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04-28-2001, 12:47 AM
Check out the these recent construction pics of Alladin's flying carpet ride on WDWMagic.com.

From the looks of it they're pretty much done with the hardware installation. Click on the link below for the pics:


04-28-2001, 12:38 PM
Looks like the Aladdin ride is almost done, but what a disappointment. Same as the flying dumbo's only, you get to ride on a magic carpet instead. Also, same as the rocket ships no doupt in allowing you to control going up and down. Disney already has enough of these rides. Well, now that there is one spinner in pretty much all MK areas, they are done with the spinners for MK. Let's hope so.


04-28-2001, 06:12 PM
No, there aren't spinners in every land yet. Plans are to tear down the Hall of Presidents and replace it with the "Presidential-Go-Round". Pick the bust of your favorite president and go for a twirl.

And don't forget Frontierland. Eisner wants to tear down Big Thunder and replace it with Mike Fink's Keel Boat spin. Now you know why they are closing the Keel Boats.

Timekeeper was closed so they could clear the site to prepare for an additional Tomorrowland spinner. The new ride will be called the Super Astro Orbiter and promises some of the best spinning in the park. The existing Astro Orbiter will be renamed Astro Orbiter Classic.

When I visited the MK a couple weeks ago, a CM was performing a survey near the park entrance. One of the questions she asked was how I would feel about Disney dismantling Cinderella Castle and replacing it with a new spinner attraction called Cindy's Big Spin. The centerpiece of the new attraction would be a huge dress and the cars would be characters such as Gus, Jaq, Perla, Bruno, and Lucifer. I told her it sounded like a great idea because there simply aren't enough spinner attractions at WDW. I asked if there were any plans for spinners at Epcot and she said there are.

"We are going to remove Spaceship Earth and replace it with a brand new spinner using the blue vehicles from the Spaceship Earth attraction. Jeremy Irons will still narrate the attraction."

She also hinted Disney had plans for a new theme park, called Disney Spins, which would consist of various spinner attractions. Even the restaurants would be spinners.

Spin on!

04-28-2001, 10:50 PM
I don't have a problem with Alladin's flying carpet ride for several reasons.

1)It occupies an area that was previously unused, so in a sense we're getting somthing that simply wasn;t there before. In my book that's a bonus.

2)The ride is somewhat of a "Dumbo" clone, except that there'll be several special effects added(ie spitting camels and the ability to pitch the carpet up and down and front to back). Also, the surrouding area has been heavily re-themed to enhance the environment. Expect to see Alladin themed storytelling and character appearances in the near future, thus making the area a virtual Agrabah.

3)This ride is geared toward families with small children. In that sense I can understand why it wouldn't appeal to many of us adults, unless of course we had small children of our own and wanted to enjoy the attraction through their eyes.

I view it as a niche attraction that was meant to appeal to a specific segment of park visitors. Fortunately I'll get to enjoy the ride through my daughter's eyes, which makes it priceless provided she enjoys it as well(which I'm quite certain she will). I'll report back next month after we give it a spin for ourselves. Until then I'll give it the benefit of doubt.

04-29-2001, 12:22 AM
I wouldn't mind Aladdin's Carpets if it was a new attraction among others for all ages. Same thing goes for the AK.

It's amazing the only attraction of any substance isn't due until 2003.

04-29-2001, 08:32 AM
Maybe the lines for Dumbo won't be so long now as visitors have another spin ride to rush to. As a parent with small children, I am happy that they have thought of another ride with a tortuous line to endure.

Safari Steve
04-29-2001, 04:14 PM
Part of the reason for adding Aladdin was to help shorten the lines for Dumbo and Astro Orbiter. Aladdin has the capacity that Dumbo lacks and the character-recognition factor that Orbiter lacks.

04-29-2001, 04:55 PM
I read all these complaints about "spinners" and you'd think that everybody hates them and nobody rides them. We know that's not true. Ever tried to get on Dumbo at 10:00 AM? Just because an attraction is not up your alley doesn't make it a waste of money or space! My guess is that the line for Alladin will be long on opening day and stay that way...

