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01-17-2001, 07:36 AM
We are planning a trip to disneyland in 2003! We live and florida and want to take amtraks sunset limited to anaheim. If anyone has done this or knows about it please let us know. We are thinking that we probably will not take the train home but fly instead. Where do we stay? The disney hotel rates are too high for our likeing. Also, what else do we do there? we have never been to California.

01-17-2001, 11:57 AM
Haven't done that trip, but when we lived in San Francisco we took the train from Oakland to Disneyland. The train station is only about a mile or so away from DL, and it was a very pleasant way to arrive!

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Mary Jo
01-18-2001, 11:01 PM
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The train station is in the parking lot of the Anaheim/Edison Stadium where the CA Angels play baseball, and is only a few miles from Disneyland.

How much time are you planning to spend here? We have a lot to offer. DL resort alone will amuse you for at least three days! Then there's Knotts Berry Farm, and a longer distance away, Universal Studios, Magic Mountain (6 Flags), & Sea World & San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park in San Diego. In addition, we have lots of museums, and the La Brea Tar Pits with remains of sloths, woolly mammoths, saber toothed lions, etc. Of course, there are the beaches, mountains, and deserts close by... And don't forget the dinner shows, including Medieval Times & Wild Bills... then there's the Lion King playing, as well as other theater shows. Have I mentioned the Long Beach Aquarium or whale watching yet? The observatory is always interesting, too, and the Mann's Chinese Theater, a drive through Beverly Hills....

Just let us know what you'd like to see. :D

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01-20-2001, 02:30 PM
My fiance and I live in Los Angeles but he is a big Amtrak fan since childhood and wanted me to try the train with him for our recent 2 week trip to WDW. We just got back on Tuesday.

We took several trains from Los Angeles to Chicago to Philadelphia and finally to Orlando to get there, not the Sunset Limited. We did take the Sunset Limited to return to Los Angeles from Orlando though. My fiance has been on the Sunset Limited both ways as well. In any case, it was an "interesting" experience to say the least, we both have mixed feelings about ever going on Amtrak again after the experience even though he's loved it for years and I was a first timer. We saw lots of families and how they fared on the trip as well.

I would be willing to answer any and all questions you have about the trip and would be happy to give advice. In my opinion, the journey to the vacation destination is just as important as the vacation itself. I can also help to answer any DL questions, I am an annual passholder and go every other week.

Just let me know :)

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01-21-2001, 08:46 PM
Thanks y'all. Mary jo we really want to whalewatch and do the moviestar/hollywood thing for sure we probably wont stay more than a week do you think dineyland and California adventure will take 3 days. I would like to go to Knotts Berry Farm too. is it large? DisneyDork, you have a heck of a name. What kind of accomodations did you have on the trains? Did you happen to see what a Family Room looks like. Their supposed to sleep 4 or in our case 5 since we have two little ones (3 and 5 now)and on the back,lower level of the car? We want to go After christmas 2002 (probably in january) How were the meals? Did the families do ok? Our kids are train fanatics I really think they will be cool. At present, We are planning to fly into LAX, rent a car and stay about a week, and take the train back to pensacola. DisneyDork,What are the bathrooms like? The family room does not have bathrooms, there are some in the hall with showers. Are these like the little boat Bathrooms where you shower on the potty? Well Ive said enough today. Please keep me informed. My wife met a lady who said that there were a lot of poor/homeless people along the tracks. Thats something I didn't expect. We are thinking about staying at the tropicana inn. Have you been? Thanks again y'all

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