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02-14-2001, 05:26 PM
A lot of "die hard stay on-sight DISers" say once you stay on-sight that you will never want to back to off-sight, is this true to most of you?

We stayed at CBR one night and ASMo the other times and my husband is definitely not hooked on staying on-sight. I am not fully hooked. Has anyone ever stayed in WDW and said I'd rather stay off-sight and/or I can stay where money will take me?

Don't get me wrong, we had a wonderful time at the ASMo, but I think you get a whole lot more for your money by staying off-sight.

Moderates and Value resorts don't have hair-dryer,
iron/board, coffee pots. Most hotels outside disney gives you more room space, ammenities in the room including free filter and coffee grounds and free daily newspaper. Some even offer free full hot/cold breakfast and even deluxe disney resort do not offer this!! Plus most nice hotels have an inside entrance and you don't have to pay a lot to get this!

I'm comparing apples to apples and not apples to apples with covered caramel. I understand that you don't get EE or E-rides or disney bus or free package delivery when you stay off-sight.232

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02-14-2001, 06:29 PM
Actually, Fantasia, we've enjoyed both. Last year--late August--we were onsite at the Boardwalk (5 nights), but this year we are opting for a longer stay (10 nights). Currently have booked at the new Marriott Village in the Springhill Suites.

It is important for me to have a separate room, or in the case of Springhill Suites, a separate sleeping area, so that the adults and children don't have to have the same bedtime.

The quantity and quality of the accomodations are amazing and can be quite mindboggling. There are quite a few amenities at this resort, including kids club, free breakfast, etc.

With the exception of going to the MK, we don't use EE and E-nights do not seem so important, given the amount of time we will be there. Another onsite perk--free transport. Well, even when staying onsite, we always use a rental car for greater flexibility, and multiday pass allows free use of park transportation (bus, monorail)

In our case, staying offsite at a great rate of $69/night (AAA rate) allows us a longer stay at WDW. But now that I've seen FW Cabins are $169 and Downtown Disney Hilton has been offered on Priceline, who knows, I might a see about changing accomodations for a couple of nights.

good luck on whatever you decide.

02-14-2001, 06:50 PM
I've stayed on-site at the Contemporary and All Star Sports. While I enjoyed the convenience of the transportation, the perks of staying off-site are more important to me. I don't like being confined to a small room with two active little boys. My last trip, we stayed in a 4-bedroom home that was the ultimate.

Each trip, I initially book on-site reservations with Disney only to change them because I know I can get more for my money off site.

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Tiger Fan
02-14-2001, 07:06 PM
We have stayed both on and off. We loved AS Sports, but since the transportation is not really important to us - I just prefer to take myself where I'm going - the only other BIG benefits to us are EE at MK - don't do the others and E-night. I really miss e-night when we stay offsite. However our advantages to staying offsite are tremendous. We trade our timeshare and save tons of $$. We also get at least 2 bedrooms, a whirlpool tub, two bathrooms, washer/dryer, and I could go and on. We always stay close to WDW and since we always drive ourselves to the park, other than theminng we don't feel we miss anything. Just weigh what works best for your family. Have fun.



02-14-2001, 07:20 PM
The last time I went to WDW we stayed at the Polynesian... now dont get me wrong, it is BEAUTIFUL. But, we did not spend any time in the motel except to sleep, and when we were there we were all over each other. This time we have opted to stay off-site. We have reserved a 2 BR, 2BA at Vistana Resorts. I am actually looking forward to just hanging around at the resort, doing disney in the afternoon and RELAXING a little. The last time we went to disney I needed a vacation to get over my vacation. This time I plan on enjoying both worlds.

