View Full Version : ? regarding bday parties for people w/ autistic children

05-11-2007, 09:28 PM
I am currently in the early planning stages of my dd3's 4th Bday. It is Aug 21st. I am planning to invite all of her classmates that are in her preshool and the majority of them have some form of autism. I just wanted some thougts from parents w/ autistic children regarding these two ideas that I have for her party.

1~ McDonald's Playroom~ mainly b/c all I have to do is show up, what kid doesn't like McD's.

then I thought DD doesn't eat regular food and so some of these children might not want or eat McD's. So on to plan two.

2~ My house, some games, finger foods that would cater to the kids as well as the adults. I am toying w/ the idea of a fun jump or we have a party lady that will bring all of the stuff and some games to make a build a bear.

Please give me some suggestions that will help w/ my planning. Yes it is a little early but I have to be prepared for all cost since I have to do two bday parties between a cruise and a trip to disney.


05-11-2007, 09:59 PM
I would go with plan B. I have triplets, two of my sons have autism (one more afflicted than the other.) Because their celebration is a triplet celebration, I choose an environment that is good for all three (a gym, last year was at Pump it Up.) My one guy loves the jumping, it just fills his sensory needs! Have fun and enjoy!

05-11-2007, 10:41 PM
Thanks, I so wish we had one of those near us. When I lived in Houston, TX they had on down the street from where I lived and it was great to take my dd there for a little while when she visted me in between treatments.