View Full Version : Help me re-plan our ADRs in October!

05-02-2007, 07:37 AM
OK, at first I wanted to see Spirit of Aloha, but now I've changed my mind, so I must rearrange our ADRs. Here is what I'm thinking so far:

Oct. 7th--Le Cellier, got ADR
Oct. 8th--LLT and MNSSHP, got ADR
Oct. 9th--Narcoosee's (celebrating my 40th bday 2 weeks late!!) will reserve
Oct. 10th--Teppanyaki's (celebrating DH's actual 42nd bday!!)got ADR
Oct. 11th--?????
Oct. 12th--1900 Park Fare breakfast, got ADR

I need another 1TS for dinner on the 11th and there are just too many choices! It doesn't matter where it is b/c we have park hoppers, but that just broadens my range of possibilities! I love GF Cafe (but been there); thinking about Kona, Boma, Rose and Crown (been there, DH wasn't impressed), Marakesh....or any other good suggestions. It's me, DH and DD6.

Thanks everybody--my brain is pooped from planning!

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05-02-2007, 10:43 AM
Go with Boma. Something for everybody. We loved it.