View Full Version : Question about checking in

08-22-2006, 08:53 PM
When I check in can I provide cash to be applied as a deposit so in the park I can use my room key to bill food. I know I can use a credit card but I was just wanting to use cash but not have to carry it around. Thanks in Advance - Be in busy in less than 2 weeks. :)

08-23-2006, 09:29 AM
I've heard that you can pay off the bill in cash anytime before checkout. Not sure if you can pay first. Have you tried to call your hotel?
Have a great trip.

Evil Queen
08-23-2006, 02:49 PM
I asked that same questions a few weeks ago. I was told you can use debit (aslong as it has the Visa or MC logo) or credit card or cash to be put on your room key.

My older boys will probably do the cash method, put on room keys, so they don't have to worry about carrying cash.

I haven't decided. I'm trying not to use my CC, but am nervous with the debit card. So, I am siding more for the cash too.