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04-02-2007, 05:28 PM
Today I have a major upset in my DL plan. My G-ma who we already had planned on going, purchased her 5 day park hopper ticket, her character meal voucher, and hotel stay has decided due to her not feeling well enough to go to stay behind on this trip. I called WDTC to see what they could suggest and they told me the tickets are non transferable and non refundable so I asked if we could trade the ticket price towards the upgrade of our AP's. She said she didn't know for sure but she did know that they can trade the ticket in for meal vouchers for downtown disney. Either way it's okay for us because it just means I have a little less to spend from our meal budget if that's all we can trade it in for, but it would be nice not to be restricted to only dtd for the meals...So has anyone done anything like this before? Has anyone been able to upgrade like this? I believe the cost of her ticket was 159. Also if we do the dtd dining thing what are the best places to go to make it last more than one meal :lmao:
*grumbles at having to re-do my ridemax plans :coffee: *

04-02-2007, 06:34 PM
I believe as long as you haven't used a day on it you can use it to uprgrade. I know if it is used for admission, you can't. Like I could not take my ticket and DD's ticket and use both for one AP for me!

I would just call DL instead of WDTC and ask! Good luck, I hope it works out! If not, I could easily use that at DTD to eat.


04-02-2007, 08:28 PM
Okay Matterhorn I took your advice and called the DL resort number :thumbsup2
I was told that I couldn't use the parkhopper ticket to upgrade our Ap's but I could use it to upgrade it to an Ap of it's own which could also work for since I was planning to buy a S. Cali AP for my sister as a graduation present, We may just take her on this trip so we don't waste the character dining tickets, the hotel is already booked for 5 people anyhow and as long as I can upgrade that ticket for her ap it should work out well. Something I'm still confused about; The lady from the dl number said that non-transferable means that someone cant use the ticket one day then someone else use it the next day so does that mean my sister can use the 5 day ticket (so she can use EE too) and then I can upgrade them all at the same time? There are no names on our tickets, only thing that mentions my g-ma's name is the itinerary & hotel voucher. I am really stressing about this whole thing :scared: