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01-19-2002, 02:30 PM

Magic Kingdom. Still chilly, but we dressed for it, and it was sunny.

We headed for Fantasyland. We rode everything in about 90 min - including Dumbo. The Pooh ride is so cute. I got some pics of the figures. I;d never ridden Snow White or Peter Pan, since they were either closed or the lines were too long. Peter Pan is sooo cute. Considering when it was built, quite clever, too. There were lots of characters, but it seemed so chaotic. AK has line areas and it's orderly and fair. I don't know how many parents encouraged their kids to cut ahead of those waiting in line and the CM can't really say anything. There were times we didn't get to see someone before their break because of kids who didn't bother being polite.

We then hit Haunted Mansion. It stopped twice while we were on it. Once when the heads pop up. It's interesting to hear the hydraulics without the sound. In fact, we could pick out which screams were on the sound loop, since they happened over and over again. I had never realized they did that. It stopped again while in front of the singing heads. That was kinds creepy without the sound loop. Hall of Presidents wasn't nearly as boring as we all remember it, but that was when we were kids.

Big Thunder Mountain was the only ride we had a real wait for. About 20 min. We didn't get the fast pass, since we'd have to have come back 90 min later, and we thought it was better to just wait.

IN Future World, we walked onto Buzz Lightyear. I was a bit underwhelmed. Those laser are hard to shoot! Alien Encounter was fun and we had a child who needed to be removed they were screaming so much. Space Mountain was a 10 min wait. ANd as good as always.

Home for dinner, then back to Epcot. We rode Test Track as single riders. ABout a 5 min wait that way, instead of 30. Fun, but cold outside! We had Norwegian pastry, but the selection wasn't as good as France. Still yummy, though.

Onto MGM - my favorite park. We decided to save the thrill rides for last and did the park counter clockwise. Again, virtually no lines. Muppet Vision was about 1/3 full each time we rode it (twice). The backlot houses were still decorated for XMas, but unlit, so they looked pretty bad. The animation tour was as interesting as always.

We went into Who Wants to be a Millionaire only because the show was about to start, so we wouldn't have to wait. And I won the fastest finger - by a lot, too!!!! The question was a geographic one, and the only reason I knew the answer was because we were playing"name that city" on the flight down, and we were looking at the US map a lot. Anyway, so I get down there and was asked a question by the host. I totally didn't hear what he said, so I just said "yes." I asked later what the question was, and my husband burst out laughing. I guess he had asked if I was an avid watched of the show. I'm so not. It's too slow for me. I prefer Jeopardy. Anyway, I got the $64,000 question wrong, but I was pretty happy with $32k. I got a hat, a polo shirt, 10 pins, and a lanyard. So, I got suckered into pin trading, which I enjoyed after I figured out what I wanted to trade for. For the rest of the day, people were calling my name and saying hi. I was wearing a distinctive outift - black overalls and a pink shirt, so I wasn't hard to forget, I guess. It was not fun after the 2nd time, actually. And I got a free souvenier. It's too bad you can't take any pics. My hubby also said it would be great if they sold the taping of the shows. He would have bought it and I'm sure they'd make money, but it must be a copyright thing. The guy who was in the hot seat after me got the $2k question wrong, and that was the show, so I think some people were mad I got as high as I did - not as much time for otehrs to play. Sorry!

ToT was as great as ever and RnR Coaster was awesome, but a bit short. We found the best place to ride was the front seat of the car. If you're in the very front, you can see the track when the black lights go on. When you're in the back, the black lights go on before you hit something, so you can see the track. IN the 2nd car, we could never see where the track led.

Off to EPCOT for dinner at the Chinese restaurant. SInce their entrees feed two, the prices were quite reasonable for sit down, and the quality was wonderful. The honey sesame chicken was incredible. To Germany for pastry we went, but only apple strudel or chocolate cake to choose from. It was still yummy.

Back to AK to check out Asia and do the safari and dinosaur again. Many more animals were out and active this time. We also saw the walking foliage woman. She was quite good, but her top was low cut (cleavage showing) and was giving men really seductive looks. It was kinda weird. There's a little alcove where you can see the Tree of Life from behind, and that view is more impressive, inmy opinion, than the front. More carvings and such. We ate our lunches in the sun and watched birds play. It was great.

Back to Epcot to hit what we'd missed. Living Seas is pretty sad, as aquariums go. Living with the Land is always interesting to see the hydroponics and such. It was also the first time we could actually play with the exhibits in Innoventions. IN fact, the college guys working there were chatting us up for a long time. We sent video emails and played games. I also got a bunch of nice pins.

No pastry tonight - slushies instead.

01-19-2002, 06:43 PM
we enjoyed MGM too......my favorite is TOT and also star tours.....but RNR .....maybe when I am unconscious....rofl....I guess I am chicken.......thanks for taking the time to tell us about it......oh yah......Apple Streudal is so excellent with the cream sauce on it from Germany.....my husband and I ate there in Sept

01-20-2002, 04:38 PM
RnR is actually a very smooth ride. If you can do Space Mountain, you can do RnR. IN fact, SM is less comfy, since you get jostled around more. However, a friend of mine who doesn't like big drops on coasters didn't like the acceleration at the beginning, but loved the ride after that.