View Full Version : My dream about Year of a Million Dreams

10-31-2006, 09:32 AM
You will not believe the dream I had last night. I was back in high school or college and my good friend at the time and I were going to WDW. It was a last minute trip for her but one I had been planning. I had booked a room at Pop but in the dream ended up at the Grand Floridian. I got to the check in desk to check in and pay the remainder of my reservation which I figured to be about $400. The girl smiled and said that will be $10.37. I thought that sounded odd but was in a hurry to get to the parks and figured I would look into it later. Gave the girl a $20 and she gave me back like $900 in change. I said that was wrong and she said I had given her a $1000 bill. Then she smiled and said the room was on Disney. I said is this one of those Year of a Million Dreams things? And she laughed and said yes. So we got our room free and had lots of money left over. And instead of being at Pop Century I was at Grand Floridian. We even had a water view although out the window looked more like I would expect at Wilderness Lodge. What a wonderful dream. Maybe it will come true in March.

12-05-2006, 04:52 PM
:goodvibes What a nice dream. I've had so many dreams about being at Disneyland lately. Poor me I have to wait until July 30,2007 to go again. :sad2: And my TOP dream is to go inside Walt Disney's apartment. That's unlikely to ever happen. :sad2: