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03-17-2001, 06:40 PM
Bugs!!! More to come below.
We are me, 39, getting older by the step. Knees are aching, feet are hurtin.
DH - 47, goes the extra mile for his DW (me!)

We start off the day, again, no alarm, and we do pretty good. We decide to go to DCA again. Actually DH decides that. He wants me to go on Screamin and wants to ride Maliboomer again. On our last trip to WDW, we stayed at BWI. We spent some time almost every day at MGM so DH could ride Tower of Terror. He's pretty funny about it.
Anyway, we decide to use the free breakfast coupon at Mom's next to our hotel. It's a pancake breakfast, drinks and whatever else additional. DH says he's hungry, as usual. So he orders eggs and hashbrowns, and we both get the free pancakes. Good pancakes! Good food! Great fast service. After our nourishing breakfast, we are off to DCA. I wasn't sure if it was open or not, because it was before what I thought was official opening time. But it was open. So in we go.
And what do we smell when we get there? You got it! Burnt popcorn!! I still don't know if that's planned or just a new CM who hasn't figured out how to cook popcorn. It's 8:30ish am so I'm not sure it would be actual popcorn.
And I've finally figured out where everything is at DCA. So, you guessed it, we're off to Soarin. We ride that a couple of times without a wait and grab fastpasses for later. Boy I love that ride. It is soooo relaxing. We sat in different places (rows, columns) each time we rode it and got a different effect.
Then off to Screamin and Maliboomer we go. I delay by stopping to look at the water, wanting to ride the Zephyr. I tried to get DH to do the jellyfish. He refused. So we keep walking. I finally confess that I just can't do Maliboomer again. I tell him to go into the Singles Line. No wait. He gets right on and enjoys himself. I tell him that I'll do it later in the day. We go towards Screamin...I stall again, playing a couple of rounds of bowling. Didn't win anything. Neither did DH, which was fine. I really didn't want to lug more stuff around.
I tell DH I need to go to the bathroom and the only one I know about is the one by McDonalds (a little white lie). So we head over there, go to the bathroom. DH decides he needs more coffee, and some fries. So we sit and watch the kids play in the water - don't know what that's called but it looks like fun. There's an area where the kids can squirt each other with "firehoses". It looks like the water could hurt - it seems to come out hard. Some of the kids are crying, but the adults who are getting wet are having fun. We're enjoying our fries. I point DH to the Mullholland Madness. He wants to ride it. It's closed.
So we start to head over to Screamin. It's a 1/2 hour wait, so I urge DH to let us get fast pass, I don't want to wait. Let's go see the bug show. So we head that way. DH wants to see the Eureka parade again, so it's not that hard to convince him to go that way either. Even though there isn't a Eureka parade for several hours. At least we're away from Screamin and Maliboomer.
We get to the ITTBB, the entry area. DH stops and says to the bug lady CM....her name? I've been looking for you on the internet." My mouth kinda dropped, everything is going through my head...did he tell me about this person? Is she his ex girlfriend? Or his first love? Why has he been looking for her on the internet? Anyway, the CM says some stuff to us. She used to work at a large computer firm, but couldn't adapt. DH knew her in the 70s. He thought she had gone with a cult. But no, she's the CM at the bug show. Very bizarre. We talk to her for a minute and then go to the entry way to the theatre. It was neat! I had been through part of the que at AK, but the show broke down, so we were escorted out. We wait a couple minutes, then get to go in the theatre. It was very empty. Now, I had read a bit about the show and wasn't really sure what to expect. I don't have much experience with 3D stuff, so this was really unique. Along with the creative touches, including smells and sights and sounds. I really enjoyed it. Although I admit I did scream quite a bit...and giggled. My DH LOVED the show. I think it might be frightening for younger ones. Especially if they're near someone who screams like me. lol
After the show, we are on our way out when the bug lady stops my DH and they talk for a few minutes. I look at the gardens, which are cute. Finally my DH has finished talking with her and tells me some things I won't repeat here. But very bizarre and wierd. Let's just say it's too small a world.
I lead DH towards the front of the park (away from Maliboomer and Screamin) and we do Soarin again. We mosey up towards the river rapids ride and ride that again. It sure does spin and twirl. I tell DH I'm nausous so we decide to leave the park to do some beachcombing and visit the cemetary where DH's brother and father are buried. I won't share all the details, but a very moving afternoon.
After our trip out of the park, we head out to dinner at Northwoods Inn again. mmmmmmm....
Then off to DCA again. We do Soarin again with fastpasses we got earlier before we left. [There was a 60 minute wait for Soarin.] And get more fastpasses for later. We decide to head over to .... my favorite place. Maliboomer and screamin. DH goes on Maliboomer again. I convince DH to do Sunwheel again, since it's nighttime, and romantic [and it's not screamin]. We wait in line for about 15 minutes or so. Lots of people there. I'm sure the park is full because the weather is so wonderful. We have to share our gondola with another couple. The gal and I shriek as the gondola "swings". When we get off that, we head over to Screamin. And guess what...it's down! It apparently broke down with guests in the cars in various places on the track. At that point, I convince DH that the ride is not safe and we aren't going to do it. Let's go do Soarin again!!!
And we're off to Soarin. Then icecream - pretty good in the train - and a little shopping. We stop to listen to the band again. A cute little girl is dancing away. Parents got some great pictures of her. Everyone was laughing and having a great time.
We did see some characters at DCA which surprised me a little bit. I think we saw Minnie and Mickey and Goofy. We also saw some Mickey looking thing with bad hair - I have NO idea what that was!! Another long day in the parks....back to the room.
And to sleep until tomorrow...until we have more and more wonderful adventures with different animals and meet a new friend.

