View Full Version : Just back from Nov 1st - 5th trip - some comments

11-08-2006, 12:16 PM
We got back on Sunday from a great trip to DLR. We stayed at the PPH hotel and booked our trip thru Costco. Everything went very smoothly.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1) If you stay at PPH hotel on a fireworks night, ask about getting a room that will be quiet. We were on the 9th floor and at 9:25PM the night before an early flight home were totally awakend by the soundtrack to the fireworks. Yes, the music is great and I LOVE Julie Andrews but we needed to get our rest for the trip back home. We could also hear the "booming" of the actual fireworks but those weren't nearly as loud as the music...

2) I recomend if you are going to put time and money into doing a character breakfast, make your PS for when the restaurant opens (usually 7am at the hotels). You will virtually have the characters and buffet all to yourself.

3) Definitely make a point to see the fireworks. They are AMAZING!!!! I only wish I had sat directly infront of the castle. We sat off to the right side (on the path leading to the Matterhorn) and there were trees in the way so we couldn't see Tinkerbell very well and some of the fireworks too. I had thought that the fireworks would be up over the trees but that wasn't the case. BTW, on Friday, Nov 3rd people were camped out for seats at or before 8PM so if you want a good spot, get there early!

4) We thougth Mickey's Toon Town Morning Madness was really fun. I didn't know what to think about this and was hoping it wasn't a complete waste of early morning time in the park. It wasn't!!! We had a ball. DH & DS went around Toontown while I got us front row seats - then they joined us right before the "ceremony".

5) Make PS at any and all restaurants that you think you might want to eat at. You can always cancel them later if you change your mind. Lunch and Dinner times get so busy at the restaurants that it is nice to have PS's so you can get right in and not waste time standing in line. This goes for breakfast too. Thursday morning we left Goofy's kitchen at about 8:30 and they were telling people that didn't have PS's that the wait time was 30 to 45 minutes....big bummer because that was really going to cut into their morning time at the park.

6) We were able to get *free* ice water at any counter restaurant. Even if they sold bottled water, we would ask for a cup of water and everyone was very pleasant and got it for us quickly. So... next time I wouldn't worry about bringing in bottled water. BTW, I would get ice water even if I wasn't ordering food and there was never a problem.

7) The worst meal we ate was at the French Market Restaurant. We had fried chicken and french fries. The chicken tasted like frozen Banquet tv dinner chicken. It did come with a nice green salad and I bought a piece of their Chocolate Mousse Cake which was really, really good. For some reason, DL has lots of fried food....??? Seems strange when DL is located in CA and surrounded by some of the countries best produce!!!

11-08-2006, 01:58 PM
Was your room overlooking the pool by chance? I'm guessing that is why you were hearing the firework sound track. They have it piped into the pool area, and you can see the fireworks from there as well.

11-08-2006, 03:14 PM
We couldn't see the fireworks from our room - if we could, it wouldn't have been so bad :blush: . The view from our room was of a parking lot - definitely not the pool.

It was soooo loud I was actually surprised that the front desk didn't mention that when we checked in.