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02-11-2001, 07:46 PM
How are you going to spend this Valentine's Day? Or are you looking for anyone? Then this is the thread for you. Just post simple stuff here, please.

Ex. (for me)

I will not spend Valentine's Day any special way. I did have snow week last week in school, but I did not go to the sweethearts dance. I am a fourteen year-old ninth-grade boy who likes Disney.

Stuff you may not know about me:
Height: 5 feet, 4 inches
Name: Matt
Musical Instrument: French Horn
Take math at the University
Pet: (Dog) Angel
Marital Status: Single & Available

"A Mousekateer is a cross between an Imagineer and a Mouse FUNatic."

"If we can dream it, than we can do it!"

Soon-to-come Attractions

Aladdin's, Primal Whirl, Triceritops Spin, Animal Kingdom Lodge, WWTBAM?, EPCOT sign, Hall of Presidents Rehab, Walt's 100 B-Day, MiraCosta Hotel, Tokyo Disney Seas, Journey Rehab, Pop Culture Resort, Studios Paris, Dino Coaster (Family), Mission:SPACE & Hong Kong Disneyland