02-14-2001, 10:39 PM
Thanks everyone for replying and "see how I see it". If disney resort can offer more, it would be a beautiful thing! There will always be advantages and disadvantages on staying on both sides. I hope that if we do stay at HIFS or
Radisson Resort Parkway, that my husband will not eliminate disney resort totally in the future. What is wonderful about staying on-sight is that they are all very well themed!! :)

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02-15-2001, 05:03 AM
I've only stayed on-site at DLP. The hotels are lovely but I wouldn't do it again. We stay in a villa in Orlando so at the end of a busy day we don't have to take tired kids to the restaurant. We have our own private pool and spa. We can cook if we want to (or not). I like the fact we have a full kitchen plus washing machine and tumble dryer.
We always stayed in hotels until my Mum persuaded us to try a villa when we took them. I'd never stay in a hotel again. It suits us and our needs. Doesn't stop me being a bit envious of EE and E nights though.

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02-15-2001, 07:29 AM
We stayed off-site for this first time this past December (comfort suites maingate east). WE LOVED IT!. I think what we seemed to enjoy most was getting out of the "magic" so that we could relax (ESPECIALLY THE KIDS). Last time we stayed onsite we stayed at ASM. It's just so darn BUSY there, not to mention the 1/2 mile hikes to the bus stop. When staying on-site, there is the feeling that you always need to be doing something/going somewhere (you know what i'm talking about) that it just wears you out. Leaving the World and staying offsite just seemed to allow our family to relax more. Just our opinion. :)

02-15-2001, 07:38 AM
I am the biggest mickey mouse freak EVER! Did not think I would like staying off-site. Well, we couldn't get rooms, except for ASM last October. Stayed at Courtyard by Marriott and I loved it. Cost was about $100, same as ASM, BUT we had a balcony facing PI. The hotel staff was WONDERFUL. Pool was WONDERFUL. Guest services were better than any Disney resort we've stayed at; there are many more discount options available (even for Downtown Disney) if you are staying off-site. Taking the whole family this summer but are staying at the ASM and the Dolphin. Wanted to stay off-site, but my 2 sisters have never stayed on-site and wanted to. We also need the added transportation options. I really don't think on vs. off site matters that much and I never thought I'd see it that way. I also think that the perks and deals for staying off-site will increase as the area hotels compete with Disney's new additional resorts. Disney was great, but the customer service was no better than what we received from Marriott. ;)

hockey mom
02-15-2001, 12:03 PM
We have done both and DH prefers off-site. I like a couple of days on-site in a new hotel just to kill my curiosity. Money is not the issue. I paid more last year to stay at HIFS than DXL, and although DXL was nice it did not even come close to the room and ammenities at HIFS. Now the transportation issue is one that confuses me. If you have no rental car then yes stay on-site, but for us we always have a vehicle and I know that by the time some people have waited for their appropriate bus to come I am already back at my hotel room. I loved the Disney Icons at ASM, but in truth once you close the door, all you have is a small hotel room

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Lisa P.
02-15-2001, 09:24 PM
I have to pretty much agree with everything I've read above in this thread. :) Onsite, I've stayed at FW Cpgd, FW Home, ASMu, DxL, OKWx3, BWVx2, Cont Tower, and Swan. We've enjoyed every visit to varying degrees. But they weren't always worth the money paid or the discount was so substantial (CM discount) that it was worth that rate and no more, IMHO.

We would love to return to FWC and we probably will, now that we've bought another pop-up camper. :) That is one terrific campground - well worth every penny and a real upgrade over an offsite campground, IMHO! :D Otherwise, we prefer the deluxe amenities we can better afford at offsite timeshare resorts. Either we like the great outdoors or great luxuries, to make it a great vacation. We do enjoy a really beautiful pool area so we're pretty selective about the offsite resorts. The theme pool and hot tub are the only uniquely onsite amenity or perk we fully utilize after so many trips. All Stars just doesn't do it.

