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02-10-2001, 09:49 AM
HI!! Which park (Magic Kingdom, MGM, Animal Kingdom, or Epcot) does everyone find most interesting? We're only going to be there for like 5 days so I was wondering which one to spend the most time in. Which park is the one that u could never get bored in and why??

02-10-2001, 10:00 AM
I personally like Animal Kingdom the best but it is a park that you can only stay one day at. I would do the Magic Kingdom, go to a water park, or just relax and go to Downtown Disney.

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Odd Ball
02-10-2001, 12:05 PM
I like Epcot the best, there is so many things to do there.

02-10-2001, 12:19 PM
I have 2 MGM & Epcot i think there both really cool.