT Cafe

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great report so far... looking forward to the rest.

Loved the review of the Afternoon Tea as I have one scheduled for our next trip!!:banana:

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Great reviews. What an awful time at Rainforest. Looking forward to the rest of your reviews.

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Thanks for writing these reviews. We're considering a lot of the places you ate at, so it's nice to hear about it.
I'm so sorry that Chloe had to hear that inconsiderate woman next to you at Le Cellier. It's not her fault she has to test her blood. My sons best friend has diabetes too, I know it's not a test that would be offensive to anyone. All she had to do is not look.
Can't wait to read more, keep 'em coming! :)

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Awesome reviews! Can't wait to

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Thanks for the great reviews. :)

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Ok so today we decided to try the Lilo and Stitch breakfast at the Poly. When I was trying to decied about this meal I asked alot of questions on the dis because I am afraid of Goofy ( seriously) and didnt want him to pop up. While he is sometimes a fill in at this meal it is usually Mickey , Pluto and of course Lilo and Stitch. This meal was at Ohana which I think really means chaos in hawaiian. Everytime I have been even close to this place its just pure chaos. Tons of people.. everyone going in different directions. You can for sure tell its a popular place. So we are seated and given a basket with 2 pieces of bread in it . One is a sweet roll type deal and the other is pineapple bread. I cannot tell you how much I loved this pineapple bread. I love pineapple anyway so this was just great. But.. there were 2 of us and only one piece of each type of bread. I asked for more.. several times.. before ONE piece of the sweet roll bread was brought to us AFTER we had finished the rest of our meal:confused3 . Where is my pineapple bread?? I had to ask our waiter again for it and twenty minutes later we got it. Ok.. lets move past the great bread ordeal of 07 to actual breakfast. It is served family style with fruit, mickey waffles, potatoes, bacon,sausage, and eggs. Its good and plentiful and we get stuffed. I should have titled this thred as the " Great Sausage vacation" becaue i honestly think I ate sausage everyday of the trip.. and I may eat it once a year normally. What can I say.. it was good. Chloe loved the Mickey waffles but felt guilty about eating his face. I told her about when , years ago, they had little mickey butter statues at some of the sit down places and she was horrified at having to hack off his arm to get your butter. Being a teen ager at the time I thought it was great. The characters were great here and not rushed.. in fact they all made it around twice before we were done. They also did a parade 2 times in which the kids could play some sort of an instrument. Chloe loved it because she was right behind Lilo the last time and she felt special. It was fun and we woudl go back and hope for a better waiter. He was not very attentive and made a deal about Chloes insulin pump " what on earth is that" and " lemme see that thing" Chloe is not at all ashamed of her diabetes or her pump but I could tell she was a little embarrassed by him. I think it was the way he asked because we had a few servers ask about it and they said something like " what ya got there princess?" asked a few questions and and thanked her for showing it to them. We paid OOP for this and I tipped lightly. Aside from the pump questons he was not good.. an hour to get one piece of bread... thats bad.
Alright.. not onto lunch. We headed to MK for the day and decided to eat at Pinocchio's Village Haus. We usually find this place uncrowded so its a great choice but DD was starving and it was lunch time so we had to face a huge crowd. While standing in line Dd says " I dont feel well" I look at her and her color is draining and I know her sugar is going low. I test her in line and she is dropping.. she is at 65 now. I gave her an airhead to bring her up and fifteen minutes later we have moved like 5 feet. I test her again.. she is at 50 now even with the extra carbs from the airhead. I give her a box of raisens and tell her " this line needs to move quick". Last thing I need is a passed out kid. The VERY NICE cashier sees this and motions for us to come up and lets us order ahead of maybe 2 parties. Of course a party that had already ordered starts to get nasty and I let it slide until I finished ordering and then calmly turned to them and said " she is diabetic and low and this nice CM let us order to avoid a probelm" They and no response and I hope they felt like idiots. On to the food.. This is one of those places that has chicken fingers for adults but not kids. Chloe really wanted those so I got the kids meal fro myslef and let Chloe get the Chicken fingers. I had an uncrustable with a double order of grapes and a chocolate milk. It was actually pretty filling and I secretly love uncrustables so I was happy. Chloe of course ahd the chicken strips and fries. This was a huge order and we could have split it. She only ate about half of it and ate her strawberry shortcake which she picked for dessert. I tried a bite and it was just ok. Kind of dry but ok. Thankfully her sugar popped back up after lunch and we were good to go.
Tonight was the EMH at MGM.. and it was pouring rain. We had our ADRs at 50's PT so we headed over despite my desire not to. I hate rain. So we get there a little early and check and are told to wait but are entertained by Micheal who I think is a host but is very much into his pasrt. Chloe trades a pin with him and he amuses us for a while adn then we are called. Now.. I cannot recall our servers name but he was great. Loved him. He was so into the act it was alot fo fun. Chloe and I shared the herb Cheese appetizer and she also got a garden salad too. She got hooked on salads this trip:cheer2: . Thats a good thing in my mind. So she got the kids cheeseburger with fries which she ate up. She loves burgers.. but I dont let her get them at home that much.. or fries either. Being diabetic I have to really watch her fat intake because they have issues with heart disease, etc. So on vacation its anything goes and she is in heaven. I got the fried chicken whch I must say was great but what si the deal with the greens they serve with it? bad.. just bad. My sis lives in Alabama and I eat her greens but these were not good. I also had potatoes which were good as well ( I dont think I ever found potatoes I did not like). For dessert I had the cobbler of the day which was apple and it was perfect. Warm and comforting and a perfect ending to send me back into the rain. Chloe had a sundae and said it was yummy. There must be something about letting kids make their own food that makes it 100 times better to them. Chloe loved those make your own sundaes they give kids. This was on DDP and we tipped extra because our server was perfect. We had to ask to go to the potty, no elbows on tables, he hung up DDs art..We will go back again next trip for sure.
Next installment.. Our last day.. WCC and my take on the DDP

