View Full Version : Please critique my ADRs/itinerary

05-01-2007, 05:01 PM
We will not be at the parks at 8:00 a.m. We don't like to get up early on vacation. So may hit the parks somewhere between 10-12. Staying at CSR.

Arrive September 7 - this is DH's birthday.

Crystal Palace 4:05 p.m. I think I will cancel this since we are doing HDD later and instead maybe we will get CS at Epcot and a couple of drinks at WS before HDD. Or try for a late lunch/early dinner at Coral Reef or Le Cellier or Rose and Crown?

Hoop Dee Doo 9:30

September 8 - AKL
CS - Tusker House or Flame Tree
Boma 5:50

September 9 - MGM
Counter service somewhere? Hang out at Boardwalk before going to MGM? Is there a DisneyQuest at the Boardwalk? If so may do this. today instead of tomorrow.
Sci-Fi 7:10

September 10 – Pepper Market/pool/dinner/Disney Quest
Lunch at Pepper Market
Hang out at pool
Cap’n Jacks 5:30
Disney Quest

September 11 – MK
Crystal Palace – late breakfast?

Concourse 5:30

September 12 - Epcot
Le Cellier 4:10

September 13 – water park/shower/dinner
Ohana 8:20

September 14
Coral Reef 5:20 Guess we'll have to cancel or reschedule this, but I don't really want to. Made reservation before we knew about MNSSHP.

LTT 6:05 - will try to change to more like 4:00. If that's not possible, would it be better to keep LTT at 6:05, or book CP at 4:00 or eat CS? I heard you can get a lot of rides in, etc. between 4:00 and 7:00 - so if so I'd rather eat early and be in the park.

Just glancing at this, I'm realizing we have three days in MK and only one at Epcot. I think I have to allow for another Epcot day.

Anything you would change/add? Would you waste a day on a water park or figure being at the pool was less hassle and as much fun?

05-01-2007, 07:36 PM
I think it sounds great!

I agree with you and think both CP and HDDR will be too much and I'd cancel CP.

If you can't get the 4:00 ADR for LTT maybe you can get a later one like 7ish or is that too late?

Happy Planning and Happy (early) Birthday to your DH!:)

05-01-2007, 08:58 PM
You sound like us - we do not hit the ground running commando early in the day - we like to ease into it. We tend to be more night owls.

I agree - I would not do CP and HDD that close together.

MGM counter service - we like the commisary and Rosies.

There is no Disney Quest at Boardwalk.

Disney Quest and Waterpark IMO are okay things to do at Disney depending on your family and how frequently you get to go to Disney.

The Sweetness
05-02-2007, 06:20 AM
I agree about CP and HDDR on the same day, and also, I am not a fan of Sci- Fi, and would definitely not go there if it wasnt lunch time. Unless they will absolutely let you order from the lunch menu anyway.Just my personal opinion. :confused3

05-02-2007, 06:36 AM
So, do you have tickets to MNSSHP? I'm unclear as to this. It was a mob scene for MVMCP during the transition hours of 4p-7p, because they were letting ticket holders in early, and regular park goers were still there, trying to get in their last hours. I didn't try to ride rides, so maybe it was a good time to ride, but somehow.....I doubt it. If I didn't have tickets to the party, I'd keep the dinner reservation. If I did have tickets, I wouldn't waste the time dining...I'd grab CS somewhere. If you're on the dining plan and need to use a TS credit, use it for lunch that day, maybe at the Coral Reef.

And personally, I'd skip DQ...thought it was crowded, unpleasant, and an incredible waste of time. Opinions on this place differ though...your gang may love it.