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08-16-2006, 08:58 PM
which game should i go with: find the treasure, get off the shipwreck, or get of the island
find the treasure-i will stack dead mans chests in rows and put treasure chests behind random rows and i will spin a number and the person sitting in that chair has to go up to a row of and if the treasure is behind there they win the treasure
get off the shipwreck-and opposite version of dont hit the floor. i will stack crates or whatever on a ship in a typhoon lagoon room and ppl will stand on them obviously and i spin a number and the lucky person will get a crate taken away and whoever runs out of crates first wins
get off the island-pretty much like the above game except its not on a ship its on the ground of the typhoon lagoon room at the highest point possible and the person who runs out of crates wins

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