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02-28-2001, 04:19 AM
I got a kidsuite room at HIFS for the end of Oct.(7 nights) for $116 per night. Does that sound like a good rate? Then I called HIME and got $73 per night with an Orlando Magic Card discount!! Does anyone know what that is? How do you get one? From what I've read it may be worth it to pay the difference for HIFS. Any advice?? This discussion board has been so helpful!

02-28-2001, 06:37 AM
is issued by the Orlando/Orange County Visitors Bureau. It comes with a vacation planner and accomodation guide, all free. Call 800 255-5786. I have no firsthand knowledge of those two hotels but suggest you do a search on both. Apparently, not all Holiday Inns were created equal.

hockey mom
02-28-2001, 08:25 AM
Just the cost of that alone could make up the difference. We have stayed at both hotels and they don't even compare. Take the plunge, you will be glad that you did.

95- offsite
97- Nikki bird
98- Holiday Inn M.E.
99- Days suites
00-ASM and HIFS
00- DL and MOWC
01- Animal kingdom lodge and HIFS

02-28-2001, 08:41 AM
We're booked the last week in Oct at HIFS for the rate of $79/night since my 72 yr. old SF will be with us. (Allowed to book two suites at the senior rate, but they do fill up fast. Sr. must be 50 or over, rate gets cheaper the older they are.) Can't wait!!!!

02-28-2001, 02:18 PM
Wonder if we got my mother-in-law to book the room (she is over 50) and get that rate? Do you think she would actually have to go with us or could she just book the room?

02-28-2001, 02:22 PM
The "senior" has to be there at check-in.

03-01-2001, 07:30 AM
Yup, the senior has to be there at check-in *with i.d. showing age* according to the official personage on the phone I made my ressie with.

03-01-2001, 09:56 AM
You can get a Magicard here:


However, they rarely have the best hotel rates. For example, valuetrips.com has a KidSuite at HIME for your time period for $67. See:


DreamRES sometimes beats these rates as well, so try them through the links on this website. (They are a sponsor, too, so all things being equal be sure to book through them.)

The $116 rate for HIFS sounds right for your time period. You can save $6/night by booking through:


But, there are substantial cancellation penalties through this service.

There is certainly a big difference between these hotels, but there ought to be since the price difference is almost double.

Here's what a HIME KidSuite looks like:


And there's a picture of a HIFS KidSuite here:


The free breakfast at HIFS should figure into your decision, as well as the fantastic pool and other amenities (free mini-golf course).

--- Mark

03-01-2001, 12:46 PM
I got the $116 a night from PlacesToStay.com. Thanks for the link to the Orlando Magic Card!I see that I could get a much cheaper rate at the HIME for a kidsuite but I'm thinking in this case you might get what you pay for as they say!! Think I'll stick with HIFS!