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05-15-2007, 05:39 PM
Sorry if this is the wrong forum - I couldn't find any GG specific area.

Anway, First question: I spoke with a CM in Dining today about a GG experience (The breakfast at Tony's). She said that it could only be booked by the travel agent that booked the package. Is she correct or should I try another CM? That seems kind of crazy to me.

Second question: At some points we are going to be splitting up and eating at different restaurants at the same time. Will I be allowed to make two ADRs at the same time? I'll be happy to put them under different names but I'm wondering if I'll have to make two seperate phone calls. For example - 6 people want to eat at LeCellier on Nov. 30 and 5 people want to eat at Coral Reef on the same date and time - should they let me book those on the same phone call?

Third question: We are also meeting some people for a meal or two which will mean even more people than are in our GG. Will that be a problem getting ADRs? I realize we all won't be able to sit at the same table but I'm hoping for us all to be seated at the same time.

TIA for any help or suggestions. I don't know what I'd do without these boards :goodvibes

05-15-2007, 06:08 PM
I did a GG last December. That CM is wrong.

How did you first set up your GG? Often, the TA's don't know much about the special Disney stuff, unless they are a certified Disney TA. You want to call the GG line at (409) 939-7526. They can help you make this booking. All the families in your party must have been booked to sign up for the special meals, though. You can give the info on who is going, but people will need to secure their own reservation with their credit card or dining credits. If you want more info on the other meals, goto http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/wdw/special/magicalgatherings/ggSpecialProducts?id=GrandGatheringsSpecialProduct sPage

I can tell you that the Illuminations International Dinner and Buffet was awesome!! PM me if you want more info.

Unless you are all meeting for dinner together, they can call the regular line to book dinner themselves for however many they want. If you have a larger party (8+), the CM may transfer your call to another line. You don't need to involve the GG# at all. Treat them like regular dinner reservations. (The food res line is (407)939-3463...)

It will only be a problem getting the ADR with the other people, if it is a GG exclusive event. At the GG Exclusve Events, 85% of the attendees must be staying on ground as part of the GG. Otherwise, book the ADR as you would any regular meal. Again, when you call the reservation line, they will direct your call to the appropriate line for parties of 8+ (it may even be a prompt on your call).

PM me if you need any more help! We loved our GG last winter and are currently planning another for this November. We are going to try the Magical Fireworks Voyage dessert cruise!

05-16-2007, 10:04 AM

The only GG even we'll be doing is the breakfast but we will be having other ADRs with the 11 of us.

I thought that CM was wrong.