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Thanks for writing these reviews. We're considering a lot of the places you ate at, so it's nice to hear about it.
I'm so sorry that Chloe had to hear that inconsiderate woman next to you at Le Cellier. It's not her fault she has to test her blood. My sons best friend has diabetes too, I know it's not a test that would be offensive to anyone. All she had to do is not look.
Can't wait to read more, keep 'em coming! :)

You are right.. its not at all offensive. We test standing in line, at meals.. any place we need to and most people dont even notive. Its a spot of blood the size of a pin. It does nto bother me and I have a blood issue. We had a lot of problems with this trip. I am not sure why.

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So this is our last day at WDW and we had thought we were going to check out and then go down to Mara for breakfast and head off to MK until our lunch ADR at WCC. Well as I check out the CM asks if I know about my coupons. Huh? what? coupons? Well she meant our credits. I said I thought I did but I didnt. Turns out we had 2 extra TS credits because leCellier credited our 2 credits back to us. I told her we ate there and it was a mistake and she just looked at me.. and said.. take the free credits and have a nice lunch. Ok.. so we headed down to Boma and had their buffet again and we ate way too much again and pretty much had the same thing again. Did I mention my new thing for Pap? I think its just cream of wheat which I hated as a kid but it was good there with the raisins in it. I ate a bowl each morning we ate there while Chloe looked on in disgust. I know the feeling because I would have looked at my mom the same way and probably did. Once again the service ws great and the food was good and we left stuffed but extra satisfied since we got it for free. Ok.. I felt guilty too and kept waiting for someone to tell on me..
So we went to WCC at 1 for lunch. It was empty but we still waited 20 minutes. I dont get it.. anyway.. Chloe amused herself at the huge lego table thye have for kids while the little snotty girl from Willy Wonka came along. Was her name Veruca Salt? Anyway. This girl was dead on her and you could tell she was not amused by legos or Chloe.. or me.. or her parents. I really wanted to hit her and secretly waited for her to use the restroom alone so I could be mean to her out of the eye of her parents. Not really.. but kind of.. She was rude and obnoxious and declared that the legos were retarded and meant for poor people. Huh? She obviously had not been to the Lego store because they are pretty pricey. Her parents by the way were reading books while we waited. Whipped out novels and started into them . I probably could have gotten away with telling Veruca off there but I let it be. Chloe asked me as we walked past the parents to our table " whats up that girls butt? " and I about peed my pants. No idea where she got that from but it was funny.. and then I told her it was funny but not proper and she should not say that again..We had sue ( I think) for our server and she seemed like she was going to be fun but I think didnt want to waste her fun antics on just 2 pople. She jokes with other tables and did the big ol glass and tiny glass deal.. but not us. Chloe was sad about this but the food was good enought o make up for it. Chloe picked the skillet adn was brought out coleslaw and corn bread for her appetizer. I was confused by this.. not really an appetizer but I guess it saves them from bringing out a salad. I got a chicken quesadilla which was great. I shared it with Chloe and she liked it as well. For my dinner I had a chicken salad.. buffalo I think. It was good. Fresh and big and tasted pretty good. Chloe liked her skillet but only ate the corn and chickena dn maybe the potatoes from it so I dont know why she got it other than she said it was different and she was tired of kids food.. amen munchkin. Our server was good even if she was boring adn we liked our meal. This was on the DDP.
So that is our trip..in food. I learned alot this trip and made some new favorites. I also made some decisions about the DDP that I will share tomorrow because it has gotten really late and Im off to bed.

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Awesome reviews! I totally laughed about your DD asking about the girl's butt LOL. Kids say the darndest things don't they? I also wanted to say I was sorry about all of the jerks you encountered regarding DD's diabetes. Geez people can be such morons sometimes! Glad you guys had a great time!!:goodvibes

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Really enjoyed your reviews - thank you for taking the trouble to post :)