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10-09-2006, 08:23 PM
We got a priceline rate of 45 plus fees/taxes for 10/3 and I was happy. It was easy to find and besides we were arriving at midnight and only needed the one night. BLECH! Front desk clerk to me when I wondered about parking and if there was handicapped close by looked at me standing in front of him and said "Boy are you lucky to have one of those HP's, my wife has...and I have... and we can't seem to get one." I was mortified and just mumbled something about living in a different state. Got to our room and it stunk of stale smoke Febreeze did not even lear any of it out...I thought someone was in there as well because there was a tray right outside the door and no other door next to us? :confused3 We all changed and washed up, ordered room service pizza for the two teen night feeders by this time it was 12:40 AM and went to go potty. Umm the toilet did not flush! :crazy: Called downstairs after DH tried to play with it a bit and it did nto work. They sent security up to move us...across the hall. View of EPCOT and did not smell nearly as bad but still pretty gross. Also had more towels and supplies but same beds. I wonder if there had been someone there already and they found out the same thing so they moved too! :confused3 Anyhow I might go there again if I could get it cheap but I would no way no how pay full price for this place.

10-24-2006, 08:13 AM
Were the rooms large or small? How was the rest of the staff you encountered? Also, how did the parking situation turn out to be?

10-25-2006, 11:39 AM
Hi Kilee,
The rooms were average size with a table and 2 chairs. I did not find them cramped at all. I am thinking about the size of a handicapped room at POFQ. The only other staff we saw was the room service woman and the security guy that had us change rooms. Room service lady just handed us our food, waited for me to sign, and walked away-no thanks...it was almost 1 AM though. Security held the door for us to leave the room and said goodnight. No other interactions. My husband found HP right close by that the desk clerk did not tell us about. He had left me inside and I had to go out and give him the parking pass that I found in with our room keys, again desk clerk did not tell us to put this in our car and frankly I was not even thinking about it as when I stay offisite at other hotels for conferences I am not always given a parking placard. He was not helpful at all. I hope others have better luck!

11-22-2006, 04:30 PM
wow, sorry to hear about your stay.

so surprised, it consistently gets good reviews; glad we did cancel our ressie last summer & stay @ Sher Vistana.

12-05-2006, 10:28 PM
And had a very similiar experience!! When we booked it was for a family vacation so we booked 4 rooms and asked if we couldn`t be together could we @ least be on the same floor! The guy that took the bookings said that would be no problem!! Well..when we arrived 2 of the most unpleasant ladies that I have ever dealt with ..snippy and snotty !! They told us in no uncertain terms that they do not promise anyone that they can be together and we have to take what they offer!! So we ended up with 4 rooms spread out throughout the entire hotel!! So we got over that and when we went to one of the floors it smelled like some one had a dog and this dog left presents somwhere..It really stunk!! And there was an alarm clock ringing for almost the whole time we stayed there! So after about 2 days as we were going by the front desk I told one of the ladies that was just sitting there about this ringing alarm and she said " you`ll have to tell her and pointed to someone else who was busy @ the time...as that is not my job"!! And I said I`ve told you and that should be good enough for you to tell whomever should be told about it!! Well guys..guess what..later that evening when we arrived back to our rooms that alarm clock was still ringing!! T :badpc: :sad2: his year we are certainly not staying there an probably never will!! This just my 2 cents of experience with this hotel!!