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Yvette Q.O.D.
11-06-2001, 10:35 PM
Please be patient with me every one, this is the first trip report I have ever done. Iím going to summarize then tell what we liked and didnít like.

We spent our first day exploring our hotel, Grand Californian, and walking through Downtown Disney. We were sooooo exhausted from waking up at 3AM (central time) for a 6:45 flight that we had to force ourselves to stay up past 7:30PM (Pacific time). Some of us succeeded some of us didnít.

Disneyland Park

We enjoyed ourselves very much. Yes the park is smaller than WDW (people warned us) but that didnít bother us the way it did some people that we know. DH and I are more into atmosphere, and there was plenty of that. Main Street was great and just what I expected. Fantasyland was great and better than I expected, there were more rides. We enjoyed Mr. Toadís Wild Ride very much (no longer at WDW). DH and I were born in New Orleans; we enjoyed New Orleans Square. The Pirates of the Caribbean is located there and was longer and better than expected. The restaurant however was not as good as expected. Everyone said we should eat at the Blue Bayou, so we had lunch. It was very pricey as expected but the food was mediocre. I told the waitress that in New Orleans we do use electricity. It was so dark that I could only read my menu by tilting it toward the restroom hall light. I realize the ride goes right through that area but come on Iíd like to see what Iím about to order. I guess we are spoiled, but if a restaurant claims to have New Orleans style foodÖ

We loved the Haunted Mansion. We like the movie ďNightmare Before ChristmasĒ so this was a treat. We went on that ride several times. We also loved the Indiana Jones ride. One of our favorites is Splash Mountain. The lines for all of these rides were very short with a couple of exceptions. Iím sure it was the time of year (Oct. 22-27) and the events of Sept. 11th that made the crowd so light.

Toon Town was very good too. The kids loved it. My 8-year-old daughter was very disappointed that she couldnít jump in the bounce house, she is very tall for her age and there is a height restriction. I believe you have to be less than 40 inches. We met Mickey and Minnie at their houses and got to go through and touch stuff. It was fun. Tomorrowland didnít have a lot to offer us. We did Space Mountain once and Star Tours once. We were a bit queasy afterward. Autopia was a bit disappointing. Rocket Rods was closed and Inoventions was never opened when we wanted to go in, and Disney Radio was never on.

DH and I thought the atmosphere was great. When you love Disney just being there is sometimes enough. But like I said weíve been spoiled, and not just on New Orleans cooking. WDW has been spoiling us for the last 25 or so years.

In the next installment some of our pet peeves.

Marla Hellwig
12-20-2001, 11:29 PM
Sorry you didn't enjoy the Blue Bayou - I ate there in August and loved it. Thanks for posting!