04-29-2001, 09:58 PM
While the ride looks like it's essentially done, I've heard that it may not open until sometime in May. Originally it was set to open in April. That's not to say that they won't "soft-open" the ride in April. It's just not known for certain at this time.

04-30-2001, 09:28 AM
Irodk your points are accurate, but I'm sure you know that this type of ride has become a symbol of what many of us believe is a troubling trend away from WOW and amaze attractions.

I think taking some of the load off Dumbo is a great idea. Actually, I'm surprised it has taken so long. The market is there for another basic kids ride and I like the Agrabah themed area.

I assume few really have a problem with this addition, only the idea that it is one of the few new things they have to market this year. Then we're smacked in the face again next year with the AK spinner and what I perceive as a very pedestrian mouse ride.

They opened a whole new park (DCA) and how many attractions were built around something novel? I'd say probably only Soarin. What are the most rumored next additions to DCA: TOT and RnR remakes (need I say more).

All Aboard
04-30-2001, 10:13 AM
Wow and amaze??? In the 1990's WDW added: Tower of Terror, Splash Mountian, Rock n Roller, Dinosaur, Kali, Test Track... Space is coming. In that time, about the only thing added for little kids was Pooh. It's about time something was added to "wow and amaze" them. What you are hearing in the background are tens of, make that hundreds of thousands of little kiddos cheering the addition of Aladdin.

04-30-2001, 10:45 AM
She also hinted Disney had plans for a new theme park, called Disney Spins, which would consist of various spinner attractions. Even the restaurants would be spinners.

Will the "feature attraction" of this park be COP?


04-30-2001, 11:14 AM
I'm glad they are putting in the ride. I'm also glad that it will have a couple of different twists in terms of controls and water effects (ala One Fish, Two Fish at IOA). I hope my kids have a blast riding it this fall. It is a welcome addition.

But if my goal was to wow and amaze the kiddo's, instead of just amuse them, this wouldn't have been my submission to the science fair.

05-01-2001, 11:03 AM
It looks like Aladdin will be open in time for DS's 1st visit with Nana & Papa. They already said they won't wait in the long lines for him to ride Dumbo so maybe they'll let him ride Aladdin. Our last visit was in November and we couldn't get DS off Dumbo. I think this ride is a great improvement to MK. But then I like Spinning Rides. I just wish they would do something fun to the treehouse.

Another Voice
05-01-2001, 11:33 AM
"WOW and Amaze...and Space is coming..."

gcurling - you are aware, aren't you, that 'Mission:Space" is a spinner.

05-01-2001, 08:43 PM
Originally posted by lrodk
While the ride looks like it's essentially done, I've heard that it may not open until sometime in May. Originally it was set to open in April. That's not to say that they won't "soft-open" the ride in April. It's just not known for certain at this time.

Yes everyone remember TEST TRACK it was to open in October of 1998 and did not open for real until I think February of 1999.


Another Voice
05-01-2001, 08:56 PM
The “magic” of the original Disney child rides was that they tried to be more than just a carny ride with better decorations. Part of the appeal of ‘Dumbo’ is because of the emotional link to the character. That’s why children beg and plead to go to it, but ignore the ‘Astro Orbiter’ – an identical ride system but without the connection. The Tomorrowland version is just a ride, good for nothing more than 90 seconds of adrenalin. Dumbo retells the story to the child.

Sappy personal tale: my six year old son’s favorite experience at the Animal Kingdom was the Dinosaur Jubilee and the chance to touch a real dinosaur bone. There was one exhibit you could feel the teeth marks that a dinosaur had made in the leg bone of another. As my son touched it, I could see that suddenly dinosaurs became “real” – they weren’t stories or make-believe, but they walked and ate and left behind bones that people could study. We spent an hour looking at the other exhibits in the tent and answering a thousand questions. He hasn’t lost his interest in two years now and, I hope, that one moment sparked a lifetime of interest in nature and in learning.

