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Sorry no pictures with my reviews.
I will be reviewing
Intermission Food Court
Pinocchio Village Haus
1900 Park Fare
Princess Storybook (Norway)
Coral Reef
Chef Mickey's
Concourse Steak House
Toluca Legs Turkey Co.
Catalina Eddie's
Mama Melrose's Ristorante
Main Street Bakery
Whispering Canyon

Intermission Food Court

We arrived about 1:00 on May 26th. After a speedy check in we headed to the Intermission Food Court.

We all had burgers and fries. They were okay. The burgers reminded me of a Hardee’s burger. Nothing special. The fries were crispy and salty very good. I had the chocolate cake. Yum! Dh had the cheesecake he said it was good. I tasted it and it tasted like the boxed kind. The kids had chocolate pudding.

After an afternoon at the pool I took pizza’s and salads back to the room. We ordered a cheese and a Pepperoni. Both had burnt bottoms. To be honest this was awful pizza. It tasted what I imagine cardboard with cheese and sauce would taste like. I was also put off when I was selecting the dressing for the salads they came in the little packets that you have to tear both sides to get it to open. The staff had already tore on side on every packet. “To make it easier for the guest.”

For our first day I would give the Intermission Food Court

Food: C
Atmosphere: A
Friendliness: B

The next morning (May 27) we had breakfast in our room.

Lunch was at Pinocchio Village Haus
I ordered the Chicken Strips and fries with Strawberry Shortcake and a soda. I shared with ds and we had plenty. The Chicken was crispy and seasoned well. The fries were crispy but not as salty as I like. Easy fix though. The shortcake was nasty. It was shortcake with like a strawberry jelly on it. No strawberries. There was whipped cream I think it was like rubber. I smelled and tasted a bit but did not eat anymore.
The guys had burgers. Said they were better then the intermission. Dh & dss said they were juicy and seasoned well. I don’t remember what they had for dessert.

Dd had a the kids mac & cheese carrots and grapes. The mac & cheese she said was okay but “Momma yours is better” For dessert she had the jello and liked it.
Food: B
Atmosphere: A
Friendliness: B

Dinner was @ 1900 Park Fare
This was one of our favorite meals. The character interaction was awesome! My dd loved the fact that Prince Charming called her princess. My ds (2) fell in love with Suzy the mouse. Asked her to come home with us. The service was awesome! The food was great. I loved the mussels. They were not gritty at all and were seasoned perfectly. The prime rib was good also. However, I like mine medium rare and I had a hard time getting that. The star of this meal to me was the Strawberry soup. YUMMO!! I came home with the recipe.
Food: A
Atmosphere A+
Friendliness A+
More to come later. Have to get the kids to bed.

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Great reviews and pictures! I can't wait for more!:)

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On Tuesday morning we all woke up and had nibbled granola bars and fruit. We had a 10:10 adr @

Princess Storey Book (Norway)

First off this is a looooooooooooooooooooong hall from the front gates. We arrived about 5 minutes early and waited about 15 minute before we were allowed in. We then waited in a line for a picture with Aurora. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Steph1125/101_9625.jpg

After the picture we were escorted to our seats. They do not allow much in the way of moving room once you are seated. Once seated we waited oh about 5 minutes when our server brought juice and coffee around. I asked if iced tea came with the meal I was told they did not have it. This meal consisted of a cold bar that had cheeses, fruits, yogurts smoked salmon and salami and that type of thing. Then there was also pastries, bagels and croissants.

On my way back from the cold bar guess what I saw???? A lady drinking Iced tea.:confused: I asked our server again and WOW he found some. lol:woohoo:
From the bar we had very good fruit. Melons and grapes were the best. Strawberries were okay. The pastries were yummy. The smoked salmon was so fresh! They had thin slice red onion and capers to put on it with a grainy mustard. Awesome.
Then an all you can eat skillet came to the table. With scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes and biscuits. The eggs were cooked fine but were not seasoned again easy fix. The sausage was okay. (I am not a sausage eater) the bacon was very limp. We like our bacon crispy. This potatoes were okay. The biscuits were homemade and good.

During our visit we saw Snow White, Jasmine, Mulan, Belle and Aurora. Character interaction was good.

I learned something I didn’t know though. Jasmine and Mulan were next to a table at the same time and the people at the table asked if they could have a picture with both. They were told no it is against Disney Policy.:confused3

We must have been the last seating before lunch. Because they started clearing the breakfast bar and putting lunch down. We felt very rushed. This was very disappointing. The Princess were awesome! But the food was not very good at all & cast members seemed to act like they were doing us a favor to wait on us. All I can say is I hope dd is out of the Princess stage enough next trip that we don't have to repeat this meal.

