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04-18-2001, 08:14 PM
Does Disney have a planning video for DL and DCA? I went to the official site but couldn't find one. I

04-19-2001, 05:16 AM

Im an australia, and i wnetto my travel agent and got a disney video, it had both parks on it!! Disneyland wasn;t too long, but it hsowed me enough. I would be happy to send youa copy, it will be in pal, so you will need to get it changed to nTSc if your player can;t play.

Email me


04-19-2001, 02:18 PM
Thanks for the sweet offer eeyorerulz. I bet I could probably get one through a travel agent here...I'm just surprised that Disney doesn't offer them like they do for WDW. Maybe someone else knows?

Thanks again! I never thought I would be planning a trip to DL, but here I go!e