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10-08-2006, 06:12 PM
Hey guys! sorry my little resort review took over a week but I wound up having to go STRAIGHT back to work when I got home! But here it is, my resort reviews for POFQ and POR from Sept.17-28 So let's start with...

The Good:
Port Orleans French Quarter. :goodvibes
We spent our first 5 nights here. My DBFF and I that is. we arrived on magical express and the sun was shining and wonderful and the resort looked great. Check in was so fast and easy. Our CM Lauren (same name as my DBFF!) was 'earning her ears' but she was great and so sweet! She was all smiles and gave us great info and directions to our room! It was about 10:30am or so and the room was already ready! We walked down the little passage-way and past the serpent pool and we were all giddy and giggly! We easily found the room (honestly I was surprised it was so close!, I knew POFQ was small but I hadn't been there before. It's a great feature!) and easily opened the door (we have had a lot of trouble with hotel doors in our travels together! LOL, we were SHOCKED that we got it on the first try!! LOL)
The room was immaculate when we got in. And guess what was on the dresser, a TOWEL ANIMAL!!! surrounded by Mickey confetti! I was so excited and DBFF looks at me shrieking and goes, "what in the WORLD is that thing!!!). The towels were all folded in decorative ways (something I appreciate having done suite housekeeping for a while, though not for Disney)
So we did our little jumping on the bed and went off to the MK. When we came back around 8pm or so there was our luggage from ME! Everything worked out perfectly!
And it continued to while we were there. Mousekeeping was great (the two times we needed them to come in) and so were the bell services staff. Even the staff at the Sassagoula food court were nice! The cashiers at Jackson Ssquare gifts were sympathetic when I bought my benadryl as my allergies were making me a wreck and the heat and A/C mix was killing my throat. I was very very impressed by the place and would definately stay here again.
Oh - I've also been told by my friend Lauren to include the fact that there weren't a lot of children staying here. A fact she thoroughly enjoyed, I however love kids and couldn't have cared less.

The Bad and according to a little girl on the bus, The Ugly!:
Port Orleans Riverside.
Well, let's start with check-in. We hopped over here from POFQ so we could keep the free DDP during our stay. The guy helping us ( I was so furious I can't remember his name...I mean he was nice enough but...) couldn't figure out how to switch our park hopper days left over on to our new room keys (which I know can be done, so many people have told me!!) nor our DDP credits made it onto the room key after I tried to use it to get a coke at the gift shop. I went back and complained to the manager who was a very irritating arrogant uppity man with no apologies who eventually had our DDP credits but we still wound up having to use our old room key for the park hopper passes. It was lucky we kept them otherwise someone would have had hell to pay! But, being tired already and annoyed at furiously mad at the service, I CRIED at the POR check-in desk! This should never happen to an adult Disney guest in my opinion. We were then given bad directions to our room and got lost and trampsed around the whole freakin' place! After staying at POFQ, POR seemed absolutely HUGE! I know I'm not a rustic kind of girl so I requested a room in the Magnolia Bend section, I think my only request there which fufilled without an argument. I will say something good however, this area of the resort is beautiful. Right off the Sassagoula river and beautiful plantation style buidings (of which I am a fan anyway) and fountains. A little girl I was talking to on the Disney Trans. bus the next day told me that her Bayou side room was "very ugly and I wish I was on the pretty side too" She was maybe 6 or 7. I thought this was hilarious. On our second night we woke up to what we thought was a terrible rainstorm happening. When we looked outside we discovered that in fact a main part of the sprinkler system was very noisy and RIGHT outside our door. That morning, we went out to see wet paint signs all over the place and ton of white paint spilled and still wet all over the walkways, not a huge problem really but I would have been angry if I hadn't seen it and stepped in it. It also took us a half hour to find a vending machine which was still closer to us than the main buildings. The food court staff didn't seem to be very happy with guests with the free DDP and tried incessantly to charge it to the room if you didn't tell them in the first second you spoke you had credits. Even with things as small as a bottle of coke at the gift shop wound up charged to the room (and were later refunded after another argument). Overall, I wouldn't stay here again unless it were full or all the other resorts were full. I am so used to getting MUCH MUCH better service from Disney. In the parks, at other resorts and in shops. I was Very unimpressed. And btw, I couldn't tell you about the pool....we never found one! LOL!
Hope this helps anyone looking for info!

