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02-18-2001, 09:19 AM
I went ahead and bought us annual passes to
DL and DCA because I liked it so much. We went
Friday, Feb. 16th and we also stopped by on Sat. the 17th for lunch at Avalon. The parks were MUCH busier than the opening weekend. It was almost hard to walk around on Saturday. I know that Presidents Weekend is typically busy anyway at the parks, but I think it's a good sign that there was a good crowd. I rode Superstar Limo again and if you look at it with Snow White and Pinnochio rides in mind, I think it might not be that bad. It's still not great, but it did grow on me a little. Maybe it was because we got right on and didn't have to listen to Joan Rivers for an hour!

Well, I'll keep you posted.

Roy :-

02-19-2001, 02:03 PM
I have been to DCA once, but didn't get to eat at the Avalon, Could you tell us a little about it and the menu?

02-19-2001, 06:14 PM
Yes, I also would be interested in hearing about Avalon Cove. My husband and I will be there next month and I'm trying to decide on a restaurant for a really nice anniversary dinner. :)


02-20-2001, 08:15 AM
Avalon was great! Kind of expensive (dinner is about $30 per entree) but it is very good. We went for lunch and saved a little. Lunch averages about $16-22 a person. They offered seafood, steaks and chicken. Anyone that has been to Spago's will recognize the inspiration for alot of the dishes.
Avalon is a must do as far as I am concerned! Also, it is one of the few sit-down places in DCA.
On a busy day, get reservations. Hope this helps.

Roy :-)

P.S. Our favorite place to eat was in Condor Flats. That hanger restaurant serves YUMMY breakfast

Marla Hellwig
03-06-2001, 07:00 PM
Sounds like a fun day. And with your annual passes I except to see more reports - lol. Thanks for posting!