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10-30-2006, 10:03 AM
Totally OT

but I wanted to share with my fav board you guys on the budget board
--( also posted on CB)

I'm a total ROMANCE SAP

Here's 2 music video from about 80 hr mini-series ( soap opera) that I've never got a chance to watch (it aired in the 90's) -- but I have caught some episodes on line.

It originally aired in Spanish-- but it has been transalted( subtitled ) into French, Italian, Dutch, Russian etc. of couse NOT English.
though I think there might be an abridged 4-6 hr version with English Subtitles.

It called Corazon Salvaje--
I've linked two music videos I stumbled upon.
one is A Spanish Music and the other is French.




I'm lucky that I'm fluent in Spanish and understand Italian pretty well. That whatever version I find I can enjoy.

Too bad that the English Speaking Period Romances are Far and In between