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12-19-2001, 02:01 PM
Thanks to everyone who replied and traded for the NV pins. I will have more posted on the board the first week of January I'm just not sure how many that I will have.

Hi, I have a few Nevada pins to trade. I am looking for the following:

Pin 54: Epcot Art of Disney 2000
Pin 71: Framed Witch From Snow White
Pin 72: Framed Captain Hook
Pin 73: Framed Maleficent
Pin 97: Port Orleans Jester Hat
Pin 121: WDW Official Pin Trading Pin ( WDW PTP )
Pin 165: 100 acre state park pooh&friends Dangle
Pin 201: Disneyland L/E Haunted Mansion 30th Anniv. Doom Buggies
Pin 219: Disneyland Splash Mountain - Brer Rabbit and Log
Pin 237: Disneyland Haunted Mansion
Pin 238: Animal Kingdom Kali Rapids Logo
Pin 245: 1999 Disney Teacherrific Award pin
Pin 254: Uncle Sam Mickey (got it)
Pin 336: WDW 2000 Innoventions INTERNET ZONE Press
Pin 432: Disneyland Official Pin Trading Pin ( DL PTP )
Pin 448: The Art of Disney / Main Steet Gallery
Pin 460: WDW Pirates of the Caribbean Skull and Swords
Pin 478: 1999 Disneyana Preview Mickey & Disney Store #102
Pin 526: Kooky Pooh
Pin 653: Disney Store #72: Nightmare Before Christmas
Pin 681: Retired Disneyland New Orleans Square
Pin 726: Disneyland Pin Trading Press Pin
Pin 747: WDW Soccer Mickey (got it)
Pin 780: Port Orleans 2000
Pin 981: Pleasure Island -- Moon Logo
Pin 1069: Haunted Mansion 30th Anniversary Coffin pin
Pin 1077: Mary Engelbreit Tea for Three - retired
Pin 1171: German Soccer Mickey
Pin 1190: Disneyland 30th Anniversary New Orleans Square, Mickey
Pin 1270: WD Imagineering 35th Mickey 1987
Pin 1282: March 2000 WDCC Silver Jail Scene
Pin 1284: Disneyland 45th. Anniversary LE set 'Mickey Watch'
Pin 1385: Epcot Pin Trading
Pin 1515: Scrooge Radko Pin
Pin 1604: Disneyland Indiana Jones: Temple of the Forbidden Eye
Pin 1621: Scrooge McDuck
Pin 1671: Mickey Soccer World Cup France Orange
Pin 1697: Disneyland Annual Passholder Pin Trading Pin
Pin 1707: Disneyland Spanish Mother's Day 2000
Pin 1841: Imagineering Disneyland Paris -- Railroad
Pin 1863: Imagineering Disneyland Paris -- Observatron
Pin 1878: Disneyland CM Firefighter Badge
Pin 2028: DL Haunted Mansion Exit Sign
Pin 2037: Disneyland CM Ticket Book
Pin 2316: Imagineering Disneyland Paris -- Big Thunder Island
Pin 2365: 2000 PTP Pin Trader Pin
Pin 2406: Disneyland 45th Anniversary Balloon series -- AP Exclusive Yellow
Pin 2647: Disney's Port Orleans Resort Est. 1991 Dangle
Pin 2761: Hades Villain from Hercules
Pin 2762: FrolloVillain from the Hunchback of Notre Dame Pin
Pin 2788: Pain Villain of Hercules Pin
Pin 2789: Panic Villain of Hercules
Pin 2796: Halloween 2000 Mickey
Pin 2845: Disney Club Inaugural Member
Pin 2883: Disneyland Villain Event Pin Chernabog
Pin 2921: Walt Disney Imagineering Rock N Roller Coaster commemorative pin
Pin 3067: WED Imagineering, commemorative pin
Pin 3283: No Evil ERROR Pin
Pin 3337: Autopia - Mickey Mouse Driver's License
Pin 3338: Autopia - Minnie Mouse Driver's License
Pin 3339: Autopia - Donald Duck Driver's License
Pin 3340: Autopia - Goofy Driver's License
Pin 3341: Autopia - Pluto Driver's License
Pin 3351: The Enginears, Disneyland Resort
Pin 3706: WDW Magic Kingdom Ticket Book CM
Pin 3723: DL Indiana Jones Temple of the Forbidden Eye Skeleton 3D
Pin 3736: DL Downtown Disney - ESPN Zone Grand Opening
Pin 3742: WDW Inauguration 2001
Pin 3786: Nightmare Before Christmas Jack's ornament
Pin 3790: ESPN Baseball Tonight
Pin 3985: Main Street Electrical Parade Farewell Spring 2001
Pin 4313: March 2000 WDCC Gold Jail Scene
Pin 4334: DTD Pin Event : Pin Trading Station
Pin 5247: Tokyo DisneySea Imagineering Cast Member Pin
Pin 5773: Happy Halloween Pin Trading 2001
Pin 5852: Sorry, We're Closed to Imagineer a New Attraction
Pin 6212: WDW Ride and Show Engineering
Pin 6280: Mickey and Goofy Pin Trading Slider
Pin 6318: Mickey Self Portrait 3D
Pin 6342: Nightmare Before Xmas Blue Oval
Pin 6346: DL Mystery Pin #13 Mickey for kids of all ages
Pin 6347: DL Mystery Pin #12 Mickey in a badge
Pin 6372: 100 Years of Magic Light-up Glow in the dark Sorcerer's cap
Pin 6408: Old Hag - Wanna Pin Trade?
