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04-01-2007, 06:13 PM
Can any one tell me what the conceirge is like at PP? This is our first and probably only trip to DL so I thought we would go with the conceirge for fun. I am sure I could have spent the money better else where, but I like to treat the kids to new things when we go on trips.

04-01-2007, 06:30 PM
We did conc. at PP in Oct. 05. We had great rooms on the 14th floor overlooking DCA. The conc. staff is wonderful. They were always available to help us with things. One morning we were talking with FIL about his need of a health food store. The conc. staff overheard us. While we were busy talking they were finding out where he needed to go. They offered us the info before had a chance to ask for it. Then they called him a cab since we didnt have a car.

Your trip will start with express check in. They invite you to the lounge for drinks and snacks while they check you in and get your room ready. We had fresh fruit, cookies, chips and drinks while we waited. The lounge is open in the morning for breakfast. Its not a huge spread, but enough to get you started. Its small indv. servings of cereal, bagels, fruit, milk/ juice, coffee. During the day snacks are available (see check in comment above). In the evening they have beer and wine, cheese/crackers and dried fruit, cookies and pastries and one hot item. We found the hours for that a bit limited. We only made it one evening, but FIL ate there most evenings.

They have movies and dvd players available, but we never used them. They also do nightly turn down service with chocolates on the pillows. There is pop, water and juice boxes available for you to take to your room or to the park with you. They ask that you limit it to two each time you visit the lounge.

While it was nice to be pampered a little bit, we wouldnt pay for the service again. We simply dont spend enough time in our room to make it worth while.

04-01-2007, 07:18 PM
We did PPH concierge this February for our son's 9th bday and loved it. It was our 1st experience with concierge in any of the DLR hotels. The express checkin was handy when we arrived since there was a line of about 7 people at the front desk. It was nice going to the 2nd floor and checkng in without any hassles. We were lucky in that when we checked in at 7:30 am our room was ready and that we were bumped to a DCA view on the 14th floor (we paid for a standard/city view). There were baked goods, fruits, cereals, water, soda and coffee in the morning. There were chips and cookies available in the afternoon. Wine, beer, chicken skewers, fruits, and assorted cookies were also available the 1 night we made it to the evening social. We always grabbed 2 drinks per person everytime we left the lounge and never had to buy drinks at the park unless we were at a sit down meal. The staff in the concierge lounge and in PPH in general were wonderful and helpful. Our first evening, we had 4 chocolate dipped rice crispy mickey treats delivered to our room as well. Apparently it was part of the concierge service since we didn't order it and the cm who delivered it had a few more on his pushcart. It was a nice surprise it was actually my ds's birthday.
We could have stayed at GCH for a few dollars less than PPH concierge. PPH was the only DLR hotel we hadn't stayed at and the only one we could ever afford concierge at and we were very happy with our choice. The concierge expereince helped make the trip extremely special us. Now that we've finally stayed at all 3 DLR hotels, DH ranks PPH his 1st choice, GCH his 2nd choice and DLH, his 3rd. Although I enjoyed PPH alot, i prefer GCH, then PPH, then DLH. Either way, I don't think you'd go wrong with PPH concierge.

04-01-2007, 07:53 PM
Thank you both for the responses!