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12-30-2006, 10:54 PM
We had a very nice stay in a 2BR at Cypress Pointe Resort (Phase I), 12/23-29/06. We booked through www.HotelKingdom.com at a rate of about $93 per night. Full payment had to be made at time of booking, with a $20 cencellation fee.

Overall, we thought this was a very nice place. There was an inventory to fill out which had a lot of details (number of tv's, framed pictures on the walls, forks, glasses, etc.).

Some details we noted:

They were very accomodating at check-in. We showed up at about 12:30, having just left the previous timeshare. I was hoping they'd let us in early, as we still had refrigerated food that I didn't want to spoil, and they did. One glitch was that when I made the reservation, I noted how I needed first floor because of my scooter needing to be driven in each night to be charged. Apparently, Hotel Kingdom collects this info, but doesn't actually give it to Cypress Pointe Resort. I was told I should have called CPR directly 2-3 days before check-in to make specific unit-type requests. It looked iffy for awhile as to whether or not I'd get a 1st floor unit, but they came through. We had a wonderful location, and didn't have to wait until 4:00 to get it.

It is true what they say about the weird layout of the bathroom in the master bedroom. You can see the person on the toilet in the mirror from the main area of the bedroom. Also, esp. if you're on the first floor, you've got to keep the curtains drawn if you're in the bathroom.

Speaking about the curtains, they were great at keeping the light out of the room. We were sick on this trip, unfortunately, and a few days we did not set an alarm to hit the parks early. It was nice to sleep in and not be awakened by sunlight. The previous week we had stayed at Vacation Village at Parkway, which I love, but that place had vertical blinds which did next to nothing to keeping out the light.

There is a jacuzzi in the master bedroom. There was also a large shower. The bathroom near the second bedroom was a tub/shower. The shower curtain rod was not bolted to the wall, and fell down the first time I used it. We were able to put it back up easily and it stayed up just fine the rest of the week.

Weird were the floor tiles in the entryway/bathrooms/kitchen. They looked nice, but were "bumpy" and made me feel like they were more suited to being outdoors. Overall, the decor was nice. A pineapple motif, if I remember correctly. There were lots of details, such as flower arrangements.

The second bedroom is, indeed, very small. It has a twin bed with a trundle bed for the second twin bed. Once the trundle is opened, there is very little room to walk in the room. The TV/DVD player is not hooked up to cable--it is only for playing movies. The only "window" is a window in a door which is no longer functional. The door is permanentlylocked, and blinds/slats are attached on both the interior and exterior sides of the door--so--no window in the tiny room.

The kitchen was missing a colander, but they sent one up when we asked. Also, they sent up more samples of dishwashing powder and Tide.

There was a fee sheet that showed a charge ($7.50?) if you needed extra towels. Also, they charge 50 cents per call for local calls, and there was a fee for internet access. I guess I was spoiled by our previous week's stay at Vacation Village at Parkway, where local calls are free, as are extra sheets and towels, and there are internet computers for free, too.

We didn't make it to the pool, but I hear it's nice.

When we left, I asked the operator if housekeeping preferred us to clean out the fridge (not wanting to get hit with a cleaning charge), or leave the food behind. He said it was a sin to throw out food and to leave it for them with a note that they could have it.

CPR is pretty close to WDW. We took a back way into the parks to avoid some heavy traffic on 535. There's also a back way into Winn-Dixie, so you don't have to get onto Apopka-Vineland--especially important if you're going during a busy, high traffic, time as we did.

I'm happy to try to answer questions.

01-02-2007, 03:27 PM
Thanks for your review. I found it quite helpful, especially since we'll be there in Feb. QUESTION: How many towels did the unit have initially. Also, did you have anyone clean during your stay. If so, what was the charge.

01-02-2007, 06:40 PM
I'm pretty sure it was 6 of everything, because the 2 BR sleeps 6, but DH was the one to count the linens for the inventory. (He'd laugh at me if I asked him to try to remember the actual number now.) Could have been 8--since I remember that glasses, plates, bowls, untensils, etc. were in quantities of 8. There were bath towels, pool towels, hand towels, and wash cloths. The towels were big and absorbent. There was a hefty charge for service, I remember laughing when I saw it, but sorry, I don't remember what it was.

01-02-2007, 06:55 PM
Thanks and I appreciate you responding.

02-05-2007, 10:54 AM
We just booked CPR for beginning of June for 9 nights and are excited but of course anxious. I was glad to read your comments and hear that it's a pretty nice place. And for $71/night rate....sounds like we did good! :)

I would like to ask--how long did it take you to get to Disney from CPR? We were going to book a townhouse at Windsor Hills. I luv the size, privacy, private splash pool, & close proximity to Disney of WH and WH is still my overall preference but with a savings of $450 we decided CPR would be the smarter choice for us this trip. So my main concern at this point is how long did it take to get back and forth from Disney? And what is this back way you speak of? :) THANKS for your help!