Food: B-
Atmosphere A (only because the Princess were awesome)
Friendliness C

Coral Reef

We had a 6:00 adr and arrived about 20 minutes early. We had enough time for us all to use the restroom and change ds diaper. And cool off a bit.

I called at our 180 and set up with Debbi for the diver and menu for our Anniversary (which is not until July 3, but this was a celebration so why not). We were seated in one of the ½ circle tables right across from the glass all the way at the far end as you walk in. This restaurant imo was amazing. I love fish and aquatic life so this was right up my alley. It was beautiful and so calming.

I ordered the Sea and Land for my appetizer. The sea part was 2 grilled shrimp with an amazing taste. They were cooked perfectly. Very tender. They were on a cucumber salad. The cucumbers were very refreshing. The land part was a bbq beef. All I can say is oh my goodness. The meat was so tender. The sauce was just sweet and spicy enough. This part was served on polenta. Which was so tasty. To be honest I wish I could have just had a bigger portion of the beef an polenta. Oh, both the shrimp and beef were on skewers. Dh orders the crab claw salad. He said it was very good. The claws were very sweet and yummy. He even liked the salad part. Big deal for him he is a thousand island and iceberg man. But he really loved this. His only complaint was that there was not enough claw meat. My dss has the shrimp cocktail. He loved them. Until he saw the seaweed under the cocktail sauce then he was done. Dh finished and said that they were good. Dd and ds had carrot and celery sticks and dip. She said they were the best she had ever had.

Dss and I had the NY Strip steak. Mine med-rare his medium. Both were cooked to perfection. The sauce was heavenly. This was hands down the best steak I have ever had. Very tender and flavorful. The au gratin potatoes were not good but were not bad. They were just different then what we are use to. The broccolini was cooked nicely not to slimy but with just a bit of a crunch left. I put way more cheese in mine. Dh had the Mahi-Mahi. He loved it. I tasted it and it was good not as good as my steak though. It had a ginger and teriyaki taste. We both had had couscous that you buy in the store by the rice. But the Mahi Mahiwas served on a bed of Israeli couscous. They were bigger pieces of grain and very good. Dd had the pizza she ate it all but the crust. Ds had the grilled chicken and ate every last bit. Both loved the fries.

Desserts I had the Citrus Creme Brulee & dh had the The Chocolate Wave. We shared both. The Creme Brulee was great. The citrus and berries made it taste lighter than it was. Very yummy. The Chocolate Wave was heaven on a plate. But there is no way I could have ate it all to rich. The kids all had the sundaes big hits.

I know that Coral Reef has gotten mixed reviews. But hands down this was our favorite meal the whole trip. From the moment we walked in the door until we left we were made to feel special. This will be a must do next trip.

Food: A+
Atmosphere A+
Friendliness A+

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The next Morning we had a breakfast adr @ Ohana. We arrived oh about 5 minutes early. Once we checked in we were sent to have our pictures taken. Then we waited about 10 minutes. On the way to the table the hostess explained that it is an Hawaiian custom to share bread with guest. And she handed dd a basket of pineapple and raisin cinnamon bread. Yum they were moist and so tasty. Once we were seated our server John brought out a juice I believe he said was Papaya , Mango and pineapple juice. My ds and dd loved it. I found it too sweet and went for iced tea. We were brought fresh fruit. Which was grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple and honey dew melon. All of the fruit was good. But the honey dew melon was the juiciest sweetest honey dew I have ever had. We were then brought a mickey waffle ( a small one) as we were finishing it we were brought our food. A all we could eat family style. Eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and potatoes. The eggs were scrambled and very good. Warm and fluffy. Again the bacon was not as crispy as I would have liked. I don’t eat sausage but it was all eaten and my family asked for second so I assume they liked it. The potatoes were like a casserole with hash browns, onion and cheese. The biscuits were yummy. Our server was awesome! But the best part was watching my ds see Stitch for the first time. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Steph1125/101_9647-1.jpg My dd wore her hula outfit and Lilo did the Hula with her. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Steph1125/101_9642-1.jpg We saw Stitch, Lilo, Mickey http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Steph1125/101_9649.jpgand Plutohttp://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Steph1125/101_9652.jpg here. Dd also did the Hawaiian roller coaster with the other children around the restaurant.Great restaurant we will return without a doubt!

