View Full Version : We had a dream fulfilled...

11-30-2006, 08:49 PM
One of my dreams was to get my daughter a set of Mickey Ears, but I just couldn't find the right pair.

On Monday (our second day) we went to MGM and took the backlot tour. We all got YOAMD ears, which were perfect.

The neatest part of our trip was coming across Mickey all by himself at MGM. He took pictures with DD2 for five minutes. He was plying with her and giving her eskimo kisses. It was GREAT. That was really a dream come true.

11-30-2006, 09:11 PM
How fun! Glad you got some pixie dust! :wizard:

11-30-2006, 09:31 PM
I love YOAMD stories :goodvibes

11-30-2006, 09:50 PM
Awwww that is great! I love hearing about the dreams coming true stories too!