Pin 6442: Super Student Award
Pin 6447: Halloween Mickey Mouse hidding in a bag
Pin 6547: Helping Hand Award
Pin 6576: DL Mystery Pin #15 M Worry Free, Friendly, Reliable
Pin 6818: DL Mystery Pin #16 - Mickey's Thumb
Pin 6820: Back to School Slider
Pin 6822: Wanna Trade Mickey & Pluto
Pin 6823: Wanna Trade Mickey & Donald
Pin 6832: TDL Halloween 2001 - Mickey
Pin 6833: TDL Halloween 2001 - Minnie
Pin 6859: 2001 Disney Store Series - #1 - One Man's Dream
Pin 6949: DCA Grandparent's Day 2001
Pin 6957: DCA LE Mariachi Minnie 2001
Pin 6959: DCA LE Mariachi Mickey 2001
Pin 6960: Pirates of the Caribbean Slider pin
Pin 6972: Walt Disney Imagineering Cast Member Show Installation Pin
Pin 6979: Ariel Wanna Trade?
Pin 7125: The Visionary - Celebrating the Life of Walt Disney
Pin 7126: The Imagineer - Celebrating the Life of Walt Disney
Pin 7127: The Entertainer - Celebrating the Life of Walt Disney
Pin 7128: The Innovator - Celebrating the Life of Walt Disney
Pin 7149: Nightmare Before Christmas - Lock, Shock and Barrel 2001
Pin 7169: Nightmare Before Christmas Event - Logo
Pin 7350: Disneyland Paris - Halloween pumpkin glow in the dark
Pin 7440: DCA Artist Choice October Haunted Hollywood
Pin 7475: Nightmare Before Christmas/ Haunted Mansion Holiday #2 Candy Snake
Pin 7537: Jack/Zero Haunted Mansion Holiday Pin 1 of 4
Pin 7603: Nightmare Before Christmas Glow in Dark Pin
Pin 7898: Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse Pin
Pin 7934: 100 Years of Dreams #59 Mickey's Birthday Party 1942
Pin 7953: Sulley with Fuzzy Belly
Pin 8071: Monsters Inc - Boo in costume - WDW
Pin 8090: Monsters Inc - Mike w/spinning eye- WDW
Pin 8091: Monsters Inc - Randall w/spring tail - WDW
Pin 8111: Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor Pin
Pin 8112: Nightmare Before Christmas Sally pin
Pin 8160: Walt Disney Imagineering Cast Forklift Operator Pin
Pin 8319: Walt Disney World 1998 Test Track 'Road Tested' Pin
Pin 8389: DCA Artist Choice #11 - December 2001- Mickey Wreath
Pin 8417: Mickey & Minnie Christmas Tree Light Up Pin
Pin 8421: Disneyland Christmas Parade Chip and Dale Float pin
Pin 8466: Annual Passholder Exclusive - Walt's 100th Birthday Pin
Pin 8467: WDW - Walts Birthday - Open Edition
Pin 8472: DL Cast Exclusive Walt Disney Birthday
Pin 8473: Walt Disney surrounded by Mickey
Pin 8476: Disney Auctions - Jack and Rag Doll
Pin 8477: Disney Auctions - Sally Near Window
Pin 8478: Disney Auctions - Barrel with Lollypop
Pin 8480: Disney Auctions - Mayor with Plans
Pin 8481: Disney Auctions - Lock, Shock & Barrel Bathtub
Pin 8483: Disney Auctions - Lock
Pin 8489: Disneyland Mickey and Walt 100th Birthday Pin
Pin 8490: Disneyland Minnie and Walt 100th Birthday Pin
Pin 8491: Disneyland Donald and Walt 100th Birthday Pin
Pin 8492: Disneyland Goofy and Walt 100th Birthday Pin
Pin 8493: Disneyland Pluto and Walt 100th Birthday Pin
Pin 8497: 100 Years of Dreams #86 Pluto's Christmas Tree (Got It)
Pin 8500: 100 Years of Dreams #89 The Santa Clause
Pin 8511: Disneyland Believe in Holiday Magic 2001 Light-up
Pin 8526: Cast Imagineering MGM Studios 100 Years
Pin 8527: Cast Imagineering Animal Kingdom 100 Years
Pin 8528: Cast Imagineering Epcot 100 Years
Pin 8529: Cast Imagineering Magic Kingdom 100 Years
Pin 8539: Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
Pin 8540: Making Magical Music: Richard and Robert Sherman
Pin 8553: MGM Motor Parade Aladdin
Pin 8554: MGM Motor Parade Toy Story II
Pin 8555: MGM Motor Parade
Pin 8557: MGM Motor Parade Hercules
Pin 8560: MGM Motor Parade Monsters Inc.
Pin 8562: MGM Motor Parade Cruella De Vil
Pin 8563: MGM Motor Parade The Little Mermaid
Pin 8634: 100 Years of Dreams #100 Hawaii
Pin 8680: World of Disney Fifth Anniversary
Pin 8682: Larger Nightmare Before Christmas Logo pin
Pin 8699: DL Annual Passholder Abominable Snowman

Thanks for looking!

12-19-2001, 02:28 PM
Hi Engr-chas,

I am sending you a PM!

12-19-2001, 03:50 PM
Another PM heading your way.

12-19-2001, 06:43 PM
e-mail on the way!

12-19-2001, 10:06 PM

e-mail on the way.


12-20-2001, 10:05 AM
Just sent you an e-mail please let me know.......Thanks