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05-18-2007, 12:34 PM
We are staying at POP Nov 30-Dec 8th. I am not worried about Pop Warner at the parks, we have been there that week before and had no problem. But how is POP that week? Do tons of Pop Warner people make the resort a problem ex. really loud and crazy?

05-18-2007, 02:44 PM
I was wondering that too. We will be there Nov 28 - Dec 8. Hope to have a nice trip like we did 05, but we are getting to Disney about a week later this year. Hope you enjoy your trip.

05-18-2007, 02:54 PM
the Pop is never surpose to be on the list for these things.

but these teens or their parents know that Pop is closer than AS. If they are willing to pay the full price or even better book through CRO - then Disney can't get upset too much.

so yes there will be some - will it be like AS - NO!

05-18-2007, 08:53 PM
We stayed at pop during pop warner week, and didnt have any problems at all. I was actually prepared for the worse in both the parks and hotel (the horor stories are out there about going during pop warner week), but we didnt have a problem the whole trip!!! :thumbsup2

05-27-2007, 11:39 AM
The only time we had a problem during Pop Warner week was trying to go to All Star Movies for lunch (hey, we stay at Boardwalk and miss the food court, so we visit ASM once every visit). The mass quantities of unsupervised youngsters on the bus made it a horrid trip. (Yelling, running back and forth down the aisles,falling on top of people on purpose on every turn, etc.) To top it off, by the time the bus had stopped at Sports, the bus was full again to go back to MK, so he never stopped at ASM. We ended up going all the way back to MK. (We were in the back of the bus. If we are first on we always go as far back as possible to make it easiest for the rest of the people to get on.)

On the bright side, when we told the bus driver what had happened, he switched the bus to "VIP" and gave us a private trip back to ASM!.

Other than that, we hardly ever notice any effect from Pop Warner week, and we have been going the same time every year since 2001.

05-27-2007, 12:26 PM
Here are some quotes from the DISboards whenthe Pop Warner cheerleaders stayed at Pop in December 2004.

They certainly didn't take over the resort, but Pop definitely took some "spill over". So to say they won't at all effect Pop I think is false. We didn't use the Food Court in the AM, so that wasn't an issue. They were at the pool late night (being a little wild...I agree just kids being kids), after my kids were in bed, (I only saw them when I was doing laundry). Since their schedules keep them very busy at WWofS during the day, they were not a problem then. The only time they impacted my vacation was leaving the parks at night. If I can be truthful, the kids were fine; it was the chaperones...and I use that term very loosely. On 2 evenings, once at MK and once at Ep, we were waiting in line for the bus back. If there were a few of their group in line ahead they'd all cut and join them. One time the cheerleader basically said, "Mom, we can't stay up here. These people have been waiting." The mom ignored her. I am not talking about 2 or 3 people popping up to their family after a bathroom break. I am talking about groups of 10 or 12 just strolling ahead of 100 people in line. It was infuriating! Not only because it wasn't a fair thing to do, but because of the example it set for every single kid witnessing it. Mind you, I was with my DH and 3 princesses, plus 6 months pregnant at the time...

Sorry for the long story. However, I thought I should share my firsthand experience. Of course that was in 2004 and a lot could change. And I should say, I loved everything about Pop and probably would change when I go versus where I stay.

Good luck deciding.

we were at the POP for the pop warner/cheerleading week in 2004. the place was over run. you heard cheers until well past midnight. the food court was impossible to use. they were practicing their pyramids in the pool until late in the evening. i would opt for another hotel.

From this thread:


I stayed at PC in December 2004. The Pop Warner kids were definitely there. I specifically chose PC since I had read in multiple places that PC was not equipped for large groups and that the Pop Warner kids would be at the All Stars only. That turned out to be untrue. For one night, it shouldn't be a problem, but if you want to avoid the Pop Warner kids, stay at CSR or a deluxe. Pop Warner has yet to announce what resorts are available this year, but in years past they have been at CBR, POR, and POFQ as well as the value resorts.


Things seem to have gotten better in recent years:


I was at All Star Sports and there were football players and cheerleaders everywhere! At first, I was disappointed our room was remote but after hearing them out at night, I was thrilled! There were extra security guards out in full force on the pretend football field to enforce safety and quiet hours. Oh, and extra lifeguards at all pools.

The food court was packed with them, but the lines moved quickly and they were all very polite etc. I don't mind mobs of polite kids!

I didn't feel any ripple effect in the parks. We did see lots of them, but it wasn't bad as far as lines and crowd effect.

Mr. Pig
05-27-2007, 03:47 PM
We stayed at POP last December (2006) while Pop Warner was going on and did not see any of them at POP in any organized way. They may have been staying there on their own but did not have any problems. The resort may have been a little more crowded for this time because of the Pop Warner taking a lot of rooms at the other Value's. Personally I would not worry about staying at POP but would stay away from the "official" Pop Warner resorts. I have not had bad encounters with any of the kids or adults from PW but I know other posters have so this is another hit or miss thing.