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12-25-2006, 08:02 AM
We just returned from a 5 day wonderful trip! My little girl got a magical moment certificate at the Christmas shop in MK .. she put an ornament on the tree.. and another certificate by the Pirate Ride... they also gave her a purple jewel.. she just talked with the lady over there... very neat for my little girl.. she also was chosen twice for the tinkerbell pins... she gave one to a little girl and one to my MIL.

We never saw the dream team in action.. but did see quite a few dream ears and a very few fast pass deals...

We did talk to the dream team.. they trade pins.. so my little girl I know traded with them several times. Just no dreams actually..

But it was a dream to go.. so that was the biggest dream we could have received!

The very sad thing that happend to us ... she lost her pooh that she has had for almost 5 years... I think I have cried more than her.... I think it was lost at the Cornado.. very sad... oh so sad... but... my little girl was talking about it on the Pooh ride / gift shop area.. and a cast member saw how upset we were.. she said wait a minute... came back with the largest pooh we have ever seen.... we just couldn't believe it... my husband said we are very appreciated but it would be great just to have one around the same size.. so we got the smaller one.... one she could hold and take places... it was a very magical moment... and we are writing a letter to disney about her today!

We also won Le Cellier Dinsey Trivia and got a little certificate there too!

Oh.. I almost forgot... 4 for a dollar sang to me while we were there on our last day... and I got a CD .. Christmas one! I was so excited! We also got front row seats.. which my little princess loved!

I will do a full report after Christmas! oh.. I am just so tired... still calling everywhere for our pooh bear!

Merry Christmas!!!!

12-25-2006, 11:13 AM
wow what a trip im glad yall had a good time sorry about her pooh bear

12-25-2006, 05:34 PM
My daughter to took cheese (fake from Hobby Lobby)... to Mickey and Minnie... they were so happy and so thrilled.. you could tell it made their day.. anyways... I am sure this was the character greeters deal but Mickey gave her a special pin that had Mickey on it.. and when we got in Minnie's line she did the same thing... how neat! I almost forgot!

Also.. we took walnuts to Chip n Dale in cute little bags! They loved them!

Also had roses for the princesses and bones for Pluto... carrot for Rabbit!

We have lots of fun on our trips with the characters!