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03-30-2007, 12:57 PM
Am I just web unsaavy? I cannot find an email address or phone number to register a complaint regarding an employee at DCA.
My family and I (10 people total) were down at DL this weekend for the big USA cheer competition. I have been to DL/DCA so many times, but this time as we were goint thru Tower of Terror at DCA, we had a crappy CM. I couldn't get him name as it was dark and after he yelled at us he ran away. BUT it was ridiculous. You know how the movie ends and some people (including CM's) scream and sidle up or bump each other...just adds to the effect. WELL, this guy started yelling that he had "sensitive" ears and no one should be screaming on that ride. PLEASE, are you kidding me, no on screaming on tower of terror. That itself is a ridiculous statement. I was so upset that he had said that, but I got sidetracked with the kids and didn't go to customer service that night to complain. As I was checking out of Paradise Pier the next day, I related my story to that CM and they said there should be an email for parks customer service on the web. So I looked all this week and can't find on specific to complaints.

Can anyone help. I mean if you work at DL or DCA and have sensitive ears then maybe you should be working in the food court!:rotfl2:

Thanks...longtime DL addict!

03-30-2007, 02:12 PM
I kinda get where your coming from as on our trip we had an issue with one of the CM's and I wasnt gonna let it pass. The screen that displays the wait time in the muppet 3d waiting area decided to start making some rude comments towards marriages and other things regarding same sex couples, and this was during Gay Days. It was discusting to watch. Especially in a family park.

You could try here, I typed in Disneyland Guest Relations and this is what came up with a bunch of different numbers for the park

Disneyland guest relations number is (714) 781-4773 or you could look at some of the other numbers on the link provided. I think this might be your best bet. If not they can direct you to who you would need to talk to.