View Full Version : For those who DO NOT have MVMCP tickets... a romantic tip

12-13-2001, 09:23 AM
On the nights of the parties, there are lots of people GOING to the MK, but once the party gets into full swing (approx. 8PM) the transporation to and from MK empties.

Here's a romantic tip. Get over to the MK somehow (walk, monorail, boat) and get on the boat that travels to the Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness. You may be completely alone for many a beautiful, smooth, and quiet ride across Bay Lake. Stay on the boat too and catch the MVMCP fireworks (lots of red and green) in sky and reflected in the lake! :cool: Then if you are REALLY lucky, catch the Electrical Water Pagent (you won't be able to see it all since it's designed to be seen from the shore) but oh how lucky you will be! :bounce: You should be fairly safe away from the crowds b/c most will not leave MVMCP before 10PM.

We did this last Sunday night (December 9th) and it was my favorite part of the trip.

Romantic bonus tip: don't forget about the horse drawn carriage rides through Fort Wilderness from 6-10PM. It's a white carriage with single horse and driver and they 'walk' you through lots of loops. It would be so fun to see the campers Christmas lights that way! Talk about feeling like Cinderella. (The campground quiets down at night away from the campfire and movie.)

Thanks DISers for your many tips that make enjoying DW so much easier!


12-13-2001, 09:30 AM
Great tip, thanks. You learn something new here all the time. I didn't know they had horse and carriage rides in FW. I knew about the hayrides.

Do you know how many people the carriage ride holds? How much is it?


12-13-2001, 09:40 AM
These are great ideas, thanks :)

12-13-2001, 10:21 AM
josierac, I don't know any more info but I've asked over on the Camping Board. I'd hate to post incorrect info. From the looks of it, I'd say 4 people max. I won't post any more b/c I really don't know and I don't want to mislead anyone. But I will make an effort to find out!

(Seeing the horse and carriage was new to me too and I've been to FW 3 other times.)

Thanks for your response!

12-13-2001, 10:27 AM
Wonderful tips. Thank you very much for posting them here. I know a lot of people that are always looking for things just like these!!