View Full Version : Got all our ADR's for August today!

05-04-2007, 10:56 AM
Well, we weren't going to go back this year again after our January trip....then the announcement came out about Free Dining being offered again. ;) Free Dining combined with AP's good thru September & $150/RT airfare booked yesterday - here we come!! :cool1:

I was able to get all ADR's for the days/times I wanted - only slight difference was for Labor Day - picked a dinner time an hour later than planned, but no biggie. :thumbsup2

Sun, 8/26 - arrive at MCO at 10 am
2:30 pm - Alfredo's (before it closes! :sad1: )

Mon, 8/27 - Breakfast at Tusker House
2-3 pm-ish, Beaches & Cream :banana:

Tues, 8/28 - breakfast at POP Century
4:30 Liberty Tree Tavern before Pirate & Princess Party!!! pirate: princess:

Weds, 8/29 - lunch at Earl of Sandwich
No ADR's available yet - but, we're hoping to have dinner at Yeti & Yak - the new restaurant opening at AK in July!! :thumbsup2

Thurs, 8/30 - 10 am Crystal Palace (our favorite breakfast!)
Dinner around World Showcase at Epcot

Fri, 8/31 - 11:30 am Liberty Tree Tavern (new one for us - love the dinner!)
More counter service at Epcot

Sat, 9/1 - breakfast/early lunch at POP Century
5:30 pm Boma

Sun, 9/2 - Early CS lunch at Epcot/POP Century
7 pm - Wolfgang Puck Cafe - another new one for us! :yay:

Mon, 9/3 - Lunch at Flame Tree BBQ
7 pm - Spoodles :thumbsup2

Tues, 9/4 - Breakfast at POP Century or Main Street Bake Shop
5:30 pm - Cape May Cafe - our favorite "last meal"

Weds, 9/5 - flight out at 12:10 pm :sad2:

We've got a couple of new places to try, but have a hard time not returning to our favorites! Any thoughts? :)

05-04-2007, 11:05 AM
Good for you. We switched from Jan to Sept too. Free dining!!!

I switched around some this morning and am now THRILLED as we have everything we want!!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

9/16 - Tonys
9/17 Ohana Breakfast
9/17 CR dinner
9/18 Flying Fish Dinner :cloud9:
9/19 HW & Vine Breakfast
9/20 - Chef MICKEYS!!! at a real time!!! 5:10pm :cool1:
9/21 - Garden Tea for Mom and I (DH is taking the kids for their nap)
QUIET TIME!!! :wizard:
9/21 Chef's De France Dinner
9/22 - Narcoosees
9/23 Crystal Palace 8:10 am for park open!

We are paying for 1 meal OOP and My Mother is coming late so we can use some of her credits too. I am so excited!