View Full Version : Questions about Changing Resorts (Pop to Port Orleans)

05-08-2007, 11:02 PM
We've made reservations for Pop Century, but are thinking about switching those to Port Orleans later in the reservation process. We've still got about 110 days before our trip, so there's plenty of time to change; it's around a $300 difference.

My questions are

1) Is it difficult to switch reservations from one resort to another like this?

2) Are there extra fees involved in doing so (aside from the obvious cost difference)?

3) How late can you switch resorts? Does it have to be done before the 45 day cutoff?

4) What do you guys think of Port Orleans?

05-08-2007, 11:30 PM
I recently switched from Pop to POFQ. It was as easy as calling and asking to switch, no extra fees involved, other than price difference. I don't know how late you can do it, but I have stayed at POR and it was lovely.

05-08-2007, 11:34 PM
1) depends on availibility and if you have a discount if it will carry over to the new one

2) No at least not with the changes I have made (last was from POP to POFQ in Oct)

3) I would think right up to the point of check-out . If your not happy with where you are they try to switch you if a rooms avail.So why not if you just want to change.

4)We loved the FQ side and enjoyed the walk over at the RS side. Fq was just a great place all around and worth the upgrade for us.We do love POP but things just fell into place for the switch.