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10-04-2006, 10:29 AM
I just returned from six wonderful nights at Boardwalk Inn.

When I first checked in, the clerk assigned me to a room on the fourth floor. The room was unusually large (so large that it seemed a bit underfurnished) and had a view of Epcot's Spaceship Earth and the French pavilion's Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately, the room was next door to the elevators and it soon became evident that the noise from the elevator machinery was going to be an annoyance. I called down to the front desk and was quickly reassigned to a new room.

The new room was located on the third floor and was spacious, but not as large as the original room. It had a courtyard view with a standing room only balcony, which is ironic because I selected BWI because nearly all of the rooms have full balconies. Oh well. The love bugs were terrible the first few days that I was at WDW, so I really could not have enjoyed the balcony anyway. The room was clean, with the exception of the bathroom where I saw some hair on the floor and a blood stained gauze bandage behind the waste basket. The bed was extremely comfortable and I slept well each night. BWI is very peaceful.

All of the cast members that I encountered were kind and welcoming. My room was always cleaned when I returned for my afternoon nap. I appreciated the abundance of restaurants in close proximity to the resort.

Before staying at BWI, I spent three nights at Universal's Portofino Bay Resort. Portofino Bay is very impressive and the rooms are large and well-appointed. However, I still preferred BWI over Portofino. The lobby and common areas at BWI are filled with antiques and bits of Americana dating from 1890-1930. This adds an intimate charm factor to the resort that Portofino cannot match. Don't get me wrong---I loved Portofino Bay and will stay there again, but BWI had an extra special touch.

I loved BWI and plan to stay there during next year's pilgrimage to the Mouse. I was originally planning on staying at Grand Floridian next year, but I cannot imagine that GF is so superior to BWI to warrant the higher rates. I'll stick with BWI.

10-04-2006, 11:01 AM
Welcome back! Glad you had a great vacation! :)

What was up with the blood stained gauze bandage though? That's just gross and uncalled for. I expect to see things like that in a hospital, not a hotel room!

10-04-2006, 11:21 AM
What was up with the blood stained gauze bandage though? That's just gross and uncalled for. I expect to see things like that in a hospital, not a hotel room!

The blood stained gauze bandage was odd. I eventually had to pick it up myself (with a tissue of course, followed by a thorough hand washing). It was a large square piece of gauze, not a tiny band-aid, so the Mousekeeper should have seen it. The rest of the room was clean.

One other thing---when I checked into my room I noticed that there was a strong ammonia smell that seemed to be emanating from the daybed. My guess is that a child wet the daybed and I was smelling the cleaning agent. The smell dissipated after a couple of days and was really only noticeable upon first entering the room.