View Full Version : How does length of stay effect DDP???

05-30-2007, 02:35 PM
Quick question that I havent located on the site yet....I currently have a room only ressie for a 4 nights 5 days stay on site. The first day/night we wont be spending in the park cause it would be a waste of money given it we wont arrive till mid to late afternoon. Our plan is 3 days of park hopping and the 5th is another travel day. Im looking to add the DDP to the trip but read you must have a ticket option added, correct? So does this mean I cant get the DDP or can I just add it for the 3 days Im going to the parks even if it doesnt match my length of stay?

Mommy Poppins
05-30-2007, 02:50 PM
In order to purchase the DDP, you must purchase a package that includes a room at rack rate and at least a 1 day base ticket for each person in your room. The DDP plan must be purchased for all persons in your room for the entire length of your stay. The dining plan is based on the number of nights you are staying and not the number of days. Since you are staying 4 night/5 days, each person in your party/room would get 4 TS, 4 CS and 4 Snack credits to be used anytime during your 4 night/5 day stay.

So, even if you are not going to the parks your first day, you would be able to eat at a Disney Resort restaurant and use the dining plan. The same would go for your last day there. If you are traveling, you could have a big breakfast at one of the disney resorts before you leave.

Have fun!

05-30-2007, 03:00 PM
Thanks for the info...trying to figure if it will be worth it as we have a couple going with us that has never been before!

05-30-2007, 03:49 PM
Just to clarify, AFAIK you only need to pay "rack rate" for your package if you are trying to get free dining, and since I see you are going in Oct. 2007 that is after the free dining promotion ends. You can add the paid DDP to a discounted package.

BTW, DDP credits don't expire until midnight at the end of your check-out day (for you this is your departure/travel day). You could use up any leftover credits by getting food to go at your resort (or another resort) or DTD before leaving Orlando.

05-30-2007, 11:18 PM
Unless you are using tickets that will not expire, I would look at the math for that extra 4th day. It is not much more than a few dollars for 4 days instead of 3.

05-31-2007, 01:17 AM
I think your main question reguarding the DDP, tickets and hotel stay were already answered.......I just wanted to say that IMO it's totally worth it. You get SOOO much food and your able to eat at some great places. For us it's the only way to go. Our group was able to enjoy many resturants that we just would not have tryed other wise. Another reason I LOVE the DDP is the ablity to just not think about prices or "budget" in food cost for the trip...it's already paid for. Simple and easy.

Also to add...the DDP IMO is perfect for those who haven't ever been. The food prices can be overwhelming at times at Disney...and they add up fast. With the DDP it's already paid for....so if you want to go to that one particular place and order the $30 steak, $8 appitizer, $7 dessert and $3 drink....you don't have to worry about the math because you already paid the $38 for the DDP so it's taken care of. Not to mention the counter service meal you also get that day and the snack...all paid for with the $38 :thumbsup2

Of course if you ONLY planning on eating at counter service or snack places then maybe the DDP isn't the way to go....

I don't think the fact that you and your group isn't going to the parks every day has anything to do with the DDP...or at least it shouldn't when deciding to go for it or not. Our group is going for 4 nights and only have park days scheduled for 2 of them....Even with that the majority of our DDP table service credits are at places outside of the parks...I think we only have ONE ADR scheduled inside a park this time.