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10-19-2006, 08:39 AM
Can anyone give me tips about attending the Rose Parade on New Year's Day? We're from Ohio. Which airport would you recommend? What hotel or area? Any other tips would be appreciated.

10-19-2006, 10:30 AM
Does your airport have decent connection into Burbank airport? because that's by far the easiest to deal with.

Hotel needs to be booked A.S.A.P because they sell out in about a 20 mile radius of the parade. On the economy side there's a decent Days Inn in Glendale, a Homestead Studios in Glendale, a Courtyard and an Extended Stay Suites or the Safari Inn/ Annabella Hotel in Burbank.

More expensive would be the Best Western Burbank, The Glendale Hilton, or the Hilton and Sheraton at Universal Studios Tour.

I think Glendale Hilton is the only one that would pick you up at Burbank airport, plus also have easy access to the city buses that go to the parade.

10-19-2006, 12:47 PM
I can get LAX N/S but have to make a connection to Burbank. Is it worth it to make the connection to avoid LAX?

As far as hotel location, what do you think about Arcadia?

Do I want to avoid driving to the parade? You mentioned the city bus. How crazy does it get?

Any other tips for the parade you could pass along? Thanks.

10-19-2006, 02:03 PM
Arcadia is an easy drive to Pasadena. Hotels there will be full up soon, if not already.

Well worth it to connect and fly into Burbank. Yeah you are blowing an hour for the connection, but saving an hour and a half shuttling to car at LAX, picking up car and driving an hour or more in traffic to Arcadia. Burbank airport to Arcadia is just two turns onto the freeway and then a 20 minute freeway shot. Depending on when your departure is, LAX can be a nightmare to get to for your flight home.

I believe that there is metro/train service from the Arcadia end of Pasadena into the parade. I'll try to find out more about that. Are you buying seats at the parade or just going to stand on the sidewalks? Because one tip is to wait until about 15 minutes after the parade starts , and then journey to Pasadena. Take your place nearer the END of the parade instead of the beginning (it is about a 2 hour parade route, miles long). You will avoid all that early traffic getting to the parade. Wilson Street is a good place to shoot for/ that intersection. Homes all around the area offer $10 parking that morning, there is usually nothing else available.

Depending on what time your return flight is out of Burbank, you might want to choose to stay in Burbank or Glendale instead of Arcadia. If it's a weekday/workday.....Arcadia into the city can be a slow mess until 10am.

11-14-2006, 01:21 AM
If your sole purpose for coming to Pasadena is to watch the Rose Parade, you might want to consider Ontario Airport, which is on the east/southeast side of Pasadena, about 45 miles away. If you plan on doing a lot more in LA, you might want to consider John Wayne Airport as well.

We went to the Rose Parade '06 from Disneyland. It took us about a half hour to get there, but then it was pouring rain. We're staying in Disneyland again and going to the '07 Rose Parade. We figure, since it rained last year, it would take at least another 20 years to get a rained out parade. By the way, even with the rain, it was an awesome parade.

We used to live in Columbus, whereabouts are you?

11-14-2006, 05:37 PM
LAX is not that bad of an option. If I were flying with kids I would take the direct flight. Arcadia is only 15 minutes into Pasadena. There is also a four points by sheraton on the Arcadia Monrovia border that isn't too bad. Personally, I would stay at the Sheraton Pasadena and walk to the parade, although I do usually walk to the parade from my house. (Will miss it this year) The Sheraton Pasadena is easy walking distance to Old Town Pasadena and lots of restaurants and shopping. The ice rink and Civic Center as well. We welcome you to Pasadena, although you might want to schedule Phoenix since the Buckeyes will be winning the National Championship a few days later.

Go Bucks!!