Food: A
Atmosphere: A+
Friendliness: A+


For dinner we went to Chef Mickey’s we arrived about 10 minutes early. After checking in we had our picture taken and then waited about 10 minutes before we were seated. The kids were starving so I went to get theirs right away. I was surprised at the nice selection they had for the kids. The highlights of this meal for me was the salad portion of the bar. Everything was nice and fresh. Maybe I had just eaten out too long or something but that nice fresh salad tasted very good. In the hot section they had a curry chicken. WOW it was spicy but very good. I tried the prime rib and it was okay. I love the mashed potatoes. I hate to say it but I was a bit disappointed with the food here. IMO compared to 1900 Park Fare this was a let down. The food here reminded me of what we get at Golden Coral or Ryan’s. Good but nothing special. Dessert for all was a blast. They had these truffle type desserts that was an Oreo with a chocolate cream on top of it dipped in dark chocolate OMG it was awesome! The kids and dh loved the sundae bar. The staff was very nice and attentive. I never saw the bottom of my glass. The characters seemed to be spaced out nicely. So we had time between each one but not too much. i think if we do Chef Mickeys again we will try it for breakfast. We saw Mickey http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Steph1125/101_9669.jpg
Minnie http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Steph1125/101_9661.jpg
Donald http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Steph1125/101_9664.jpg Goofey http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Steph1125/101_9667.jpg and Pluto http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a360/Steph1125/101_9668.jpg

Food: C
Atmosphere: A
Friendliness: A

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What great reviewing! I think our Norway ADR is 10:20~ hope we aren't rushed! But I can't wait to try the smoked salmon.

THe kids are adorable~your DSS looks older than 11! He looks so cute with the kids in the character pics.

Thank you:goodvibes

06-11-2007, 01:40 PM
Enjoying your reviews! Glad to hear good things about Coral Reef.:goodvibes

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Great reviews, some lovely pics :thumbsup2

06-11-2007, 06:08 PM
Thanks for the reviews. We are going to Chef Mickeys in Dec. Our only character interaction. Hope the food is better then.

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I am really enjoying your review! The pics of the kids are so adoreable!!! :goodvibes

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Great reviews, thanks! :goodvibes

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While at Animal Kingdom we went to Restaurantosaurus for lunch. We arrived @ 11:15 and there was a lady standing at the doorway telling everyone they opened at 11:30. At 11:30 they did indeed open. My younger two got the Happy Meals of course and were thrilled to be eating McDonalds. Dss got the 10 piece McNugget meal. Dh, and I got the Double cheese burger meal. They had the hugest topping bar. I topped mine with mushroom, onion, pickle and mustard. The mushrooms were so yummy I put some on the side and ate by themselves. The fries here were crispy but definitely not McDonalds fries. The kids got the cookie for dessert. Dh & dss got the brownie which became a bedtime snack for them. They said they tasted like the Little Debbie kind. I had the Strawberry shortcake. I was much more pleased with this than the one at Pinocchio Village. This one actually had strawberries in it. The cake was moist all and all it was good but I was stuffed and did not eat much of it. Oh, I got Iced Tea here. It was brewed not from a fountain. It was unsweetened but good. All and all this was a good lunch. Clean resteraunt, good food, nice staff. If the chance arises we will eat her again.

Food: A
Atmosphere: A
Friendliness: B

Concourse Steakhouse
For dinner we went to Concourse Steakhouse. We arrived 10 minutes prior to our adr. I checked us in and was told to have a seat and we would be seated shortly. 20 minutes later dh went up and asked how much longer they said we were the next table that seat five. We waited 35 minutes past our adr time and was finally seated. I had chosen this restaurant after reading the menu and was looking forward to the Filet Mignon w/ gorgonzola butter. I was totally sad when we arrived and I found out they did not have the Filet Mignon anymore. We waited at our table for oh about 10 minutes before our server came around. Once she showed up she was very pushy and rushed us to place our order. No may I get your drinks she wanted the full order right then. For appetizers dh got Pan Seared scallops, dss got the Honey Sesame Chicken Wings, dd and ds got the salad and I got the Lobster Bisque. Dh said the Scallops were very good but for the price he thought there should have been more scallops. Dss loved the chicken wings. Said he would have loved to of had another plate for his meal. The kids loved their salad. The lobster bisque was very creamy and had pieces of lobster the size of a dime through out the bowl. It was amazing. And by far my favorite part of the meal. For dinner my ds got the grilled chicken and fries. He must have liked them because he at 9/10 of it. The rest of us got the steak. NY strip for the big people and ribeye for dd. They were just okay compared to the one we had Coral Reef. I found mine a bit dry. I like my steaks med-rare so there was no reason while it was dry. For dessert the younger two got the sundaes. Dss got the Triple Chocolate Cake he said it was moist and good. Dh got a Butterfinger cheesecake. Which from the taste I had was to die for. Creamy with a crunchy top YUM! Me I had the Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee. It was so good and creamy. Through out the meal our glasses were empty numerous times. The service between meals were slow. And the food itself was just okay. Let me add that our server was so slow and rude that I wished her tip was not added into our meal plan. I don’t foresee us returning to the Concourse Steakhouse.

Food: C
Atmosphere: B
Friendliness: C

Mom of 3
06-12-2007, 10:53 AM
Good reviews, can't wait for the rest.

