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05-26-2007, 02:08 AM
Good Day

Leaving for Disney with my wife and 2 year old DD and require some help. Usually I go on the DDP but this time I am wondering if it would be feasible. We are going to stay just in the resorts and no parks as we are DVC members and only going to relax by the pool. We are staying for two nights and then heading over to VB for three nights. The cost of the DDP is $38.99 per adult per night and what I gather under three is free.

The first night I have reservations at 1900 Park fare for dinner with a cost of $28.99 +++ for dinner, I relize that it is no longer buffett by my DD loves princesses princess: . The next night we usually go over to Margaritaville for dinner :love: and then the last morning I have an ADR at O'hanas for breakfast that is $18.99 per adult.

On top of these meals we have our counter service meals and snack. From the meals in Disney the cost would only be $48 per adult or $96 for two meals and my DD is free plus our additional counter service meals and snacks.

The DDP would cost $38.99 per day x two for a total of approx. $156 + tax for the trip. From what I can figure it would be less expensive to pay OOP.

One option would be to forego Margaritaville for dinner and exchange for some type of dinner under the DDP and then only pay OOP for the Ohana's breakfast. I would then have a dinner each night with O'hanas for breakfast OOP, the dinners are more expensive than breakfasts and dinners would be a more cost efficient way of using the plan.

Any ideas on different scenarios that may work? I really prefer to go to Margaritaville as this is customary everytime we are near one, I could maybe go for lunch if I don't have to pay for park admission. Also, my wife and myself are not big eaters and usually share a meal. I know we couldn't under buffets but we could under entree meals.


05-26-2007, 10:10 AM
Adding 25% to your desired meals, 18% tip and 7% tax gives you a total of around $118.94 for your possible dining plan meals. I don't believe you pay tax for the dining plan, so you would have to use about $39 and some change worth of counter service meals and snacks to make the dining plan break even for you. For this you would get 4 CS and 4 Snack credits. I think with the dining plan you would still come out ahead if you plan on using these credits. It is, however, close enough that you might prefer the freedom of eating what you want where you want rather than being tied to the plan.

05-26-2007, 11:48 PM
Thanks for the reply

I think in this case I am going to forgo using the DDP and just go where I want. I do want to go Margaritaville and possibly Bahama Breeze. But I will do O'hanas on my last morning and pay OOP. I will be cancelling my 1900 Park Fare on June 10th Dinner if anyone is interested.:thumbsup2


05-27-2007, 02:39 PM
do you have AP's? You can purchase the DDE card which entitles you to 20% off select TS meals.