10-08-2006, 06:46 PM
when were you there ? I was there this past week and must have spoken to that same manager he was NO HELP at all . I did see a young lady crying at the desk and her friend had just walked away to find somethin g in a bag . I now am wondering if that was you ? : ( I am sorry you had a bad time at POR .
I used to love that resort and have stayed there since it was the Dixie Landings . I stayed there this past April and just between those few months the staff had a different attitude .
I did speak to a wonderful female manager the day we left and told her the things that bothered me . ( dirty room , lack of service they left someones room open when we were there and did nothing about it at all !) She was so nice! She was honest and told me that I was not the 1st one to tell her that day alone that there were problems.
I have been to WDW over 20 times I would say about 12 of them at POR/DL but it is back to WL for me : )

10-08-2006, 07:50 PM
sunny stace::Thank you for the resort report!! I am thinking about POFQ for a February trip, mainly because of the smaller size. Glad to hear you gave it a glowing report!! :sunny:

10-08-2006, 08:00 PM
We just got back for POR last week and I will agree that if we spoke to the same male manager there your assessment of him was dead on. Our situation was also with our room/ticket/dpp keys and it was irritating to say the least. I did contact guest services when we got back and spoke to them just today. Please, make sure that you speak to them. As Madelyn explained to me today, they can not fix problems they do not know about!


10-08-2006, 08:03 PM
I just returned from POFQ today after 5 days there..........I love the resort, the smallness of it is great as a solo traveler, but the ugly part for me (this also happened on my last trip there) the Mousekeeping! Upon arriving the room was great, but after that...........no coffee left in the room (and I hate the swill in the food court), the floors were not vaccumed , I never got another bottle of shampoo or soap the whole 5 days, and then on my last night, they didn't even bother to empty the trash and never left a bath mat.......needless to say I shot an email off to WDW as soon as I got home and also left a note on the sink stateing exactly why there was no tip..........honestly I have done that job as a teenager, and secondly I am no pig, I always put all my dirty towels in one pile and only use one trash can! I try to be as neat as possible. But quite frankly what we all pay for Disney rooms they should be a lot better. Will I stay there again.........probably since I do love the grounds and the smallness of the resort, and it has become increasing harder to get my favorite the WL.
I also saw while I was doing laundry 2 of the housekeepers doing their home laundry in the guest laundry area and I highly doubt that it was on their time ...8am.

10-08-2006, 08:27 PM
Thanks for the review. We are thinking about starting our stay in January at either POR or POFQ. Dixie Landings was the first resort we ever stayed at on our first trip to the world in '98 and has fond memories for us.

I have been leaning towards POFQ to try something new, so thanks for the review. Interesting to see the comparison.

10-08-2006, 09:58 PM
POR and POFQ are managed by one team. I know that they have a new overall manager. Perhaps they are encountering some bumps along the way in transition.

I would definitely let Disney know of your concerns and your observations. It is a huge resort to manage and it seems like several had the same feelings regarding the gentleman manager at POR -- Not sure if you spoke to the GM or just a manager on duty or the front desk manager --- but I do know it is hard for the GM to be everywhere and most appreciate constructive feedback and observations.

We are staying at the POFQ Nov 23-26 and I am hoping that it is a positive experience. We stayed there almost every year since it opened (with the exception of when it was closed due to downturn in tourism and renovation).

Thanks for sharing ... it is always nice to hear everything...... not just the good and not just the bad. Thanks!

10-09-2006, 11:29 AM
never found a pool???, there are 6 of them, did you even walk around the resort?

10-09-2006, 07:20 PM
never found a pool???, there are 6 of them, did you even walk around the resort?

mickman- to be honest, we weren't all that dissappointed about not finding a pool. And yes we did walk around a bit but there were so many 'lovebugs' that it was uncomfortable to just sit around with them landing on you and all...so we decided to ditch the pool idea and go back to the parks! We figured that we did enough exploring while trying to find our room...

in all honesty, with the size thing, I probably wouldn't have POR so large if I hadn't stayed at POFQ first. I'll give it that.

I was there from Sept.22- 28...anybody else there at this time? Those of you who had the same kind of experiences?

10-09-2006, 09:10 PM
We were there but stayed at the YC - service there was great -- no problems -- but we will be staying at the POFQ Nov 23-Nov 26 -- so I hope everything is straightened out by then.

I encourage anyone who experienced the problems described here, especially with that one POR manager, to write Disney. They do respond and people at the resorts definitely hear what it written regarding experiences. Since the GM there is in charge of both POFQ and POR ... they can't be everywhere. Perhaps they don't realize this is happening.

I totally get what you are saying about the love bugs. Love bugs are attracted to white and the YC is white all over ... the bus stop at the YC was so bad that you stood away from it and just gave it over to the love bugs. They were absolutely thick that week!