View Full Version : another bad quality suites post, were leaving in april, and i cant decide.

03-18-2001, 03:57 AM
ahh this is so much fun...ok, here I go. were going the 19th of April, for 9 days. Im looking for a hotel room from 80-100 without kitchen, up to 150 with kitchen. I have Triple A and Entertainment discounts. Theres nothing left that I could tell on-site, and wouldnt mind staying in DD, but not sure what hotels are there?? And kissimme is fine too... So who is going to help me???? :cool: :cool:


03-18-2001, 05:42 AM
HIFS was going for $159 during the first week of march.

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03-18-2001, 05:43 PM
With the budget you are talking about you can really get some nice places....I would look at some of the suites in Lake Buena Vista. this is very close to disney and lots of restaurants....Search Yahoo for "lake buena vista hotels....I see that Embassy Suites is only 149.00, and they are great with a full breakfast, kitchen, and great pool area...other suites in the area are all newer and very nice...Ted