View Full Version : How close are the fires to WDW? Any problems with smoke?

02-22-2001, 06:46 AM
Just wondering. I have not heard anything lately.

02-24-2001, 08:08 AM
My brother lives in Orlando and said there have been no major problems, although you can smell the smoke in the Disney area. They did close the major highway thru Orlando yesterday.

02-24-2001, 10:03 PM
The major highway, I-4, has been closed now for well over a week (about 10 miles of it, west of WDW). They say it may open again next Monday but I wouldn't bet on it! If the wind is right, we can smell the smoke all the way over in Clearwater.


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The B Family
03-02-2001, 12:59 PM
Hi, just back yesterday and I-4 was reopenned on Tuesday. Our hotel was on hwy 192 near 27 and you could smell a hint of smoke a few mornings but if we did not know about the fires we probably wouldn't notice. We were are Disney, Universal and Busch Gardens and did not smell smoke at all.

03-05-2001, 06:10 PM
Update - the fires are well under control thankfully and the smoke is no longer a problem. We experienced a little rain yesterday and a cold spell is now in the area. Hopefully we have seen the last of the fires.