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01-29-2007, 08:18 PM
Ok, I really wasn't going to do one of these...I kept saying to myself that I was sure that there was something more productive I could be doing for the wedding then talking about myself. But when I read everyone else's ( I'm so addicted to this site) I want to tell about my plans and ideas. So here it is...

My name is Jess, I'm 24 (25 in 11 days!!) I have been working at my local supermarket for years and years waiting for a teaching job(for some reason it's really hard to get a teaching job in South Jersey). I even planned the wedding day around myself having a job. April 5 is the Thursday before Easter. I figured that way I could take a honeymoon with the wedding and only miss 4 days of school. Well thank goddness my day finally came. I start on Feb 20, just in enough time to really put extra stress on me with the wedding.

My DF's name is Andy. He works at a police officer::cop: in the town we live in. We are high school sweethearts with plenty of bumps along the way (going to different colleges was pretty rough for us) But we made it! He has been to Disney more times than he can count, I on the other hand am not so lucky. Before I met him, I had only been to the Magic Kingdom once when I was five. His family had invited me on a Disney trip when we were 19. I almost didn't go because one of my best friends died a few days before we were scheduled to leave. I really didn't know whether to go or not. They changed their plans a little and we ended up leaving right after the funeral, needless to say I was a wreck the whole way down. But I feel Disney helped me through that horrible time. I don't want to say I forgot about things when I was down there but I think it helped me cope. That is one of the main reasons I love Disney so much...

The proposal: :santa: My friends and I had all decided to go out to dinner and a movie one night a couple of weeks before Christmas last year. On our way there my friend Wes called and said that we needed to stop at the mall first so he could get a gift card. I was starving, and I can be a little nasty when I'm hungry, so I kept asking him if we could go after...absolutely not he said, he needed it now. I was not a happy camper. So we all ( about 15 of us) go in the mall beacuse Wes needs one stinking gift card BEFORE dinner. We walking through the mall and I see one of Andy's uncles. He says to us that the whole family is over by Santa taking a family picture. Which is not surprising to me because the family always does things like this (now there's about 30 of them). All of his little cousins come running up to me begging me to go sit on Santa's lap with them. There is not any part of me that wants to do this. But they keep asking and everyone says they dont mind waiting (but I do, I am sooooo hungry) I am bitter the whole way through the line. Andy asks if we can get a picture with just the two of us first, I say sure. We go and sit, take the picture, and I'm about to get up when Santa asks me "Now what do you want for Christmas?" Now obviously the first thing that comes to my mind is a ring, but I decide on saying I don't know instead. Then he asks Andy...I hear him say "Jess...." and pull something out of his hat that was on his lap, I say "Shutttuppp" and as I look up everyone is staring at me. Thats about all I remember. :cloud9: Luckily the elves took about 15 pictures. I cried for about 15 minutes after that, everyone in the mall kept coming up to me. I can still cry just writing about it. I had no idea it was coming and I was so shocked that everyone knew and he still pulled it off. Even Santa and the elves knew I was coming. One of the best days of my life. Oh and we went out to dinner after that !! And my friend Wes still asks me to this day "aren't you happy I HAD to go to the mall first...":santa:
At dinner he mentioned that he had already ordered the free Disney wedding DVD for us, I was so excited that he wanted a fairy tale wedding too. And that was basically it, we never even discussed having somewhere else!

Wedding Info: Our wedding is in WP and our reception is going to be at the ADH. Our EM is Ken Weaver, he's amazing. The bridal party's hair and makup are being done by Beaute Speciale. I had my trial already and Anna was aweome! Here are some pics...
We are using Randy Chapman for our photography (thanks to all the praises he received on here, I am so excited to use him) Trying to think if there is anything else interesting...oh, I am using the coach!!

Wedding attire: This is my wedding gown..this picture doesn't do it justice though, I swear it looks better on...


This is DF's. He wanted all black (he says Johnny Cash style)

The groomsmen, except they are going to have a lavender tie

The bridesmaids, the dresses are lavender with a purple sash

Our flowergirlis going to be tinkerbell! :tink: My MOH made her dress, it's the same style as my bridemaids but her colors are light green and lime green. And she has wings to match. I'll post a picture as soon as I can.

Some other things I have been workin on:
My unity candles. I couldn't see spending all that money for the Disney made ones...so I made them myself, it's really easy (the big one is wrapped in plastic

My centerpieces need to be small because tables at ADH only sit 4 people

I am in the process of working on a card box, I am going to use the extra material from the flowergirl's dress, and my favors. I'll post more pictures as soon as I get more accomplished... Thanks for reading!!

01-29-2007, 08:32 PM
Congrats on your new job! I'm having nearly the same wedding as you next January, so I can't wait to hear everything about yours. I'm having WP and ADH, and also having Randy do the photography. My fiance is originally from South Jersey too (Brielle, right by Point Pleasant), and I'm originally from North Jersey (Scotch Plains).

01-29-2007, 08:34 PM
haha, that's funny!! We are both from Forked River. (exit 74 as Jersey people put it!!

01-29-2007, 08:39 PM
Jessica, your proposal was so sweet :love: I love your hair! It looks amazing! Looks like everything is coming along well, congrats on the job! I'm from NJ too (Holmdel, exit 114 ;) ), but I am stuck in Atlanta for awhile until DF finishes med school. Good luck planning!

01-29-2007, 08:40 PM
He grew up at exit 98 and I was exit 135. We've been living in Brooklyn for the past 2 years, and are moving to North Carolina for work next month. My first time to the South was last month during our housing search, so it's going to be a BIG change for us. When we went to buy a car, they asked if we had a trade in... and I asked if my monthly metro card counted. Anyway, I can't wait to hear all about your cake and menu and EVERYTHING!

01-30-2007, 07:26 AM
Just wanted to chime in and say that I am from Jersey too!:wave2: Central Jersey though, exit 7 :rotfl:

I love the proposal! My brother almost did something similar to that when he proposed to his now wife. They went to NYC but the line in Macy's for Santa was too long so he did it in front of the tree instead.

I can't wait to see the flower girls dress!!! That is going to be so cute!

01-30-2007, 12:48 PM
What a Sweet proposal!!! With Santa as a Witness....the pic in your siggie looks so cool!

You're right! the pic doesn't do any justice to the dress....I've seen that dress in person and it looks gorgeous!!!

Tinkerbell's Mom
01-30-2007, 01:47 PM
Oh wow, what an awesome proposal, that is so sweet!!! Your hair looks beautiful and I love your dress, can't wait to hear more and see more about your wedding . . .