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02-06-2007, 09:55 PM
We will be visiting for the first time Mar 10-17, staying at PPH. I have purchased the Legendary LA tour but have not seen anything mentioned on this board about it. Has any taken this tour. It is an all day tour. Is it worth the time, or should I cancel and spend our time elsewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

02-08-2007, 12:37 AM
I just returned from LA last night (first time) and I think having a guided tour will really show you the sites. The driving is best left to a pro and you can see the sites.
Return to something on your own if you want.
We had a cousing driving us and it was tough as he had to concentrate on driving and not seeing. I wish we had had a professional tour to zero in on exactly what non-L.A.ers want to see.
LA is worth the time and money to really enjoy it. A great city with incredible sites.
Let us know what you decide and what you do. I loved it there.

02-11-2007, 01:48 PM
I'm interested in opinions on this tour also. We are going to LA in April and this tour sounded like a good idea to me. More sightseeing, less paying attention to the roads.

02-14-2007, 03:02 AM
We will be visiting for the first time Mar 10-17, staying at PPH. I have purchased the Legendary LA tour but have not seen anything mentioned on this board about it. Has any taken this tour. . .
I live in L.A., and have not heard about this tour. But I have taken highlights tours in London and Paris, and they were ideal.

You might want to ask what the the tour will cover.


03-19-2007, 08:46 PM
Just got back from a 7 day trip to DL. Did the Legendary LA tour on Wednesday. I would recommend it for anyone who has never been to LA before. (Like Me)

The tour bus picked us up at our hotel around 8;30, and took us to a tour station where we had to wait in line for about 30 min before being given our passes and redirected to another bus.

We finally got started around 9:15. The first part was a driving tour of downtown Los Angeles. Like I said earlier, we have never been before so this was pretty neat. The driver was very knowlegable about the area and told us many interesting strories.

For the next part we were taken to the Farmers Market, where we had lunch on our own. There were many different places offering almost anything imagineable to eat, so even picky eaters could find something here. We stayed here around an hour and a half. The next part of the tour was a driving tour of Beverly Hills (no mansions, just the downtown area), Rodeo Drive, Wilshire Blvd, and Studio City. We stopped for about an hour on Hollywood Blvd for sightseeing. (Kodak Theatre, El Captian Theatre, Chinese Theratre, Walk of Fame and of course a view of the Hollywood sign)

For our next stop, we got a chose of either Santa Monica or Venice Beach. We chose Santa Monica. Beach was nice but the water was freezing. We stayed here for about 2 hours. Most of the amusement rides on the pier were closed. Only the Ferris Wheel was running.There were a lot of homeless people laying on benches around the beach, but they never bothered us. The tour driver had warned us about them and told us if they tried to ask for money to just ingore them, they usually don't cause any problems. For a week day, the beach seemed pretty croweded. Some were surfing with body suits and even a few children were swimming. We waded briefly and decided to just lay on the beach. We never made it the the shopping district, which I understand is only a block or so from the beach.

Tour bus was back promptly at 5:00 and picked us up. We drove down to Venice to pick up the people who had went there and then we were delivered back to our hotels around 7:30.

Hope this helps someone to decide if the tour is right for them or not. We enjoyed it but if you already know very much about the area, I don;t think it would be good for you.

03-20-2007, 10:45 AM
Thanks for the report! We're taking our kids to CA for the first time to do the whole tour - DL, DCA, USH, Sea World, San Diego Zoo. They are into movies and stars and would love to see the Walk of Fame and anything Hollywood. We're planning on doing the LA Tour on a Sat. Sounds like the right tour for us. (and so much better than dh & I navigating LA in our rental car) ;)

03-22-2007, 12:36 AM
It sounds like a great tour for a first time visitor.


03-23-2007, 09:42 PM
Thanks for giving us some info on the tour! :thumbsup2

Is it true that there's a stop at the Beverly Center Mall? If so how long did you stop there for? I was reading this on the tour website, just wanted to know if it actually occurs during the tour or not.

Just wondering so I can make some decisions! Thanks!

03-24-2007, 10:09 AM
Are you doing the tour run through Grey Line Tours?

03-24-2007, 02:48 PM
Are you doing the tour run through Grey Line Tours?

I believe so, but I'm not 100% sure. That's the website that I was looking at, at least!

05-12-2007, 08:03 PM
Brick1983 - Thank you for your report on this tour.:)

We will be visiting DL next year and of course, we would like to see some of the sights in LA. I DO NOT drive while on vacation - this tour sounds perfect for us!:goodvibes