cuter - 39, works for and with abused children; DH 46 - school police detective.
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03-17-2001, 10:55 PM
Your trip sounds great, and you and your DH seem like such a fun couple. Can't wait to read about Day 4 ...

03-18-2001, 07:10 AM
cuterlt - I am glad that your California Adventure is turning out so well. Can't wait for the next installment. :D


03-18-2001, 04:58 PM
cuterlt, DH and I will be heading to DL and DCA in just 6 short weeks for our first time ever. I loved your trip reports and have just a couple of questions for you. You mentioned Northwoods Inn and another restaurant that had good food. Are they close to DL and do you think two New Yorkers would be able to find it? Also, I noticed that you mentioned that you are "rubenesque." I, too, am "pooh sized" as I like to put it and was wondering if you had any problems with any of the rides. I see you never made it onto Screamin' and I can't wait to try it but don't want to wait in line only to find I won't fit! Thanks for your help! :)

šOš Peace, Love & Mickey šOš

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03-18-2001, 05:20 PM
a couple answers...
I didn't try the Orange Stinger, although I like that kind of ride, because I read on the DIS that Rosie couldn't do it because of her size (over 200 pounds) - also DH is terrified of that kind of ride - go figure. lol.
On Screamin, DH said that the restraint is a lot like Rock N Roller Coaster which I had a lot of trouble with. I got the restraint just fine but banged my head on it so much I came out dizzy. He said that when he put the restraint on at Screamin, it was too tight and his chest hurt afterwards. It's a pretty long ride with an inversion, so I'm not surprised. He's average built, nothing big on top. I say try it once and see how it goes. If it isn't too painful, ride it again! Part of the other reason I didn't ride it is because I had a bad experience at Knotts a couple years ago. I didn't think my restraint had been locked in - so when we took off I'm screaming at the CM and through the whole ride, I am screaming at my DH that I'm going to die. I didn't have much problem getting on RNRC at WDW because it had a disney feel. For some reason, Screamin [and maliboomer for that matter] didn't have a Disney feel to me. Not sure why, but I just didn't feel safe.
I hope to hear from you about how you enjoyed Screamin. I really wanted to do it, at some points, and at some points I didn't. When I finally got up the nerve it broke down, so I didn't want to do it after that.

Regarding the restaurants - I can probably give you directions to the two closest to Disneyland. They are really good. Northwoods is a bit pricey. Claimjumper is not - and you get huge portions. We fed 4 at Claimjumper for the same price as 2 at Northwoods Inn. If you're taking a car, let me know and I'd be happy to give you directions.

cuter - 39, works for and with abused children; DH 46 - school police detective.
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03-19-2001, 05:11 PM
cuter - Thanks for the offer to give me directions to the restaurants! DH and I will be renting a car (my travel agent arranged it and it better be what it's supposed to be for the price it's supposed to be!) and will be staying at the Candy Cane Inn for a week so we will be looking for some dining tips. You can just e-mail me at your convenience with the directions and any other suggestions that you have. Thanks a bunch! :D :D

šOš Peace, Love & Mickey šOš

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03-19-2001, 08:17 PM
Ummmm...Claim Jumper...(are you hearing Homer Simpson?)... it's the BEST. My family lives
in San Juan Capistrano and it's our favorite restaurant.

Enjoy! ;)

Marla Hellwig
04-09-2001, 07:05 PM
A fun day for the two of you. Thanks for posting!

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04-15-2001, 04:28 PM
First of all, I have enjoyed reading your Trip Report, especially about the rides as I am also "Pooh" sized. Would hate to be embarrased after waiting in line.

Here's the addy to ClaimJumpers:


Is the one that you went to the one in Buena Park? And could you also email me directions to Northwoods Inn?

Thanks and Aloha!

04-17-2001, 11:35 AM
I am a giant pear (as opposed to James' Giant Peach). I currently weigh over 300 pounds and I had no problem with California Screamin' and found it quite smooth. If my legs were longer, there might have been. Definately a weight limit on Orange Stinger. Seats on Maliboomer looked too small for my big behind, so I didn't bother.