View Full Version : Anyone with a big group?

09-03-2006, 12:57 PM
We are staying off-site, so I can't make my ADRs for the week, I need to call back daily for 180 days out. Today was 180 days from my MK day so I booked CP. We'll have 10 of us all together! She told me there was only times from 11- 11:45 available. Because of the large group am I going to get crappy times for all of my ADRs? She told me I could go later but the tables would not be together and no gaurantee they would even be side by side. So I took the 11:45. I guess that's ok though!

09-03-2006, 01:10 PM
We have a group of 9. I was able to get all of the reservations I wanted at very close to the time I requested. Our group wasn't after some of the "hot" restaurants like Le Cellier, so maybe it was a little easier to get the reservations we needed. There was never any mention of us being at different tables. We were able to obtain reservations for Crystal Palace Breakfast at 8:10, Whispering Canyon at 5:00, Concourse Steakhouse at 5:30, Donald's Breakfast at 8:20, Mama Melrose at 5:00, Cap'n Jacks at 5:30.

Hope you are able to have better luck with the rest of your reservations.