02-05-2007, 11:47 AM
We will be there starting 2/17 and I'll be sure to post upon my return. I requested and upper floor, so hopefully that request will be honored.

02-05-2007, 01:38 PM
Have a wonderful time meta! Can't wait to hear all about it!

02-06-2007, 10:44 AM
Ok..I am worried now. I booked Cypress Pointe Resorts & Grand Villas from alpharooms for great rate of $71/night. However now I am finding out taht Cypress Pointe Resorts are different (Phase 1?) from Cypress Pointe Grand Villas (Phase 2?). Does anyone know if this is correct? When I booked through alpharooms it did not differentiate between the two...it simply said that I had booked 9 nights with Cypress Pointe Resorts & Grand Villas. Anyone have any experience with this??? I've read good reviews on this place but now worried maybe it's for one of the Phases (Resorts vs Villas) and not the other and that I've booked the wrong thing HELP!!!

02-06-2007, 11:48 AM
Does Alpharooms have a number to call. If not, can you e-mail them and ask. Whether it's phase 1 or 2, I'm sure you'll be happy. It's not as if one is a dump and you got a great price. Don't worry, you'll have a great time.

02-06-2007, 12:02 PM
Thanks Meta! Yeah I'm really not that concerned by which Phase we are in other then the worry that one Phase was nice and the other dump and that's why we got the great rate! But everyone is putting my worries to rest with their reassurances. So now I can just focus on the rest of the trip planning! Have a great trip!!

02-06-2007, 03:18 PM
Ok...See below--i'm pasting the email response I got from alpharooms. Does this sound right/legit?? Now I'm really worried!! I'm really uncomfortable about not being able to confirm that my room is there in MY NAME until 48 hours before I arrive?? That doesn't give me much time to find another place if for some reason they did mess something up! Anyone have any input or experience with anything like this!! I don't know if I should just cancel it all at this point and find something else.....
Good Afternoon

Thank you for your recent email.

The hotel will not receive your details until 48 hours before you
These rooms will be booked for you but under the suppliers name.
Once you are due to arrive your details will be sent to them.

Kind regards



02-06-2007, 05:46 PM
I personally would feel uncomfortable about this. Can you cancel without penalty. Hotel kingdom is more, but confirmation is there.

02-07-2007, 08:40 AM
Someone else just posted on another thread and said that hotelkingdom does the same thing? That they don't send your name/info to the hotel until a couple days before you check in? The hotel has the booking...just not your name until right before...Is that not the case?

02-07-2007, 09:34 AM
I booked thru hotel kingdom months ago. When I called Cypress Point directly, they had my reservation, or it sounded like they did.

02-07-2007, 12:52 PM
Now I'm really confused...

02-10-2007, 02:16 PM
Don't worry yet. You should have a confirmation number of some type from alpharooms, right? Just call them again to confirm your reservation. I think it's not uncommon for these hotel brokers (probably not technically the right thing to call them) to wait until you're down to the last moment before they give resort the details. I think Skyauction might do it that way, too.

Just take printouts of any/all confirmation e-mails, credit card charges, etc. with you. And call the resort a week out to place any room location/type requests you have. That can double as the check that they have your reservation.

As to the "back way" into Disney...here's what I remember:

You come out of CPR onto Apopka-Vineland. Make a left (head south). If you stay on this road it becomes 535. (The "route" for 535 turns from one street onto another.) As you continue a little bit further down, you'll easily see an "entrance" to WDW. Crossroads shopping area will be on the left (east) and the WDW entrance will be on the right. This is Hotel Plaza Boulevard. Stay on it and it will take you right past Downtown Disney and then Typhoon Lagoon with signs to get you to all the other areas.

However, we found this way to have quite a bit of traffic. So we sometimes opted for a back way. We often turned RIGHT at the intersection with 535. I think the road sign called that street Palm Pkwy. It then hooks around a bit to the right, even heads north a little bit out of your way, but there's NO TRAFFIC on this road. You go a little further, but you're actually moving. You pass "Buena Vista" (you can turn left there), but we would usually continue on to turn left onto "Vista" (it's a pain that the streets have such similar names!). If you stay on Vista, you'll pass the entrance to Fort Wilderness on your way to the Magic Kingdom. Or, you can turn south (left) on Bonnet Creek, which is the street which passes Port Orleans.

This was especially good way for us to get to our morning Chef Mickey reservation. You can get to the Contemporary Resort without having to wait and pass through the TTC.

The AAA "Orlando - South" city series map has terrific detail of this area. I recommend getting a copy.

Hope this helps. Have a great time!

02-10-2007, 05:11 PM
I forgot to add that if traffic is bad on Apopka-Vineland, you can get to the Winn Dixie, which is just north of CPR, by heading RIGHT out of the parking lot and going around the back, taking the small streets. You don't have to go on the main road at all.

02-12-2007, 09:37 AM
HappyCamperToo: Thanks so much for the reassurance and Great directions!! I'm sure they will be a great help in avoiding some of that nasty traffic. Thanks again!!