Travelodge Suites Maingate Orange was awful when we were there and Homewood Suites LBV did not heat its tiny pool. So we wouldn't return to those. But we would definitely return to HGVC at Sea World, Vistana Resort or Marriott Grande Vista - all super plush 2-BR villas with gorgeous resort pool areas and other fun family activities. Even Westlake Vacation Villas had a beautiful 2-BR villa with leather LR furniture and lots of activities for the kids, though the landscaping was lacking. What great vacations those all were!

Without the kids, I'd welcome a night or two at the upscale YC, GF or AKL. Without a substantial discount, it won't happen anytime soon. But with the kids, I'll take our king MBR suite with jacuzzi and separate BR/bath for the kids anytime! Now that's a vacation! :D

02-16-2001, 08:23 AM
We just returned from our first on-site experience. And even with the DC discount we still prefer off-site. The only real benefit was the transportation but we always have a car because we visit relatives on the west coast at the end of our Disney excursions.

Otherwise, we usually travel during Jan or Feb so early entry and e-tickets aren't as big a draw to our vacation. We don't buy much so package delivery holds no interest. And, quite honestly, we don't spend enough time in the hotel room to care greatly about the themeing.

Now we did enjoy our stay and DxL was a lovely hotel with beautiful grounds and nice pools but it was just as nice or even nicer at some of the other places we've stayed. And only having one room versus the usual condo or home we rent for the week meant we spent very little downtime in the room. Mostly because it was harder to be on top of each other than it was to take a walk or eat over at the food court or swim etc.

We have already decided that next time we will stay off site. Even DD mentioned that while it was nice, she likes having her own room and being able to eat a hot breakfast without having to get dressed first.

02-16-2001, 09:52 AM
We've gone three times. th first time was on site DXL. The second time was grosvener (PL), Dolphin, and Westgate Center; this past time ASMU and Hyatt Orlando(PL) If money was NOT an issue we would always stay at a Boardwalk resort - we love that area. But since that's not the case, We'll probably do both again on future visits. We like the feeling of security at the Disney resorts (gated entrances) and like to do E-ride. But we never take the busses, and usually don't do EE. This past trip the Hyatt had alot more amenities than ASM and was 1/2 the cost (through Priceline) And after three trips, we still don't spend any time at the hotel - It's nonstop themeparks from Dawn until dusk (of course, they close early this time of year until Feb vacation week)

Lisa P.
02-16-2001, 07:08 PM
rosemont, since you appreciate the security of a gated entry, you may consider trying Sheraton Vistana Resort, Marriott Grande Vista or Marriott Cypress Harbour on a future trip. These all have them too and they are excellent resorts. :)

03-06-2001, 09:17 PM
Figured there was no one else out there who feels the same way.

Two things:

I've been going to WDW for twenty-odd years. Always stayed off site. Then I discovered these boards. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE these boards - love 'em. So, people RAVE about DxL. Dixie Landings. Dixie Landings. Dixie Landings. The Bayou section. Okay. I'm (finally) going to treat myself to a Disney hotel.

Not hooked. Just a small, walk-up motel. Just didn't feel any magic. I love Orlando/WDW from the bottom of my heart. I should have "felt" something about finally staying on site, but I didn't.

Here's what I did get hooked on. The other new thing I decided to try, on the same trip, is staying in a house. Room at Dixie was $119+11%, house was $119+12%. To make a long story short, I'm shortly going to purchase my own home down there.

03-31-2001, 05:27 PM
Just a bump! :) Every time I visit this board, I just want to stay at HIFS, it gets a lot of positive reviews! Maybe next year we may try this resort, who knows....

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03-31-2001, 08:25 PM
Until I came across this thread I thought I was the only one who actually preferred as well as relished in staying offsite; really liking it a whole lot better.

I believe also like others said that there are just so many more amenties vacationers get to enjoy for their money offsite such as complimentary breakfasts, 2-3 bedroom suites with multiple bathrooms, condos/villas with kitchenettes, and full sized homes with washers and dryers for much less.

