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Mickey Rules
05-06-2007, 08:11 PM
Hey guys,
We're planning a trip for this August :cool1: and are going to stay at a moderate resort. Last year we stayed at POR and like it there, but we're looking for something new. So, what are the pros/cons of Coronado Springs and Caribbean Beach, and which one would you recommend? I'm leaning more towards Caribbean Beach because it's closer to Epcot. Thanks.

P.S. Are all the rooms at the moderate resorts the same size as we had at POR? Thanks.

05-06-2007, 08:27 PM
I believe the CBR has bigger rooms. I think.

I prefer the CBR to other mods, but judging from numerous polls on the topic, I am in the minority on that score.

Here's a review I wrote on it some months back


05-06-2007, 08:29 PM
Check out my CSR website below for pics and info to help in your decision.

Last three DIS polls:



05-06-2007, 08:29 PM
CBR rooms are the largest, but all of the mods are close to the same size. Both CSR and CBR are lovely resorts. Spread out like POR with lots of activities (biking, boating) to keep you busy. And they both have beaches around their lakes with hammocks to lie in. I like them both about the same, although CBR is my favorite by a hair, I love that theming. Here are some pros to each:

CBR: Largest rooms, two sinks in the bathroom (CSR bathrooms have one sink), beach area, can see the high up fireworks of Illuminations from many vantage points around the resort, food court near the main pool area, nicest quiet pools imho, very reliable internal bus sytem vs. CSR's golf carts that will take you around (but often fill up fast since they only seat a few people).

CSR: Excellent main pool and slide (CBR's main pool is not as big and the slide is shorter and not as "cool" as CSR's), spa, salon and in room dining available here. Its as close as you can get to a Deluxe in amenities.

Both resorts have good full service restaurants, CSR doesn't have the average food court but rather Pepper Market where you go thorugh a line but then have someone bring you your food. Some like this set up, others don't. CSR's main pool is not near Pepper Market however their pool bar does have some food selections available. CSR is a convention resort which means many of its guests aren't going to the parks or using the pools. Neither resort shares buses with another resort. They both have mulitiple bus stops, quiet pools, laundry rooms and just feel very relaxing and removed from the rest of the world.

You said CBR is close to Epcot, however its still a bus ride away and CSR also has a great centralized location. To me they were equal in location and buses.

To me these resorts are about the theming. They are very similar in size and feel (both have a lake with villages set around that lake). But the theming is where they are unique. So pick the one that appeals to you most in that respect and you will have picked a winner! They both feel like a vacation within a vacation.

05-06-2007, 08:38 PM
Actually, the rooms at the CBR are larger than the other moderates. The rooms at CBR are 340 square feet whereas the other moderate rooms are 314 square feet. That extra square footage comes in handy when you get all your stuff in the room.

The CBR is a large resort but that also means the guests are distributed evenly throughout the resort. We NEVER felt crowded in during our 10 day stay at the CBR.

Each village has their own quiet pool and white sandy beach complete with hammocks and beach chairs. We liked the fact that we could laze around in the hammock and watch the Epcot fireworks.

We stayed in the village of Jamaica, Bldg. 41. We were less than a minute's walk to the quiet pool and beach, about a 3 minute walk to the Jamaica bus stop and about a 5 minute walk to the main pool/food court/marina, etc.

The rooms and buildings were all painted bright cheerful colors. Tropical foliage and fruit trees grew all around the resort.

The bus service was very efficient during our June, 2006 stay. Sometimes there were two and three buses picking up and dropping off at once. The longest we waited on a bus was about 15 minutes and that was because we
jjjjuuuussssttt missed the Epcot bus (it wasn't during peak hours either). Because the CBR is so centrally located, it never took us long to get to any destination.

Parrot Cay Island is in the middle of the beautiful lake. We walked along the trails and found several benches, picnic tables and gliders. We saw many families having picnics and birthday parties.

The main pool is styled after an old Spanish fort complete with cannons and a water slide. The main pool was pretty busy while we were there but we didn't mind 'cause we swam in the Jamaica quiet pool. The quiet pools were rarely busy and we sometimes had it all to ourself.

Located next to the main pool are a hot tub, hair wrap station and Banana Cabana. You can order tropical drinks and sip them under one of the many umbrella tables.

At the marina, we rented watermice and surrey bikes. You can also rent pontoon boats, canoes, sailboats and bicycles.

The food court has a pretty large variety of foods to choose from. At breakfast, there are Mickey waffles, eggs, omelets, breakfast meats, fresh baked bakery items, etc. At lunch and dinner, there are deli sandwiches, burgers, chicken strips (kids meal in a sandpail), pizza, salads, rotissiere chicken, veggies, etc.

We purchased a Caribbean Beach Resort t-shirt for each of us in the store. They also had pirate items, swim suits, flip flops, jewelry, watches, toys, collectibles, etc.

The kids can play games in the arcade. It wasn't super big but it accommodated the June crowds.

We enjoyed our June, 2006 stay so much I booked our June, 2007 stay just a little over a month after returning home. CBR here we come! 24 days and counting!

Hope this helps in your decision making process, Lisa

05-06-2007, 09:39 PM
Actually, the rooms at the CBR are larger than the other moderates. The rooms at CBR are 340 square feet whereas the other moderate rooms are 314 square feet. That extra square footage comes in handy when you get all your stuff in the room.

Thats what I thought. Thanks

Mickey Rules
05-07-2007, 01:14 PM
Thanks a lot. You really helped clear some things up for me. If we can get it, it'll be CBR. Thanks!

05-07-2007, 01:36 PM
I would suggest Coronado.
I recently stayed at the CBR a few weeks ago. It will be my last stay there, felt like an old Holiday inn. The rooms were in major need of rehab, the gardens not as beautiflu as the other moderates and no elevators. It was not fun dragging our luggage up the stairs. Or you better hope you get assigned a first floor room.

05-07-2007, 01:45 PM
CBR is a beautiful resort. You will have a wonderful time there. You might want to check out the CBR FAQ thread listed below.