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Great reviews !!! You're kids are adorable !!! Can't wait for more !! :thumbsup2

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The next day we were at MGM for the day. We were split on what to eat. Dss & I wanted Turkey Legs. The others wanted Pizza and sandwiches

Dh, dd and ds ate at

Catalina Eddie's
The kids had pizza and fries. Dd ate all of her pizza not fries said they were mushy. Ds ate ¾ of his meal. Dh got an Italian Sub type sandwich and chips. He said the sandwich was fresh and yummy. Nice change from burgers and pizza. He had a brownie, I think for dessert.

Toluca Legs Turkey Co
Dss and I liked the turkey legs. I was happily surprised to find them on the meal plan. A turkey leg, bag of chips and a large drink. The turkey was smokey and seasoned just right. Very good only complaint WAY TO BIG! I shared with dd & ds

That evening we did the Fantasmic package at
Mama Melrose's Ristorante
I had thought several times about switching this adr due to the mixed reviews. I am so glad I did not.

We arrived about 5 minutes early and waited about 10 minutes.
Dd got the pizza. It came with a salad, fries and she finally talked us into the Pirate Punch. Big waste of money. It is not covered on the meal plan and dd hated the drink. Loved the Tinkerbell clip and cup but asked for water to drink. She liked the pizza it was thinner than the pizza in the other places which she liked. She liked the fries here better than at lunch. She had the fruit salad for dessert. She ate every single bite of it. Said it tasted better than any ice cream she had had the whole trip. Go figure.

Ds got the Penne Pasta topped with tomato sauce I requested carrot and celery sticks instead of salad which worked good. He shared dessert with us.

Dss had the Caesar Salad loved it. For his main dish he had the Chicken Parmesan. Said that it was seasoned well but the breading was a bit soggy like the sauce had set on it too long. Dessert he had Chocolate Gelato must have liked it I caught him trying to lick the bowl.

Dh and I both had the Crispy Calamari for appetizers. It was very tender and flavorful. The Calamari came with peppers and onions that had also been deep fried. Very good. The sauce they served it with had a spicy kick to it. A great addition.

Dh had a special that was like a Pork loin cooked with risotto. He said it was very good. The meat was so tender he was cutting it with his fork. Dh hates rice but he loved the risotto. He too had the chocolate gelato and liked it.

I choose the Four Cheese Flatbread pizza. It had Asiago, Mozzarella, Provolone, and Gorgonzola Cheese and it was amazing. I had never thought of putting a type of blue cheese on pizza but the Gorgonzola gave the pizza that extra kick that made it not just your everyday pizza. I can’t wait to try and make it here. I too had the chocolate gelato. I had never had gelato before and found it creamer and not quite as heavy as a chocolate ice cream .

I am glad I did not change this adr. We enjoyed the meal. The atmosphere is what I envision a little bistro in Italy looking like. The service was great. And the food was so much more than what I expected .I was pleasantly surprised by our whole dining experience at Mama Melrose's. We would return here next trip, however dh wants to try the Brown Derby

Food: A- (only because dss chicken was a tad bit soggy)
Atmosphere: A
Friendliness: A

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Main Street Bakery
Dd and I went to Magic Kingdom early on that Friday morning with a mission to get Arial’s autograph. We arrived about 9:05. We waited in line at Main Street Bakery about 10 minutes. I ordered an iced tea and a croissant dd got an orange juice and Krispy Creme Donuts. We got a banana and shared it. All was great. The croissant was flaky and soft. Very good. The iced tea was brewed and equally as good. The donuts were good because all was eaten.

Whispering Canyon

We met my bil,sil,mil, nephews and a family friend here on our last night. We waited probably ½ hour – 45 min past our ADR. The Lobby of the Wilderness Lodge was amazing. They had a special that night that just sounded yummy. It was salmon on a bed of micro greens with grape tomatoes and fingerling potatoes I ordered this with the chicken wings for starters. Let me say I am use to and enjoy spicy food. The chicken wings were just way to hot to enjoy. ¾ of the way through appetizers my ds got sick. So we got our meals to go. The salmon I am sure would have been great had it been eaten at the resteraunt when served. However I had to eat it cold at the room and it was good. The atmosphere of Whispering Canyon was so fun. We will return here to get the full effects of it. I do want to send a shout out to the staff there once they realized what had happened they put our 5 orders to the front of the line in the kitchen and had them on our table in less than 5 minutes. Ready to go. But 100 % this will be on our next trip list.

06-15-2007, 05:51 AM
Great reviews Steph. I really liked the sound of Mama Melrose :)

06-15-2007, 02:25 PM
Thanks Seph9072 for your Reviews!! I have only been to Disney once in 2005 for one Day! But, I get to go in Sept. I love to hear all about the fun and food! Thanks again.