Also, I have found that even the standard hotel rooms outside Disney are often so much bigger which means that families don't feel they are always bumping into one another and stepping on eachother's toes when stirring around (and they get to save money in comparison by not breaking the bank).

In addition, like another poster stated, my family always feel very relaxed and notice a more 'leisurely' as well as 'slowed down' atmosphere at the offsite hotel.

We also have access to a rental car so we ride around the area (to do other activities), shop for groceries, and can transport ourselves to the parks within a flat 10min drive from our offsite location.

I don't at all lack the magical feeling because I am not staying at an onsite property; in fact for me its' just the very opposite. I personally experience greater magic because I am not constantly enveloped in it 24 hours a day (yes, my saturation point is quite high...LOL); and I am a hugely loyal WDW fan.

Just my humble opinion on this matter.

04-01-2001, 02:48 PM
I'm another off-siter.

I've stayed at both and unless I'm at the home away from home resorts I'd prefer to stay off site in a suite or vacation home. You just can't get the same value on site. We stayed in a vacation home 10 minutes from the MK in December. Our friends stayed on site. Without fail we arrived before them every morning even though they left their hotel before us. They were using the bus system, we were driving either to TTC or a resort.

We had an 1800 square foot, 3 bedroom house with a private pool for the same price as their standard moderate hotel room.

I love Disney World but for the cost, I don't need to be immersed in it 24 hours a day.....

04-01-2001, 03:59 PM
We are going to stay at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGVC), which is near seaworld. I was starting to panic about being offsite and the difficulty of getting to/from disney and whether or not we would be able to go back to the condo for afternoon breaks. Your posts have put things back in perspective fo me. We will be there in November and will have a rental car. We are 2A/2C, and we will have 2 BR, 2 bath, a very large jacuzzi, a full kitchen, LR, and a washer and dryer. We got really lucky because someone gave us their timeshare week, for the exchange fee of about $170 for the whole week. Obviously that option is not open to many people, but we were considering spending substantially more than that for PER NIGHT at a disney deluxe.
Thanks for putting back into perspective for me!!!

04-01-2001, 08:29 PM
Last November/December we stayed on-site for the first time ever. We have been to WDW several times before that. We stayed 5 nights at the WL and 5 nights at the BWV. It was awesome and we loved it, but this year we are back at the Marriott Imperial Palms at the World Center.
You just can't beat the large three bedroom, laundry room, kitchen etc.

It was about twice as large as the two bedroom BWV and half as expensive.

Don't get me wrong, if my husband would agree to a ten night stay every year at the BWV I would jump all over it, but right now we can't justify that cost. I have even tried talking him into DVC. Or Marriott time share ownership. We will see what happens.

Lisa P.
04-02-2001, 01:40 PM
AZ4WDW wrote:
>>> I have even tried talking him into DVC. Or Marriott time share ownership. We will see what happens.

Please feel free to write me if you have questions about moderately priced Marriott ownership. :) The Marriott resorts are great and they offer exciting locations. Here's their web site - check out the great destinations! Owner priority when trading internally through Interval Int'l (II) is easy and opens many wonderful possibilities. :D

Marriott Resorts by Alphabetical Listing (http://www.marriottvacationclub.com/mvc/The+Marriott+Resort+System/Select+by+Location/Resort+List.htm)

Marriott Vacation Club home page (http://www.marriottvacationclub.com/mvc/Homepage.htm)

The Orlando resorts are beautiful, but not necessarily the best value to purchase. Trading power is fair for Orlando (overbuilt with timeshares) so getting a week from a better location and trading in may be a better choice, depending on your situation.

If you are currently renting nightly stays directly from Marriott, you could actually own a week instead and break even within just a couple of trips. After that, you'll only pay for annual expenses, $550 - $700 per week total, to stay in the same place! If you travel outside major holidays, you'd also be able (as an II member) to add more weeks with II's getaways for another $325 - $550. Just adding rental nights, as a Marriott owner, are at a discount as well. I know you didn't ask specifically for all this info, AZ4WDW. If you have questions, though, feel free to write! :)

04-02-2001, 02:20 PM

Thank you for your response and your information on Marriott Time share. My parents have been members for years and we have stayed all over the country in their time-shares they are wonderful.

