View Full Version : What time does Narcoossee's start serving dinner?

05-02-2007, 11:22 AM
I know that they are only open for dinner, but the hours listed in the Unofficial Guide and the Passporter are different. One says 5:00. The other says 6:00.

Does anyone know for sure? Do they differ depending on the season?

I tried checking the Disney website, but I didn't see the hours listed anywhere.

05-02-2007, 12:01 PM
530 - just made my ADRs monday for october! :banana:

(looking forward to narcoosees for the crabcakes, lobster and almond crusted cheesecake!)

05-02-2007, 12:10 PM
Thanks! My TA called down there and they don't have the November hours yet, but she said that they confirmed 5:30 all the way through October.

I think we're going to have to plan on going somewhere else the night of MVMCP and to Narcoossee another night. We want to be able to sit and enjoy it.