View Full Version : Too Late to set up Autopay for Dues?

01-21-2007, 12:33 PM
I had been thinking I would pay cash for the dues my 440 pts; however, I have decided to go monthly autopay if still possible and use that cash to pay off a credit card (with interest).

Is it still possible to set this up now? I called MS yesterday, but they were closed in accounting.

I have a trip planned Feb 19-26 and don't want any problems from not having paid dues, so need to pay before then--or get started on the AutoPay.

Anyone done this and knows the timeframe involved?

01-21-2007, 05:07 PM
Last year when I set up my account for monthly withdrawal of maintenance fees I was close to the due date. I was required to put the first month on a charge account. Thereafter each month came out of my checking account as planned. There is no need to set up the monthly payment each year. It will continue until you stop it.

01-21-2007, 05:12 PM
you will need to send a FAX to MS accounting with the info below:

a cancelled check from the account you want to use
your DVC contract number or numbers
your home phone #
make sure you tell them for DUES ONLY from that account.

also: you can have it taken out on the 1st or 15 th of the month, just request the one you want.

I would first call MS about this change.

PS: it will take about 10 to 14 days for the bank to clear it.

01-22-2007, 10:43 PM
Thanks to your replies. I did this today. I was able to use a credit card for January dues and since I am already set up for auto deduction for one of my contracts, they were able to use the bank account info on file...I just had to fax them another authorization to do that.