We are big Marriott fans, in fact even our credit cards our Marriott so we can get the points! My husband stays there when he can when he travels on business.

You don't need to sell me on Marriott timeshare ownership, just my husband on the value of it! ;)
You would think after this coming November which will be our 6th stay the past few years in Orlando that he would buy. We will have to wait and see what happens.

Thanks again for your advice and willigness to sahre what you know about the Marriott! :)

Princess Dot
04-02-2001, 02:21 PM
OK, I'll admit that after many trips off site I had a severe case on "on-site" envy! We had always vacationed with a fairly large family group, kids, grandparents, etc and therefor always opted for condo/villa/suite resorts.(Our favorites are the Marriot properties-Royal Palms, Cypress Harbour, Grand Vista).
One year we stayed 2 nights at the Beach Club, and I was sooooo excited! Well...........it was ...nice. Just nice, not fabulous, just very nice. But after having to turn out the lights and go to bed at 9pm so ny kids could sleep I began to long for my villa with a living room, seperate bedroom, where I could relax, watch tv, etc while the kids slept in their room.

Now since then we've stayed on site again because the resorts are truly very nice, pools are fun, service is good, location and disney transportation is so convenient. But when we also enjoy staying off site for the convenience of the villas(I can not bear to pay the cost of a 2 bdrm at the Boardwalk!!).
My suggestion for getting the onsite experience while staying offsite is to plan a few meals at the resorts. We often do meals at the Disney resorts, then stroll around and soak up the atmosphere. I've sat on the beach at the Poly and watched the fireworks at the MK after a meal at Ohanas which was so lovely! I've "lounged" in the WL lobby, listened to the piano at the GF lobby,had a snack at Beaches and Cream, etc, etc.Then we collect our car from the valet and drive the 10 mins or so to our beautiful condo.

Don't stress about being offsite. If you have small kids,to me it is the best way to go.


04-02-2001, 02:24 PM
Great advice on trying meals at the resorts. We also have done that and have enjoyed our visits to the resorts.

I agree with you that nothing compares to a villa and their is nothing like relaxing at the end of the day with your kids in their bedrooms and you in yours! :)

04-07-2001, 08:12 PM
Thanks everyone for replying! :) When we stayed at Doubletree Suites in DD, it was great! It was so nice to have lots of space! My husband slept on the sofa bed in the living room and mmy kids 2 and 4 and I slept in the King size bed. My husband was able to watch his TV and we were able to watch ours! Plus there's a TV in the bathroom too! We liked the kitchenette. The rate was $115 last year in Sept. I thought that was a pretty good price!

We are getting a great rate at disney moderate and disney value resort, that we are staying on-sight. We are planning to take the bus there, so we will not have any trasportation around so we are staying on-sight and depend soley on disney transportation.

Non of my family has stayed on-sight, and they have no desire to ever stay on-sight.

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04-08-2001, 07:02 AM
We have stayed onsite for most of the time every year for the past 7. The first year, we tried 2 nights off site and hated it. Then for a few years only stayed onsite. However, for the past few, we have ventured off site longer and longer because of all the new "suites" accommodations. Yes, we've stayed at the DVC properties many times but had decided not to purchase because of all the deals being offered everywhere in Orlando! Once we have gotten used to having a suite, it's hard to stay in a small Disney room-even though we are still splitting the time between both on and off site. I can see a time when we will stay conpletely offsite because the nice properties are getting better and better and the Disney prices are getting way too high-why else would they be discounting now

04-08-2001, 07:21 AM
We used to stay onsite but have now started staying off site. I like a suite and the Disney rooms are too small.