View Full Version : anyone interested in a video game exchange?

09-23-2006, 10:19 AM
My husband and son both LOVE there video games. Would anyone be interested an exchange for video games? If there is enough interest, I will start another thread. This would be for any game system (as both my husband and son have ALL the systems out there). Or maybe we could make it like a trading thing for everyones used, but never played anymore video games?
Let me know what you think

09-23-2006, 02:52 PM
I know my son and husband aren't the only 2 video game freaks in this world! :goodvibes

09-24-2006, 10:24 PM
i'd be interested, but we only have a nintendo ds but i probably have games for the GBS too.. Just let me know.

09-26-2006, 03:34 PM
FABULOUS idea! DS has lots of games he would LOVE to trade!

09-26-2006, 05:53 PM
I have two boys in my house that would be interested.We have PS2 and Xbox and Gameboys Advance.

09-30-2006, 07:08 PM
Perhaps I can participate in this exchange. My son has son gameboy games and DS games we can exchange with.

10-01-2006, 08:58 AM
I started this exchange up for anyone that is interested. It is a different thread