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03-08-2001, 03:07 AM
From the Westgate Vaction Villas, Splendid China area:

Turn onto SHERBERTH Road. This is across from Westgate. (As you are exiting Westgate Vacation Villas you just shoot straight across 192) If you are coming from up around Splendid China it will be a left turn) Go to the first light and turn RIGHT (about 2 minutes) You are now by the Animal Kingdom on WDW property.

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03-08-2001, 09:54 AM
Where were you back in January?!?!? ;) We were in Indian Ridge Oaks (just past Westgate), sounds like we missed a good tip...


Judie B

03-08-2001, 09:56 AM
I am assuming, of course, that you can get to the Animal Kingdom parking lot this way? Are the signs easy to follow?


Cass AKA Timon

03-14-2001, 07:57 AM
The Animal Kingdom is on your LEFT. We had to make a u-turn (very easy and legal to do) to get there. But that road also leads you to the "rest of the world"... and you miss all of that 192 traffic.

03-14-2001, 11:07 AM
Thanks for the great tip! We will be staying at a Vacation Home in Rolling Hills and that will be a great short cut for us!!

Cass AKA Timon

Jane E.
03-14-2001, 05:52 PM
Thanks for the tip! I have your directions taped on the front of my WDW folder. We're staying at Renaissance World Gate for a few days and it sounds like we will be able to use the shortcut. The last time we went we stayed at Holiday Inn Nikki Bird and I couldn't figure out where the shortcut was. Every single time we went the regular route we got lost and ended up having to turn around at the Hyatt!

03-19-2001, 05:40 AM
We didn't find it until halfway through our trip but from then on----easy drive.

03-30-2001, 08:55 AM
With Spring Breaks approaching, thought ya'll might want a refresher on this shortcut.

Has anyone used it since November?

03-30-2001, 07:38 PM
Yes, we just used it in March. Works great.

07-18-2001, 06:13 AM
Has anyone used this since March? Is there still construction on that part of 192?

07-20-2001, 05:30 AM
Heard from someone that there is still construction in this area of 192. Hope you can use this shortcut.

07-20-2001, 01:17 PM
The construction is due to be completed by later this summer, but there is no exact date yet, so you will still need to check it out yourself for the next month or so. It should defeinitely be clear by September, though. If you are coming from further out west on 192 (from 27 or similar), you can also turn off at Black Lake Road, which then leads into Sherberth (turn left at the junction).

Tiger Fan
07-21-2001, 03:01 PM
We used this shortcut daily in early June of this year. We stayed at Orbit One and it was a wonderful help. We had the light and went straight across and there we were right on WDW property. There was quite a bit of construction right at this light, but it was easy to navigate across.