View Full Version : Help! Need DVD for Grand-Kids

11-28-2006, 12:30 AM
We requested DVD of WDW the Year of Million Dreams, in early Oct. Why? Would like to plan a trip in early 2007, and would use the DVD to tell the grand-kids at Christmas. NO DVD comes! I phone WDW yesterday, and now they tell me it could take up to 8 weeks....! Hey, how can we plan a trip AND tell the kids without this? We were planning a 3 generation trip, and as grand-parents, who never have been to Disney, now going with son/daughter-in-law plus grandkids who also have never gone, this just turns my hubby off! My hubby is ready to cancel the idea, but hesitates due to the grandkids. Anyhow, does anyone reading this have an extra DVD of The Year of A Million Dreams, or willing to part with theirs? I would be most willing to pay the postage to ship to us. E-Mail me at: nah521@frontiernet.net
Thanks so much!