That exhibit was closed and sold-off to make way for a prefab “wild mouse” roller coaster. What will my son take away from that? And more importantly, which experience do I wish to expose him to?

05-02-2001, 07:29 PM
I still do disagree with adding a spinner to MK as I feel they could have done something constructive with other parts of the park which have been waiting for refurbishment (Skyway or 20,000 leagues), but it will be interesting to see what they do with the surrounding areas to Aladdin as they will probably theme the heck out of that area (hopefully, anyways). As for a previous mention of Test Track being one of the better rides which has been built recently, are you kidding me? This ride does not fit Disney at all, never mind Epcot. Pretty much every other Epcot attraction in Future World is a Pavilion. It not only has the main attraction, or ride, but it also has several other educational, or fun, displays to take part in (the exception being Ellen's Energy Adventure, but that is a gripe for another time). With Test Track, it is wait in line for at least a half hour (or wait out of line for at least that long if they have fast pass), then go into the briefing room where they explain that you are going to be test driving a car, then wait in line for another half hour or so, and last but not least, go on a ride similar to Dinosaur, only different surroundings. To add to this, when you get off the ride, you are blasted with present day cars that one could buy from a dealer now. If I remember correctly, didn't the World of Motion have concept cars at the end of the ride at least? In my opinion, this is not an attraction, it is a thrill ride with a candy coating. Just had to gripe a little more...sorry.

Panthius :crazy:

05-03-2001, 07:54 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know, that in latest issue of the Annual Passholders Newsletter, it states that Aladdin will open the last week of May.

*Glitter Serenity*
05-06-2001, 01:21 PM
I was at the Magic Kingdom on April 27th with a group of friends, and when we was walking by the 'Aladdin' attraction, we could see the carpets spinning around above the construction boards. I assume that meant they were testing it. The ride looks great- You can see lots of characters faces and details molded into the centerpiece.


05-06-2001, 02:39 PM
The thing with Disney's spinning rides, are they aren't the junky ones you see at fairs and at amusement parks. Dumbo is really elaboratey decorated, and it's not any ordinary spinning ride. You need some things for kids, especailly the very little ones. The spinning ones are prefect. I think the Aladdin section of Adventure land will be a great addition.

05-24-2003, 10:18 PM
I think that astro-orbitor is the most fun of the spinners. Alladin's carpet is OK, but it seems really slow, and the camel spitting water isn't as fun as it should be - you almost missed it. We rode Dumbo on our trip a couple of weeks ago because we happened to be in fantasyland early one morning when there wasn't a cue; we did the last time we were in disneyland, too. Astro-orbitor (I always end up calling it star jets) is my favorite though because it is up high. It seems faster. I really like it after dark. I don't think it was open last e-night though.

Did I tell you all that I got stuck on space mountain about 1 AM a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago - we had to get out and walk out - with the lights on. We had a blast snapping some digital shots - the cms took pictures of us even. It was the best part of e-night!

Anyway, I can dump some of those pictures off the storage card if anyone wants to see them-


05-24-2003, 11:07 PM
Went to MK recently with my 15 month old daughter. Not only did she remember Alladin's flying carpets from our trip in September when she was 8 months old(!), but she insisted upon riding it several times. Loved it!
Not much interest in Dumbo, though, and she's know Dumbo quite well from the seri-cell she has hanging in her room!

05-25-2003, 10:08 AM
You know, Moobook, I'm glad that they have the carpets so that kids can have fun on them. I wish they could have an e-ticket like fire mountain in adventureland, too, but I think it is cool in the long run that they could add an inexpensive thing that doesn't get too much in the way to give kids something fun in adventureland - it may not be everyone's favorite, but it will be for someone.

I got so excited last night remembering getting stuck on space mt. that I forgot the reason that I was writing that post in the first place; that was to say that star jets is my favorite spinner because it is up high and seems faster. The down side of star jets is that you have to go up the elavators to get on, and so the que seems so long I never want to ride it. Thank goodness for e-nights.